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Sage Pastel Training • Registering Education Software

Registering Pastel Software


Download and Install Pervasive SQL for Workgroups 32bit FIRST

Download and Install Sage 50c Pastel Partner V19 SECOND





When you install your copy of a Sage Pastel Accounting / Partner / Xpress or Payroll product the program allows you to register the package as a demo version, or an educational version, and you will have to register your package before you can use it.



  • To register your package, you will need the registration number, which is found in the first chapter of your corresponding training manual. It consists of 41 numbers, with a dash between each 5th number.
  • The education version remains registered for six (6) months. However, you can create as many master file records as you like. Once you register, you do not lose any work you have done.
  • If you register the program at the beginning of the year it will probably remain registered until the end of July. If you register the package towards the second half of the year it should remain registered until the 31st of December (of that year).

Also, take into consideration that you can only register an education version on one machine. This registration will not work in a multi-user environment.

Nor will you be able to register a Pastel education version on a machine that has a functioning Pastel package installed and licensed on it.

You will need to use the latest training manual, which is valid for the year you are currently in.

If you have an old Pastel training manual, the education registration will not work, the only registration you could get from installing the old version is a 30-day demo mode.

You cannot use registration for a different version ie. You cannot use a Version 12 key on a Version 19 Pastel package.

The process to register for the following packages is the same:

  • Sage Pastel Xpress Version 12, 14, 17, 18, 19
  • Sage Pastel Partner Version 12, 14, 17, 18, 19
  • Sage Pastel Accounting Version 4, 5, 6, 2007, 2009, 2011

Registration of your package involves providing the following items of information:


A Serial Number

Each Pastel package purchased has a serial number. If you have purchased a multi-user license, enter its serial number in the appropriate field. Having a multi-user license means more than one user has access to the same company simultaneously in a networked environment.
When you purchase any additional add-on modules, you will be supplied with additional serial numbers and a new authorisation code.

Registration Company Name

You should enter the registered name for your package which can be up to 50 characters long. This name appears on the top right-hand side of each report you produce. This name is used to calculate the authorisation code, so you must be exact when providing and entering it.


Authorisation Code

Sage Pastel will provide you with the authorisation code. This code is based on the registered name of the computer.


To register your package, follow these steps:

  1. Start up your Pastel program.  Select the HELP drop-down menu option… and select the REGISTER YOUR PACKAGE option
  2. On the Welcome to Pastel screen… Click on the Next button
  3. Always select the Local/Server Registration option
  4. Click the Next button
  5. A Registration screen will now appear
  6. On the Registration Details screen, un-tick the option to Register Online and ensure that the option Educational Pack is ticked
  7. Using your keyboard press the Ctrl + Shift + T keys simultaneously. A new window will open.


NOTE: If the new window does not display, remove the tick in the Educational tick box and then replace the tick in the tick box and press all three keys again.


In the space provided, enter your registration number that is found in the training manual (lesson 1) that was provided to you on your course.

  1. After imputing the registration number, click the OK button
  2. Pastel will now return to a Registration Details screen… Click the Next button
  3. At times you may experience an error screen displayed: The registration code does not correspond to the version of Pervasive you are running”

This means that the version of Pervasive you have installed is not the one that comes bundled with the Pastel version you have installed. You can click OK, and ignore this message.

  1. A Summary splash screen shows all the registered details
  2. Click on the Next button
  3. And finally, click on the Finish button


If you are having trouble registering your software, please check the following:


The date on your computer is set to the correct date.

To check this, you will need to place your mouse cursor over the time display in the bottom left corner of your screen.
A small box will pop up displaying the date that your computer is set to.
If your date setting is incorrect, right-click on the time display, select the Adjust Date/Time option and change your date setting.

The name entered on your registration form online is exactly the same as the name entered on the Sage Pastel product registration screen within your software.
The Sage Pastel product registration screen within your software is case-sensitive. Therefore, where you have made use of uppercase letters, special characters, and spaces on the form you filled in on this site, you will have to use the same uppercase letters, special characters, or spaces when filling in your details on the product registration screen.

