Sage Pastel • Overview of Document Processing

Sage Pastel • Overview of Document Processing

Overview of Document Processing


Pastel Document Processing

In the Pastel Partner and Xpress programme you can process :


Debtors Side


  • Quotations – This document does not affect the general ledger in any way and has an expiry date you can use
  • Sales Orders – This document does not affect the general ledger in any way and has a delivery date you can use
  • Invoices – This document does affect the general ledger and inventory
  • Credit Notes –  This document does affect the general ledger and inventory
  • Debit Notes – This document cannot be used with inventory and is only used for adding a debit amount back on the customer’s account. By this I mean, should you, for example, have invoiced labor at R10, but it should have been R11, you could add R1 onto the customers account using the debit note.

Creditors Side


  • Purchase Orders – This document does not affect the general ledger in any way and has an expiry date you can use
  • Goods Received notes – This document does affect the general ledger and is used to bring inventory into the system immediately for use
  • Suppliers Invoice – This document does affect the general ledger and inventory
  • Return and Debits – This is the same as a debit note, but for suppliers accounts

So, how does this work


  • You select the document type to process
  • You then select the account number, and Pastel completes the header fields from your account’s master file
  • You can change these defaults, and you can change the delivery address on the document
  • Pastel performs a credit check for customers
  • You can link documents if this is the process used in your organisation
  • You then process invoice lines


You can invoice out many types of items besides inventory items, such as financial lines and remarks (text).


  • Once an invoice is complete, you can print it out or print it later
  • You then proceed onto the next document
  • If you process online, the invoice updates as you complete it
  • If you process in batch mode, then you need to update the batch at some point


Once you learn how to process one document, you will know how to process the rest of the documents as they have the same format.


Pastel Partner and Xpress allow linking, so you link a quotation to a sales orders to an invoice.


After you have received the go-ahead from your quotation, you can automatically link a sales order from the quotation, and then automatically link an invoice from the sales order.

When you link documents to each other, you do not have to use all of the original document, you can select everything, or just some lines, or partial quantities on those lines.


Also, once you do the linking, you have some choices available to you:


  • You delete the quote or sales order, irrespective of whether you used all the items.
  • You leave the unused items in place in the original document. For sales orders, this would then represent back orders.
  • You can leave the full original document in place.

Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress also allow you to print a supporting document with each document. This means that you could print a delivery note together with your tax invoices if your organisation requires it, and you can set up this document to not show quantities and no values.


Choosing when to print the document


  • Supporting Document at Entry, Document at Updating – Print the supporting document upon completion of the document, and later print the document prior to updating.
  • Document and Supporting Document at Entry – Print the document and its supporting document upon completion of the document.
  • Document Only at Entry – Print the document after completing it, and do not print the supporting document at all.
  • Document and Supporting Document at Updating – Print the document and its supporting document prior to updating. Nothing prints on completion of the document.
  • Document Only at Updating – Print the document prior to updating, and do not print the supporting document at all. Nothing prints on completion of the document.
  • No Printing Required – Do not print the document or its supporting document at all.


Firstly, you would need to set these printing rules per document and per user in the menu options:


  • Setup… Customers… Documents
  • Setup… Suppliers… Documents


When you actually process the document, you can override these settings if you need to. The Print button lets you print a document immediately, irrespective of the previous settings.

Also, if the previous settings specify that a document should print, you can prevent the printing from happening.

Then, if you process in batch mode, you can access the Batch…Print options, which lets you print those documents in the batch which have not yet printed, or you can reprint all the documents in the batch.


Finally, once you update your batch, or if you process online, you can then print or reprint documents. You do this in the menu options:


  • View…Customers…Print Document
  • View…Suppliers…Print Document


On the reporting side, you can produce reports of outstanding quotations and back orders. You can do these in:


  • Item sequence
  • Customer sequence
  • Document number sequence


Inclusive / Exclusive Processing per Invoice


In Pastel Partner and Xpress you can set up a default tax processing method (exclusive or inclusive) for each customer. When you produce an invoice for a customer, Pastel uses that default. Even then, you can change the default for each particular invoice.


Using Recurring Invoices


If your organisation needs to invoice the same items for each customer, for example, invoice maintenance, subscription fees, or any other regular amount, using this option save many hours.

