Sage Pastel • Setup Installation

Sage Pastel • Setup Installation

Setup Installation

Pastel Accounting Partner requires a computer equipped with a DVD-ROM.

  1. Place the DVD in the DVD-ROM drive. The DVD should start up immediately.
  3. Move your mouse over the product names until the one you require lights up. Note the logo for that product will form while the mouse is on the product name.
  4. Click on the relevant product name. The Install Shield Wizard will now install.
  5. When the Install Shield has finished installing click next.
  6. The Licence Agreement screen will display.
  7. After reading through the Agreement click on the option “’I accept the terms of the licence agreement.”. If you do not follow this option the programme will not continue loading.
    Note: There is an option to print out the agreement if you so wish.
  8. Click on Next. The Setup Type screen displays.
  9. If you want to install additional languages or language specific demo companies, select the Custom option.

If you wish your software to load to a different drive click on the browse button and select the required drive.

  1. Click on Next. This screen shows you what drive the software is going to be installed to and what database engine is installed.

Pastel uses the Pervasive database engine which other software may also make use of. If an existing installation of Pervasive is present the Pastel installation will not replace Pervasive because it may render other software unusable. Should you encounter this situation you should first check the compatibility of the Pervasive version with your other software products.

  1. Click on Next to continue with the installation.
  2. After the files have successfully copied the following message displays. “Yes, I want to restart my computer now ”.
  3. Click on Finish. If you do not select this option and click Finish.
  4. Click on Exit to complete the Setup. You will still require to restart your computer before you begin using Pastel Partner xxx.

You have now completed an installation for a new computer. From time to time Pastel releases upgrades of their software. It is a good idea to update your system regularly as these upgrades contain enhancements and fixes which will streamline your continued use of the software.

You will notice that the Pastel Partner xxx icon appears on your desktop.
We will now double click on this icon to launch the programme.

Comments ( 38 )

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  • Sphiwe

    Pastel Training Registering Education Software

    • Hi Sphiwe,
      Did the article on registering Pastel help you?

  • Lesley

    My pastel requires me to complete a page with my username but won’t run after completing

    • Hello Lesley,
      Please, can you give me more information, as your comment is not clear?

  • Jason


    Where can I purchase the Pastel Accounting Partner DVD as I would like to install Pastel on my PC ?

    • Hello Jason,
      You can get it here.
      Which of the Sage Pastel software are you interested in?

      Sage Pastel Partner
      Sage Pastel Xpress
      Sage Online Accounting

      And I’m assuming it’s just for 1 pc?


  • Odayah

    I am a university student, and one of my subjects requires us to learn Pastel.
    Do i need to buy a physical DVD in order to download sage paste partner? Or can it be done online?
    Thank you

    • Hello Odayah,
      Is this the AIN2601 subject?

    • Odayah

      I would also like to explain that my PC does not have a DVD port… is there any other way to install pastel?
      Thank you

    • Hi
      You have to buy the UNISA Pastel Partner manual that comes with the DVD’s from the Sage Training Department directly. You cannot get it anywhere else.
      You can tell them you need a USB version, and they may be able to help.
      Do not buy a second-hand manual as this will have expired already.

  • Abe Nghuushi

    I would like to have a pastel sage evolution 200 . Manual. Where can I buy it or order. I am living in Namibia, and working as an accountant.

    • Walter Jera


      I have pastel partner version 8 and i want to have a demo company, i have the disk… how do i go about it?

    • Hi Abe,
      When you put the DVD disk in, and the disk starts the install screen, you go through the step-by-step to install Pastel Partner.
      You click on next, and process etc, until the end, and click on finish.
      When you open the program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop, you will see that there is a demo company you can enter, the password is demo.

    • Morning Abe.
      I have replied via email.

  • Noxoli

    Hi am Noxolo Mdoda from Stellenbosch i bought a pastel accounting cd si that u can instal on my laptop but i cant couse doesn’t show Install on it

    • Hello Noxolo,
      You will need to tell me what disk you got. Is it a DVD and what version?
      If you put the disk into your laptop it should automatically start running. This is the normal way it starts unless your laptop is an older model and has a CD player and not a DVD player.
      Then you will need to choose whether you are installing Pastel Xpress or Pastel Partner, depending on what you bought.
      It should say install…
      Hope this helps.