Contact the Sage Pastel Registrations Team on +27 11 304 3000.


Pervasive Database

When starting your Pastel program look at the bottom of the computer screen (next to the date/time/clock in the bottom right-hand side of your screen) for a little red icon that says Pervasive Database.

Pastel uses this database engine to store all the information that you have put into your Pastel files.
This Pervasive database will follow the opening and closing of the Pastel program and you will normally not have an awareness of its background operations.

However, should you be kicked out of the program for any reason, such as a power failure, you would need to close this engine manually before you try to reopen the Pastel program. Failure to do this will result in your receiving the following error message “Password in use”.

  1. Close the Pastel program
  2. Go to the small icon found close to your clock, and hover your mouse over the icon
  3. Right-click on this icon and select close database engine

Now restart the Pastel program.

Comments ( 49 )

    • Hi Johan. You will need to give me more information. What registration are you looking for?

    • Malesela

      I installed pastel 18,so I am in need of the educational registration code. could you please help?

    • Hello Malasela,

      Thank you for visiting my website.

      If you installed Pastel V18 on your machine, then you would, of course, need to have the V18 training manual also.
      This is the only way you can get the registration code, from a training manual.
      Pastel will never give you a code for free.

      I do sell the training manual on the shop section of this site.

      This is the selling price that Sage Pastel asks for the manual.

      Hope this helps.

  • Please assist on the educational module

    • Johanna, what assistance are you looking for?

  • Frans

    I have lost my disc but I have install my pastel v11 I do have a codes or serial no plz help I will be thankful

    • Hi Frans. To get a copy of Pastel V11 it would be best if you contacted a Pastel Support consultant in your area. The consultant will probably have a copy of it. If you are in Johannesburg, then it may be best for you to contact Pastel directly, and organise to go get a copy from them. 0113043000.

  • R Lanser

    The Educational Registration Code given to me by Damelin does not work.
    I have checked and rechecked the code and I am definitely typing it in as given by Damelin.
    Please to note I am not referring to the Pervasive database error.
    My error is a wrong Registration Code error.

    • Sheena

      Hi R Lanser. Was anyone able to help you? I have the same problem!

    • Hi Sheena,
      This is a common confusing issue.

      Different training centers provide different manuals, example a Pastel Training Manual is not the same as the one issued by UNISA or Damelin.
      But if you are certain you are using a current Sage Pastel Training manual, then the serial number SHOULD work.
      This is not to be confused with the serial number for your assessment, which comes with the manual, but is provided by your training center, usually on your invoice.

      I will put the link to a PDF document that I have for steps on registering your software.
      (This is for Pastel Version 11, but it still works the same way as Pastel Version 14.)

      And, another thing to take note of. This registration will only work on a laptop or pc that doesnt have Pastel installed and registered with a serial number belonging to a purchased Pastel package ie a business license.

      The normal serial numbers and training serial numbers look totally different and work different.

      At the end of the day, if you have no luck, then you most definitely should call the Pastel Training Department.

    • Hi
      Not to sound like a silly question, …
      after you remove the tick next to Register Online and ensure that the option Educational Pack is ticked.
      are you pressing the Ctrl + Shift + T keys simultaneously?
      A new window will open.
      If the new window does not display, remove the tick in the Educational Pack tick box and then replace the tick in the tick box and press all three keys again.
      In the space provided, entre the registration code for the package you are registering.

      And of course is the training manual you have, correspond to the version of Pastel you have installed.

      Are you getting an actual error? Does it have a error number?

  • Pieter

    I have the exact same problem but my textbook says pastel partner V12 and the disc says V14. What do i do?

    • Hi there.
      They are not the same versions, and Version 14 has many new features in it that are not relevant to Version 12 anymore.
      You need the Version 14 code.