These recurring invoices can be set up for intervals other than one month, annually, quarterly, and so on.


Using the Make One for All option


You create one invoice, and then you use this single invoice for a range of customers using the customer category function.

So, for example, if you invoice some customers annually for maintenance, others quarterly, or monthly, use customer category’s to separate these three types of customers. Then, create three different invoices, and use these for the three types of customer categories you’ve set up.


Invoice Lines on Statements


In the set up of Pastel Partner and Xpress you can select to show the actual invoice lines on the customer’s statement, instead of the invoice. This allows you to create a combined invoice statement. Its the same as the layout you get from your hospital statement, where you see the injection you just received. It has the swab, the gloves, the needle, the jab contents etc.


Other Invoicing Features


Overdue Checking When Invoicing


As you invoice, Pastel checks whether the customer is over their credit limit or Pastel calculates the aging to see whether the customer is overdue on a payment. You can just click the OK button and continue, but it is not a good idea to overlook accounts owing you money.


Column Positions and Sizes are Remembered


All of the processing screens allow you to resize the columns, much the same way you resize a column in Excel. Pastel remembers this, for each user and for each document.


Finding an Inventory Item Quickly

You can search for inventory items via


  • Item Code – This uses the inventory code
  • Item description – This uses the description of the item
  • Bar Code – If your organisation uses barcodes, you can scan the code in


And if you still cannot find the item, then you can choose the FIND option in your inventory list, and enter just a section of the item description, then click on find to bring up everything that resembles what you are searching for.


Inventory Abbreviations


You can create abbreviations for inventory items you use all the time. You use shortened versions of the inventory code, which is easier to remember, especially for the users who are invoicing who can bring up your list of the abbreviations, and choose one.

In Pastel Partner and Xpress, you can process invoices in Quick mode. In this mode, you enter the item code (using any of the means described above).

Pastel then invoices a quantity of one at the correct selling price for the customer and moves immediately to the next line. You can switch between Quick mode and Normal Mode in one keystroke or mouse click.


Multiple Remarks Lines


In Pastel Partner and Xpress you can enter remarks onto invoices. You type in as much as you can onto a line, then go onto a new line and continue the remarks, adding new lines as you reach the space limit of that line.


Pastel Partner and Xpress extend remark line processing in two ways:


  • You open a window and enter as many as ten lines of remarks at once.
  • You create a list of common remarks used each day. Each code can contain as many lines as you require.
  • You simply select the item, and Pastel pastes all the lines into the invoice. Very useful if you have lengthy standard descriptions.


For some document types, you can choose how you wish to update them.


You can choose either:


  • Update on completion of the document – The document updates as soon as you complete its entry. If you process in online mode, your customer or supplier and general ledger values update immediately. This is useful if you require up-to-date information.


  • Update in batch mode – Documents are kept in a batch until you decide to update them. If you process using batch mode, you should make a backup prior to updating so that you don’t lose your information. The advantage of using Batch mode processing means you can check your invoices are all correct before you update the batch. This saves you from having to process reverse (credit notes) entries.

Comments ( 95 )

  • Driekie Spies


    I want to print a statement for a supplier but the invoices through out the year is not shown in sequence. It is confusing if it doesn’t start at March and end with February. How do I fix that?

    Thank you

    • Try this…Go to setup… Suppliers… put in your password
      Control… Remittance tab
      Switch on “Always print in balance forward format”

  • James

    when i was creating a customer tax invoice,there was a customer who had bought stock which was not on my original inventory items……so i decided to add the stock to inventory but then there is no price for that stock

    • Does this mean you allowed your item to go into a negative?
      Or did you use the inventory journal screen before you updated the invoice?
      If you did use a inventory journal it would have allowed you to put in the cost price on that line.
      This would have updated the correct inventory reports and the ledger.

  • Italia


    In my customers detailed ledger, i can look at the individual invoices that show, but i cannot email them from there, the email tab is blocked out and it only allows me to print, also i have made sure on the customer account that it says that i can email and print documents. Where else can i check to fix this problem?

  • Nathaniel


    I’ve created a sales order for about R12k but my invoice only pulls through for about R10k
    Is there any reason Pastel would lose data between sales order and linked invoice?

