Sage Pastel • Matching open item after updating batches

Sage Pastel • Matching open item after updating batches

How to match open item entries after you have updated your batches

Payment Terms, Ageing, Open Item, and Balance Forward

This is usually a process required when there is an invoice that you need to match a payment too, but it could also be random old invoices that you want to tidy up on the statement or remittance.

1 – Go to Process

2 – Go to Match Open Item

3 – Select your Customer or the Supplier account in the zoom (search) box

4 – Select the latest month you are in today

5 – Hit enter on your keyboard

A list now opens up in the big white screen in front of you, showing you invoices that have a 0.00, or can still be unallocated invoices that show an amount still due for a payment to be allocated against them.

At the very top of this list you should see the word “unallocated” with a + sign next to it.

*1 – Click the +Unallocated (sign) icon to open it up

You will see credits and payments that have not been allocated to any invoices yet

*2 – Click (highlight) one of these unallocated amounts

*3 – NOW hold your mouse button down, and don’t let it go!
(the mouse pointer will change to a sideways cursor)

Holding onto the mouse button, slide the mouse down the screen to an invoice that does not have a payment matched to it, and “unclick” on that invoice line description.

6 – Let the mouse button go

Your mouse “drops” that payment onto the invoice, reducing or clearing its balance.
This will take a bit of practice.

You will now notice the unallocated amount total at the top of the screen, (the unallocated total) gets less and less until there is nothing left to match, or it looks correct.

Keep repeating this drag and drop process until there is nothing left to allocate at the top of the screen, or that only shows entries that you don’t want allocated at all, and that should remain unallocated.

When you are done, you must save your work using the save button at the top of this screen.

Comments ( 6 )

  • Gerda

    Good Morning

    If i cannot open match open items for the customers it gives me a runtime error 9 error. How do I fix this

  • Almaret

    Good day,

    I trust you are well?

    Is there any way to see a list of Suppliers that have open items that need to be matched without going into each supplier individually?

  • Anelle

    If payments is not allocated to outstanding invoices would it make any difference in the customer statement, the overall outstanding amount

    • Hi Anelle,
      Yes, it would affect the ageing.

  • Charlene

    Good day.

    Will matching open items change the balance sheet?

    On one of our clients profile we have open items from 2016.

    • Hi there Charlene
      Sorry for this very late reply, I’m working on a brand new website 24/7.
      No, the open item/balance forward does not have any affect on the balance sheet.
      They are not connected in the background of Pastel.

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