      If this company who trained you is a proper Authorised Training Centre then they would have given you the disks that came WITH the manual.
      In the sleeve at the back of the training manual there will be 2 disks :
      Disk 1 – This will be a copy of Pastel, the program. At this time it is V14.
      Disk 2 – This will be a copy of the training data, holding all the different versions of training zipped data.
      The training manual will have the installation key printed somewhere in the first few pages of the manual.

      You should have received a training manual that is sealed in plastic that you would open yourself.

      To solve your issue you should contact the person who trained you and get them to sort this out for you.
      Or you can try contact the Pastel Training Department.

      I know they wont help you with Version 12, but perhaps you can purchase a self study manual for Version 14, that will solve all your issues.
      Have a good week.

  • Kananelo

    How do I submit my Educational Programme to be assessed,should I email the work I have completed?

    • Kananelo which education school have you done your studies through?
      Is this the assessments you did in the manual?

  • Nathi

    Hi after I have punched in the code there as error message that says I have put in an incorrect code, now the text book does notify that I may get such a message and I can just press OK and move on but my pc doesn’t allow no move on without the correct code. Please help

    • Sheena

      Hi Nathi. Was anyone able to help you with this. I have the same problem. It just keeps saying that my registration code is incorrect no matter what I do.

    • Nathi, you must be talking about entering something to do with your general ledger?
      If there are sub accounts “joined” to that general ledger code, then yes, it will always ask you to choose one of the sub accounts. Always.
      You MUST choose one of its sub accounts to continue. The main account /000 only keeps the total of those sub accounts.

  • Joseph

    After typing in my registration key for my educational pack of Pastel it says You have not entered the correct key. Please try again. I tried 5 times but get the same message. Please help! Thanks

    • Hi Joseph.
      Is the serial number a TNAxxxxxxxx? (this is for your assessment) or is it a long xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx looking number?
      It must be the long one.
      AND if this is a serial number that you got recently for a training manual, then the Pastel training department can definitely help you through the registering.
      0113043000. – ask for the training dept.

      This is how the screens should look..

  • Nikita Omardeen

    I have accidently ticked demo instead of educational box. How can I undo this as it is a training disk for my course.

    • Hi there
      Start the regsitration process again…
      go through until you get to the ticks option, and untick demo, and then tick registration instead.
      I’ve not had issues with it.
      The press the CTRL/shift/T to enter your code.


  • Thembi

    Hi my name is Thembi.

    I don’t know if I would be assisted. I am writing my exams in two weeks and have lost my Pastel Partner disck which came with my study material when I lost my laptop. is there any way I can download a demo or trial version just to do my assignment?

    • Hi Thembi
      my answer will be too late for you. I’m sorry.

      You need to contact the training department.
      if you can give them your serial number they can give you access to download a copy of Pastel.


  • Caleb

    looking for Educational Pack for Pastel Version 14

    • Hi Caleb
      Please contact the training department on 011 304 3670
      They can help you.
      Best Regards

  • Hilda Horegang

    Good day

    I would like to ask if it is possible to register with pastel direct to attain a certificate

    • Hi Hilda
      Sorry for this late reply.
      Can you email me direct, Im not sure what you need to do.
      If you want the certificate, you would need to write an assessment.
      We can talk further.
      Contact Me

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  • Thapelo Lebakeng

    Good morning, I have a Pastel Partner version 17 educational version. The registration code seem to have expired on 31st of December, I am not done with the work I am busy with.. Can you kindly assist me with a new registration code.


    • Hello. Compliments of the season.
      The education version you have is now outdated. They expire on the 31st of December. And each year you need to get a new manual. Where did you get this book from? Is it a secondhand one?