    • There is no reason Pastel would pull through a different figure, unless it had help via a human.
      Should the sales order be the same amount you were invoicing?
      I think that maybe this item already has a selling price attached to it, under the item file….selling prices tab
      The invoice will change it to what a user entered into the selling price block. It takes priority. And maybe this is a old price not updated.
      So now you can change it on the invoice, so it shows correctly, and under the item itself..

  • Eliza

    Hi There

    I have a problem with my statement, whenever I load an amount onto the invoice it does not show on the statement, everything is there except the amount,

    30/09/15 311913 RECEIPT 30/09/15 311913
    30/09/15 INA46275 PAYMENT IN BANK 30/09/15 INA46275

    Please help I have phoned Pastel and they said it only happens when you use the same reference number and that’s not the case here

    Thank You

    • Hi. I have to agree with them. A same reference will add the payments together on the statement.
      But you seem to be asking about the invoicing.
      Are you using the invoicing screen?
      After you update the invoice only the amount is not showing on the statement?
      Does the full line show on the detailed ledger for the customer including the amount?
      If it does, it means you have a small corruption in the transaction file. It has lost the amount field.
      Can you check this and come back to me.

  • Claire

    Hi there

    The border around my statements seem have to disappeared please help me to fix this problem looks very unprofessional as I need to send to a client.

    • Hi Claire. if you know how to use the forms designer and you are happy with everything in it, except that it now has lost the block, then I suggest an old trick. Open up the old forms designer. It still sits in your Pastel/Xpress folder on your C://drive and is called FormsDesigner.
      it looks different to the formsdesigner32 programme.
      SO without touching any fields, and moving anything around…. open the same form you were busy with, and look for the BLOCK icon. This allows you to drag a block around the area you want. As you drop it onto the page you should see 4 blue marks, these can be used to drag open the block and size it.
      Hope this helps. This and a lot of patience.

  • Claire

    The border around my statements has disappeared, please can you help me fix as I need to send a statement to a client.

  • I Have sales orders that are either pulled through to invoices or deleted. But when drawing inventory quantity report it still shows the inventory and sales order open. making my quantities incorrect.
    When opening my sales order in process customer icon – the sales order is not there.

    • Denise Burmeister

      Kindly be so kind and inform me how to track unpaid invoices on Pastel Partner? I am really in desperate.

    • Hi there Kim, or Denise.
      there is one report that could help.
      Go to View…
      Invoices Due Schedule

      This will help UNLESS payments have been incorrectly allocated to invoices.
      Then you won’t be able to see what is due.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi. You sure you have either linked or deleted every sales order?
      Have you checked in settings…inventory… sales order books quantity is not checked.
      If everything is correct, then you have to rebuild the inventory files.
      The ACCPRD.dat ACCPRDQ.dat the ACCSTKST.dat to start with. if you are using multi stores then this could also be a factor.

      You need a reliable backup before you do this, and you better have every batch updated too.
      If it still shows un-posted quantities sitting there, you will need Pastels help to delete the open batches sitting in the background. Usually with a user number after them ie. xxxBTN.000


  • I have sales orders that were linked to invoices or deleted. So the inventory should show that there is nothing laying in sales order – Should also not have a drill down on the sales order under sales order queries.

    On the inventory item – it shows that the item is in sales order – Under process customer icon the sales order is not there.

    • i have already done a rebuild batch quantity – but the problem is still there

  • Johan

    On my customer statement for this month( and only this month, the previous months are correct) in the description line it shows the ‘invoice description’ instead of the ‘your reference’ like it always did. I did not make any changes or do anything different. Where can I change it and how. Thank you

    • Hi Johan
      Can you check if the customer detailed ledger looks correct with the reference and descriptions?
      I’m thinking it could just be the statement form layout that has changed, not anything inside Pastel.

      If you go to File… Printer/Font setup…
      Go to the Statements tab, and check that it is printing the correct layout.
      If you are using plain paper, make sure its a single page layout.

      Test this theory by changing the paper layout to something else like continuous plain, test it by printing a statement to screen … even though the layout is different, does it show the reference number and description correctly?
      If it does then its not the data, you can change it back to what you had.
      BUT it means you need to open the form layout in forms designer and see what has changed.