  • Arnold

    Hi , I have Sage Pastel Accounting V12 installed on a computer and then shared on the server in order for the other accounting lady to access it . It is licensed for two users… I need to work from home (Plan to take the computer home)and would like to know the steps to follow to make it possible. I “un”shared it on the network and also made it available offline but it kept on closing pastel once I opened it…

    Kindly assist

  • Tanangachi Manda

    I would like to integrate sage Payroll and Sage Evolution. I am failing to get identify the setup integration window.Do I need a CD for premier Hr and Payroll? [email protected]

    • Hello.
      Thank you for this email.
      I won’t be able to help you with this, as I do not support Sage Evolution.
      YOu will need a sage Evolution consultant here.
      Best Regards

  • Sam Ford

    Can I use a desk top computer and laptop with my version 14 package?


    • Yes you can.
      Are you networking them together?

  • Julienne

    Hello! Does Pastel need a printer driver installed before using it? I am struggling here. I can’t use my pastel. Please help!

    • Hi,
      Most definitely.

      Even if you don’t have a physical printer you can install a “dummy’ printer like an Epson.
      This way Pastel can continue installing.


  • Maxine


    I’m a university student and I need Sage Pastel for my module AIN2601.
    I have purchased the Sage Pastel Training Manual already but my PC does not have a DVD port. Is there perhaps another way to install the software? They are available to download on the Sage Pastel Accounting Training Zone, but when I try to install my computer picks it up as a Trojan virus. Can you please advise what I can do?

    Thank you

    • Hi there,
      Yes you can download it from
      This will give you the package.
      At times when installing Pervasive AV’s think there’s a virus, just ignore it, they are false positives.
      Good luck with the assignment

  • Xolelwa

    Hello, I have installed Accounting Partner V18 Nd I followed the instructions.. now after I restarted my PC .. the Accounting Partner V18 don’t want to be opened and it gives me a message “Run-time error53 , file not found:WBtrv32.dll” , can you help what must I do?

    • Hello Xolelwa,
      It is saying that you haven’t installed the Pervasive program, that needs to be installed with Paste. It is either on your DVD or you can download it, and install it.
      Hope this helps
      http://PASTELUPDATE.SAGESOUTHAFRICA.CO.ZA/ it can be downloaded here.

  • Ntakatsane

    Hi ,

    I just want to know the recommended desktop to buy if i am going to install pastel on it?

    • Good morning,
      Any desktop is fine these days. Pastel loves a new pc.

  • Raeesah Velloo

    Good day

    I am currently using SAGE Accounting One Cloud. I have used Sage partner for may years and my last purchase was v18 i think. i want to know if i want to change to a desktop version , will I have to download it on every pc of my various clients and is there a cost involved.
    Secondly what are the advantages of cloud to desktop or vice versa.

    • Hi Raeesah,
      You can give me the V18 serial number, and I will get my salesperson to look into it, and tell us what needs to be done.
      You will find it on a old invoice.

  • Karen (Queensburgh Property Administrators)


    My windows 7 crashed and I have installed a new hard drive. I have managed to get the old hard drive to work and can access files on the drive as an external USB drive. How do I get pastel to work on the new installed drive. I only have the old installation discs and have upgraded several times over the years.

    • Hi Karen,
      What version of Pastel do you need?

  • Willem van Rensburg

    I have a licenced Pastel partner 5 and want to change to a newer computor as the previous one is still XP Pro OS. It gives me an error that it “cannot create an Installation support file” How can I correct this?

    • Hi,
      I can not give an exact answer to that without seeing it. My one thought immediately, is that Pastel V5 is too old now. Ive tried to install it on a newer OS’s and it just won’t.
      You have to keep it on XP or upgrade it.
      You can always email if you need help to upgrade.

  • George

    Good evening
    I am currently preparing for the AIN2601 module through UNISA and noticed it might be a bit of a pain to get everything I need. This may be a question better suited for the lecturers but wanted to get a jump on this.
    For clarification, is it possible to run SAGE pastel partner as needed for the module (that it, with all required features accessible and for the whole semester), without purchasing the training manual and associated registration key you receive with the manual?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi.
      The software you can download. The key will be provided in the room.
      Unless you know the software really well, then you won’t be able to do the assignment.
      There are quite a few learners selling their manuals from last year. Now is the time to find one for sale.
      See you on Telegram.

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