    • Telani Van Der Walt

      Good day,

      I am experiencing the same issue. I started my course with Centurion Academy in May 2018 as a distance learner. I am presently busy with my Computerised Bookkeeping with my exam on the 12th of February but now my Pastel won’t activate. My textbook is brand-new and the software has not been used before. I can’t afford to purchase another textbook for a new Education Registration code and I can’t afford to lose any more time as my exams are nearing and i have to prepare. I have raised the issue with my learning institution but they have not responded. I hope you can assist. Thanks, Telani

    • Hi there Telani,

      I have no doubt that the manual you received from your training institution was the training manual for the year 2018. This means you are stuck with it expiring end 2018.

      Have you tried using the package in DEMO mode?

      You have not mentioned an assignment, so I’m thinking this is not for UNISA.

      If you cannot register it, try this.
      (I cannot guarantee that this will work)

      Go to Windows Explorer (My Computer / Local Disk C Drive / PC)

      01. Go down to the Pastel program you have installed. – Double click this folder to open it.
      02. Look for a program called reset18.ext (or reset17.exe) depending on your Pastel version – double click this.
      03. When the program opens up, select the reset registration option.
      04. Restart the machine.

      Now try going back into Pastel, and registering Pastel as a demo.
      Its no use trying the education registration, as that is never going to work again.

      But demo will allow you to work in Pastel for a while.

      Please reply to me, to tell me if this worked.


    • Siyabonga

      Yes please Bev.

    • Siyabonga

      I have the same issue as above and have attempted to use the Demo version but its limited to 200 transactions and i need to do more. How can i get an extention?

    • Hi Siyabonga,
      The only way to get more is to register the Pastel package with a purchased license.
      There is no extension on the DEMO version of Pastel.
      Can I organise a quote for you?

  • Ash Brandt

    How do i get a new serial number for the educational pack – I received my manual in 2018 and are writing my exams in three weeks but can not register with the code in the manual. I have sent 10 emails to Pastel (training and support) and have been around 4 hours on the phone with them but no solution as yet?

    • Hi Ash,

      You won’t be able to get a code from Pastel now.
      They will want you to buy a new book.

      Your solution is to get hold of someone in your class who has the new book for this year.
      Ask them to give you the registration code on page 4 (or close to that page).
      Tell them this won’t affect them, as this is not the serial number that came with the manual they bought, this is only to activate the education version for this year.

      Hope this helps.
      I’m assuming you are in a class here.


  • Dante

    Hi There
    I am trying to install as a workstation with the correct mapped drive but everytime i select next with the correct directory it does not accept it

    Even with the server being registered

    • Hi Dante
      I’m sorry for this late reply.
      Did you come right in the end?

  • Natasha

    Please help
    I put in my student key for Pastel Partner Version 18 and then press oka and next then an error keeps popping up saying I have entered the registration code incorrectly?

    • Hello Natasha,
      My guess is that the key you have has long expired.
      We are currently training V19, and a new key is issued each year.
      I would imagine that yours expired a few years back unless you got your manual from training who is not up to date, which I would look into.
      If you want to get up and running you are going to have to buy a new training manual.

  • Nicole Oberholzer

    Good day, I tried registering a demo account as I am a student and my books are for the year 2018. One I was registered was unable to open a company as I had no server available to select. I tried resetting the registration to try and change the server but the systems only ells me now that I have previously registered as a demo user, Please can you assist as I am writing exams in 3 weeks.

    • Hi. Each year there is a new serial number for the year. I’m not sure if this Is for the AIN2601 exam. Do you have a group?
      Like on Telegram, maybe? You can ask one of the other students of that course to give you the serial, and this will register it as an education version until the last day of December.

  • Michaela

    My Sage 50c Pastel Partner educational pack registration code expired and I’m only writing my Computerized Bookkeeping exam in February and I want to study further with the educational pack, I want to know if I can get a new educational pack registration code so that I can study further without paying preferably?

    • Michaela

      Could I possibly get the link for the telegram room chat link because I’m not apart of the telegram room chat.

    • There will be a new one. I don’t know if the serial is out yet.
      Ask in the telegram room if anyone has bought the new manual yet.
      I think I saw someone today who said they got there new manual.

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