      A common thing is that there may be a customized layout in the background from a while back (Long forgotten) which now Pastel is using to print the statements.
      Sometimes just by resetting the paper style assistant it corrects on its own.
      If it is still wrong then message me again.

  • Nadine

    Good Day
    Is there anyway one can do a delivery note on pastel and then matching the delivery note when doing a invoice.
    We first deliver before doing a invoice

    • Hi Nadine.
      Yup. You need to change your sales order to be the delivery note.
      You go to Setup… Customers… Documents…IN sole access mode.
      Select the Sales Order tab, and change the original document to say “Delivery Note” instead.
      Then save.

      When you go to the invoice screen, from the documents pull down menu, you will now see a delivery note option.
      This is now a “Dummy” delivery note, and can also be used as a picking slip.

      Hope this helps

  • Vonnie010

    Good Day

    I have a problem as to where my Invoice does not update I have even tried to delete that invoice and still it shows in my open batches. Please please can you help me

    • Hi there. If that invoice is not updating even if its deleted, then the invoice is on hold. Open the deleted invoice onto your screen, and look in the top left corner, there will be a tick on the ON HOLD option. Take this out and try updating again.

  • Sumaya


    Our company has been recently registered for VAT. I went to Setup and Company Parameters, I put in our Vat Number but the VAT number does not reflect on my Tax Invoices.

    Please help.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sumaya.
      That field links to a field on the forms designer.
      See if you can open the form layout you guys use, and see if the field is sitting there on the layout.
      Its 5 lines for the physical/postal address details and 5 lines for the extra info like phone numbers.
      It may pay you to put the VAT number in the extra information block, and move things around to fit.

      If you are using V14 then you would probably have put the VAT number on the right side of the screen in the VAT field (the blue fields?).
      This is a new section to Pastel, and does not have matching fields on the forms designer layout yet. They have to be manually inserted.
      So use my fix above, and keep them on the left side info fields.
      Should fix it right up.

  • Colin


    Is there any way that we can update sales invoices individually in Pastel when there are numerous invoices waiting to be updated or can you only update the whole batch of invoices that have not been updated.

    We are using Pastel Partner V14.
    Thank you

    • Hi Colin,
      All invoices in Pastel can be put on hold.
      The on hold button sits at the top of the invoice screen, left side.

      This allows you to update the rest of the invoices, “in the meantime” while you are waiting to finish off those outstanding documents.
      Do not forget to come back to those invoices on hold, and un-tick them, so that they also update when completed.


  • Zain

    Hi I have a problem , when I do a invoice , the quantity I enter comes with 00 at the end (sample – instead if 253 it prints as 253.00 how do I remove the .00 on form designer and where do I go in and which do I chose I am using V14 Pastel xpress

    • Hi Zain
      This is not a forms designer problem.
      Go to Setup… Inventory…
      Put in your password, (or supervisor password), and then change the digits for quantity from a 2 to a 0 digit.
      This will fix it.
      (Unless there is a reason for the 2 digits, like you use manufacturing and need to break down the quantity further)

  • Tersia

    Help please, I have processed a debit note through on my sales/customer account and tried to reversed it but is seems to accumulated double. How do I correct it.

  • Arshh


    I have a problem with my Purchase Order. I generated a purchase order and realized after printing that my delivery address is not reflecting there. The delivery address block is blank. I checked the customized form and phoned support as well but did not get satisfactory answer.
    Any idea what could have went wrong setting up the company ?
    How can I resolve this ?

    • Hi there

      Did you come right.
      I’m so late in replying to you.

      They told you to look at the setup… company parameters block and all i8s as it should be?
      And they told you to look at the SDOCSP.eng form to see that the company details fields are there?

      Can you use the fields found in the SETUP… SUPPLIERS… DOCUMENTS… Purchase Order tab.
      Put the details in the block at the bottom left side.
      This will add the details to the bottom of the PO.


  • Corne

    Hi i want to reprint an sales order that has been close, is it possible?

    • Hi there Corne,
      If you linked this sales order to an invoice and no doubt removed the original document, then you are not in luck. Its off the system.


  • Melissa


    When I create new invoices, I get duplicate invoice numbers.
    How can I fix it?

