It’s easy to teach the manual,
that’s only 10% of Pastel
Yet the other 90% counts too, ask me, I know
Lecturer on Subjects

Sage 50 Cloud Partner Range

Sage Pastel and Payroll


Practical Accounting Data Processing


Introduction to Business Information Systems


Computerised Bookkeeping


Accounting Information In A Computer Environment


“Bev is one of Gauteng’s admired Pastel Support Consultants and Trainers. She is the owner of X-Quiz-IT Consulting and Training, establised in 2000.

She is an expert when it comes to communicating on Pastel Partner Products. More importantly, she has the ability to entertain, educate and involve audience members in her interactive training courses.


Bev believes the success in using any Sage Pastel application is always about feelings – the way a person feels about the product and the organization (or person) they work for influences how they behave and informs all decisions about how they perform.

Bev helps people reduce stress, improve communication and develop collaboration with colleagues while understanding the Pastel programme.

With her multi-faceted expertise, and after +20 years of consulting, Bev is successful at maximizing the impact of her knowledge on each learner.

But the best part is she makes it all entertaining in the process! “



Wrote the combined Softline Accounting and Payroll Certified Installer


Certified in the very first class offered by Softline Pastel to become a certified trainer


Lecturing UNISA undergrad’s and ICB trainees on Computers, IT, and using Sage Pastel


21 years and counting!

Keeping Upskilled

Sage Pastel Business Partner

I began my Technical Support Consulting career in 2000. I have continuously studied I.T and completed an annual Sage PCI which keeps me on up to date with the latest technologies.

I believe in the continuous improvement of personal and professional skills.

  • PCI Module 1 – Pastel Practitioner – 100%
  • PCI Module 2 – Installation Technician – 100%
  • PCI Module 3 – Product Consultant – 95%
  • PCI Module 4 – Product Specialist – 85%
  • PCI Module 5 – Technical Specialist – 93%
  • Pastel Certified Trainer

Out In The Field

It’s tough to rate oneself out in the field, where many curveballs are thrown in your direction. I based myself upon what I know I can do, and the number of call-backs I get.

Installation and Setup - 95%
Network and Configure - 90%
Creating workflows - 85%
User Access and Security - 78%
Database Management - 75%