    • Hi Melissa,
      it wouldn’t be possible unless you go to setup… company parameters… settings tab
      and its ticked as “seperate set of numbers for each user”


  • Melissa

    I need to return a product to my supplier.Do I process a Credit to Supplier?It allows only for GL processing.How do I book out this stock code from there & would it update on my inventory?

  • Nicky

    Thanks for the article!
    Can the “on hold” option for invoices be set as a default rather than have to tick it?
    In other words, you would need to untick it to ensure invoices are batched.

  • Getty

    Hi ,
    I want to reverse a supplier invoice , but unfortunately the supplier have just changed their software so they cannot process a credit note , how do I reverse that duplicated invoice.

    Thank You

  • Madelaine

    Hi there

    I have a sales order number (a customer used it as a reference for payment). I do not not have the actual sales order, but I need to allocate the payment to an invoice. Is there a way to look up which sales order was invoiced to which customer? Regards, Madelaine

  • Julius Kasiya


    We are creating sales orders on one machine and then link the same to an invoice on another PC as well. The Linking PC (where Invoice is done) tends to be very slow when one opens to link to the sales order. it delays in displaying the existing sales order and also delays to link once you have chosen it. Previously it was like at a click of a button but now one has to wait for at least 5 or seconds and maybe even more. Ironically, there are not any outstanding sales orders in this user profile. Thus, whenever a sales order is linked to an invoice, the original document is deleted. We have checked the LAN is fine. Even the Pervasive network and transactional tests show that communication is perfectly alright. The PC is on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, 4GB RAM, and seems running perfectly alright.

    Any suggestion on what could be causing the problem?

  • Maria

    Good day,
    can you please let me know if one can delete a purchase order in Pastel, if its partially received?

    many thanks

    • Hi Maria
      Yes, you can
      Go to the purchase orders screen
      At the bottom of the screen is the delete button.
      It will ask if you want to delete purchase orders , and from which date forwards…
      Or you can delete just that one document

  • YUVI


    • OK, so this means that you have linked a payment to this invoice already.

      This sounds correct, as credit notes usually arrive after payments are made.

      So, there will be no way you can link this to its invoice, unless you want to unmatch the payment.
      Which is not a good idea.
      And theoretically, the customer usually wants to see a credit on the statement, not so?

      But as far as the inventory listings goes, if you are using the credit note document screen and have updated, then I agree they should be back in stock on the day the credit note was done.
      If you go to Edit…Inventory…Items
      Look for the item…
      Choose the activity tab

      Do you see the item quantity showing as back in stock?
      Sometimes this screen shows correct and the report shows a different quantity.

      You may need to rebuild the inventory master file, and the inventory product quantity files.
      Can you call Pastel for support on this?

  • Elmarie

    How can I see which user process a suppliers invoice, we have 9 users.

    • Hi there Elmarie

      The best way to do this would be to go to: “setup” … “user/passwords”…”users”
      you must be in sole access mode
      put in your password
      when the screen opens up infront of you
      go to the first user in your list that is not a supervisor
      click on the tab: Process options for User 1 (on the right hand side)
      scroll down the list of options until you get to the “supplier” heading
      if anything is ticked here this means that that user has access to suppliers.

  • Godfrey Kanhukamwe

    How can i delete a a quotation on pastel.Please help I made a mistake by capturing the quotation twice

    • Hi there Godfrey
      Deleting a quote is very simple.
      Open the quote on the screen in front of you.
      At the bottom of the screen is the delete button.
      Just select to delete this document.
      This has no impact on Pastel or your stock or your financial side, so its fine to delete.
      Its like a dummy document.

  • Yusuf

    Is it possible to increase the size of columns on a sales invoice on the input processing window. I have increased the size on my firm designer but when loading the invoice I’m can’t type much in each line

    • Hi Yusuf,

      Yes, the sizes adjust the same way that they do in Excel.
      You hover your mouse on the very top of the line and it will change the mouse to a sideway arrow, and then you hold the mouse and adjust the width.
      You will need to make some of the other columns smaller then.


  • Andrea

    hi there
    I have just upgraded to Xpress v17
    am still navigating, however..
    How do I email an updated invoice from the customer ledger, when I go to the ledger the email option is greyed out?
    is it a setting that I have missed perhaps?

    thank you

    • Hi there
      You reprint updates invoices from…
      select invoices

      find the customer, number and date,
      and then the choose email option.


  • Donovan

    Please can you assist, normally an invoice, when reflected on the statement, is the total for that invoice, however, I have all of the invoice line items being reflected on the statement, how do I change it back to one line item per invoice?

    • Hi Donovan
      Its a setting.
      If you go to Settings…. Customers…. Control.
      At the bottom of the general tab, there is an option to print just the invoice totals or all the lines on the invoice, (as doctors rooms do)…
      Hope you come right.

  • Tertia

    Ok so i want to link my sales order to the tax invoice but it doesn’t want me to link the order. If i select the order it just untick itself

    • Look at the dates.
      It shouldn’t untick itself. Is this only on one sales order?
      Is the sales order newer than the invoice date by chance? That can stop it, as its not due yet.
      Let me know.

  • Nita

    Good day Bev
    I have many negative on my inventory.
    Unfortunately i have not used my pastel efficiently and need to start now as the company is growing.
    How do i clear old stock and negative values.
    Also if i have many buy outz how do i allocate on pastel.
    Kind regards

    • Hi there

      Nita, I wish it was that simple.
      Because it’s all integrated, you cannot just delete that section, as it will affect all the financials.

      You are going to have to create a cut-off point, and start a new company with a take on balance.

      Truthfully, you will need a Pastel consultant to help you to delete all the history in a copy company, and point you in the right direction to take on balances for GL, customers, suppliers, and inventory. And to turn off the setting for allowing negative quantities 🙂

      The buyouts question is pretty easy.

      Most companies I know create inventory codes that are not “physical items” in Pastel, but rather as service items.
      Yes, I know to us they are actual physical items, but we don’t want Pastel to add them to stock, as they are in and out straight away, and each time you buy them they have a new cost price, so the average cost price will be a huge mess.

      So, you create and use an inventory item that you create as a service item.

      Email me if you need more information.


  • Steve Ezekiel

    I am posting a suppliers invoice with figure 21,300,000,999. The system does not allow and force the figure to be 2,130,000,009.9
    Is there any way to fix this.

    • Re: the previous reply.
      I can’t recall if I have had this question before.

      I get the same result as you in a document screen.
      I checked the Windows setting, and it is set up to allow 123456789.00 which is 9 digits. And it cant be changed.
      This is where Sage Pastel gets its settings from.

      I tried adding extra digits under the inventory setup, but it won’t allow extra 999’s either.
      I don’t think there is a fix, unless the programmers allowed for larger figures, as this is not the 1980’s anymore, and we get huge figures these days.
      That would mean sending an email to [email protected].
      If you find the fix, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

    • Hi Steve,
      I checked in my Pastel and I don’t have a limit.
      But I did have to drag the column wider, (like you do on a Excel column ) to be able to see the whole figure.
      Check this first, then revert to me.

  • Bryan. S

    Hi, i have a situation. A Museum institution whats to start using X-press partner .However, their TB (manual one does not balance), quite in a mess for some years thus opting to use pastel. The challenge is how do i assist them start using pastel? They only have updated inventory as at August. They would like to start posting backwards as of January( owing to the fact that other years since TB is out of balance).
    Please advise.

    • Hi Bryan.S,

      Alright, if the manual TB is not balancing, then don’t capture it now.

      When I create a new company, with the 4 main take-on’s, I look at it like puzzle pieces, that will eventually slot into place.
      They don’t need it all entered right now.

      Use the cash book, and capture from their financial start this year, with the opening balance as per the statement.
      Create a customer and supplier age analysis that’s acceptable to send out.
      And take on the inventory.
      These 3 single opening entries must be contra’d to the suspense accounts.

      This leaves the TB journal.
      You could capture those entries you think are correct and contra them to the suspense account, but it’s mostly the case that it never gets cleared out, it’s not IFRS “healthy”.

      (I’m not sure if this is a government or private institution, but I would not want to make a mess of the good information you have).

      The thing is if you can work with what you have, and they capture backward (more than one year), eventually, you could have a working TB to use for this years company.

      If they want to work backward, then you MUST create Pastel Xpress companies, for each year separately.

      Don’t let information belonging to last year, be captured into “this year’s” data. It must go into a Pastel company database that has last year’s periods.
      Caseware could probably merge the financials.

      It’s a start. Keep the companies data as clean as possible, so that you don’t have to make a million journals later on.


  • Edward

    i have a problem gents.i just configured Epson LX-350 DOT MATRIX PRINTER with the aim of printing quotation,invoices etc from pastel but the printer am having right now is when i print a quotation or receipts from pastel the print out is not coming out with boarder line as it has been printing properly all along.this starting when i replaced the Epson printer

    • Hello Edward,
      Please can you tell me if you are using plain A4 / Letter paper, or are you using invoice paper with lines printed on it already?
      It sounds like you need to change the paper style to plain paper, continuous (not single sheet)… A4…
      This you can do under File… Printer/Font Setup… choose Quote from the document pull-down arrow… then run the “paper style assistant”… and change as I mentioned.
      Then again run the “paper style assistant”… choose Receipts from the document pull-down arrow…and change as I mentioned above.
      I await your reply?

  • Kyle Jacobs

    Hi All,

    Ive started working at a new company today and they are currently using Pastel Partner v14.

    Its been years since working on Pastel, and wanted to check if there is anywhere I can download a free training / user guide for this version.

    I would need to review it and give recommendation on possible upgrades.

    Anyone know where I can find the free training / user guide and which version is preferred by the market

    • Hi Kyle,
      Good luck in your new position.

      The user manual for Pastel has to be downloaded now.
      It can be found under Help > Documentation > Manual (PDF).
      There is no free training provided by Pastel.

      At this time your package should be upgraded to V19 as the one your company is using is end of life now.
      I can organise a quote for you if you are interested in upgrading.
      I will need the serial number for the package under Help > About

      Speak soon

  • Nicole

    Good day,

    Trust you are well.

    I am learner from UNISA and are currently having trouble with a module AIN2601.

    I had to prepare a sale quotation for a customer, and the approve it. I must then converted the sales quotation to a tax invoice. Pastel has automatically changed the quantity of the watches to 23 units (instead of 26 units), but Pastel did the conversion because there is only 23 currently in stock.

    However the customer still wants the 3 watches, therefore the assignment said that I have to create another sales order, move then the cursor to the quantities field press F5. Click then on the create order button, type in the Sales Order Qty block the number of watches the custmer still wants (that is 3), then click on the sales/purchases order button. Click OK.

    My problem is, Pastel wont let me type in se “sales order Qty” block and therefore i cannot click on the sales/purchases order button, it is freezed.

    Will you please assist me.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Did you come right?
      Can you sen me the PDF with the assignment, so I can have a look at it.
      I know the section you are talking about.
      It shouldn’t be blocking you. Is the whole system freezing you?
      I await your urgent reply.


    Hi Bev
    We have 2 users creating customer invoices. How can I see on an updated batch, which user created a specific invoice

    • Hi there,
      The report you are looking for is the audit trail.
      View… General Ledger… Transactions… Transaction Audit trail.
      And enter each user in turn, print the report to screen, and it will give who did the invoice.


  • Lynn-Thea Rossouw

    Hi, please help!
    I have the sage 50 cloud Express program and done an invoice and want to link it to the general ledger, but dont know how.

    • Hi,
      You need to update the invoice.
      At the bottom of the screen, you have batch… update.
      Confirm that you need to update by selecting YES.
      This will update the invoice to the GL and customer account.

  • Clarise Craukamp

    Good day, I am trying to print a quote to a pdf printer but gives me no other option than an eng file format. Could you please assist me to have the file saved as a pdf. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Clarise.
      You are on the right track.
      All layouts are either .eng or .enz.

      From your message I’m going to guess that this has nothing to do with sending a normal invoice/statement to a customer via email – which Pastel would create the PDF for you automatically without you doing anything.

      If you are printing the quote from the customer documents screen and setting your printer to a PDF one, then this means you want to save it to your computer first – before emailing it?
      Then you can change the document layout to csdocpdfsp.eng – and it will use that default pdf invoice layout in Pastel.

      When you print to a PDF printer it is going to ask you to give the document a name such as its invoice number.
      And it will ask you to save it on your computer somewhere.
      You can then open it up by double-clicking the saved PDF name itself.

      Hope this helps

  • Louise

    Hi I would like to unmatch a payment allocated to an incorrect customer invoice in a previous year and rematch it to an invoice which is still open I am not sure how to do this.

  • Zodwa

    Hope all is well,

    Kindly assist me here , I’m new on sage so I’ve been capturing on cash books using bank statements. so the money that we received from our client ,I captured it on my receipts then I used sundry customers as an account . So my problem is that when I checked my report on the balance sheet it was sitting on my liabilities so now I don’t know if I’ve been doing it right or not. I haven’t created any customer on my sage by the way.


    • Zodwa, reply sent via email.

  • Vovo


    kindly assist, our system had been set to use GRN (mandatory) but now we want it to just process Supplier Invoice.

    on going to setup..suppliers..control, I have noted that option is greyed out.

    how can i change it to NEVER


  • Beverley Cooper

    Hi, I would like to know how to merge more than 1 sales order/quotation into an invoice please.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Bev

      Ok, after you have linked the quote/order to the invoice, and all those lines are now sitting on the body of the tax document, you are again able to click the link button at the top (In the header section), and once again the link to a quote/order document screen, and you can grab a second quote/order.
      Go through the steps, tick those items you want, and click link at the bottom.
      This way you can multiple linked documents on one tax invoice.

      Hope this helps.

  • Clive Wurayayi

    dear Admin

    kindly assist, i need to remove mandatory GRN in supplier set up to never but its greyed out.

    kindly assist please, in pcc i cant locate table to use

    Thank you


    • Hi there Clive,

      I don’t have good news for you.
      This is one setting that can never be changed once it has been selected and used in Sage 50C Pastel Partner.
      It has been ticked, and then a GRN has been created, so there is now history and it is greyed out.

      To not use GRN’s, one would literally have to start a brand new company from scratch.

      I’m sorry I cannot help you.

  • Erica Brink


    I have Xpress19
    Is it possible to email supplier invoices after entry?
    I cant seem to find this option in the supplier documents setup – It only gives you the option to print.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Good afternoon.
      Yes, there is a way.
      You go to View>> Suppliers?> Print Documents?> choose the document type>>
      Enter the name of the supplier
      Enter the full invoice number
      Enter the dates
      Select the print options drop-down menu>>
      choose email as per supplier file.

      Hope this helps.

  • Erica brink

    Thanks for your help Bev!
    I have another query now…
    Regarding the reporting periods and customer invoicing.

    When I drafted a customer invoice outside of its perio,d a warning came up to let me know this. instead of changing the period to the correct one – which i should of done… i just pushed okay. i have already updated the batch so Now these invoices are lying in the incorrect period and although they have the correct date the customer balances and statements etc are not correct for the period unless i include both periods.
    is there an easy way to fix this without issuing credits and redoing the invoices?

    • Do you want the bad news or the bad news?
      Bad news, you have to do a credit note… more bad news, then you have to redo the invoice in the correct period.

  • Erica Brink

    Ahhhh I thought as much! Thank you

  • Marianne

    Version19 to process goods received not and link it up with the purchases ordered. Can you check which purchase order that was placed but not received. How do I know if the purchase order was sent to the supplier and that they ordered.

    • Hello. If you used the email option to send your purchase orders, then only Outlook can tell you if the email was sent. There is no system or report in Pastel that keeps that information.

  • Farzana

    Hello. I have a debtors module question please…
    I’m processing Debtors on Pastel Xpress using both options, ie via Invoice as well as Customer Journals. The problem I have is this, on the statement (individual lines ticked as well as Open Item) the Journalized Invoices are being sorted by reference number alphabetically (Eg APR2022 showing before MAR2022) instead of date order. What settings do I need to change to have them all be sorted via date?
    Secondly, one of my Debtors has multiple line entries, hence his statement spans about 4 pages, but Page 1’s entries print over the borders. How do i fix this please?

    • Good morning,

      The only place that changes the layout of the statement (the print options only) is under setup… customers…
      On the statement tab, I would change the statement to print in balance forward format. – this is not making the customer balance forward – just the layout.
      And then play around with the options in this page, to see what comes out.
      Don’t forget to write down what is currently ticked in case you want to go back to back.

      The statement overlapping means you need to go to the actual layout of the statement in forms designer and reduce the amount of lines that print on a page.
      You can go into Sage City to search on how.

      Keep well,

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