Sage Pastel • SARS Easyfile To update to Version 6.7.5 and resubmit

Sage Pastel • SARS Easyfile To update to Version 6.7.5 and resubmit

To update to Version 6.7.5

Correction to the submission process to allow the inclusion of code 4582 on pre-populated IRP5’s on ITR12 returns on eFiling. It is required to perform a Full Resubmission from the Utilties menu to correct instances where this code was excluded.

For the February 2017 Annual Submission Error

SARS Efiling

  1. Open Easyfile
  2. It will ask to update a new version of Adobe Air, this will have the “Update” button greyed out, so select Update Later
  3. Enter your User Name and password
  4. Login
  5. It will state OPENING DATABASE, .. Please wait
  6. It will state ‘there is an update version, do you want to update…
  7. Select yes
  8. It will then ask for a location on your pc to create a backup.
  9. It will state “Backing up date”…
  10. It will state “Database Backup successful”.
  11. The Easyfile Update Service will start.. keep an eye on it till the end, else it may timeout
    (this also may take a long time)
  12. It will now shut down Easyfile on its own
    (there will also be a lot of flashing of your mouse/program at times… bear with it)
  13. Wait for the program to open on its own, do not reopen this application yourself, as it will restart the download again..
  14. It will now bring up a pop up asking if you want to replace the current Easyfile with the new one… Select Yes
  15. Re-enter your User Name and password
  16. It will state “Update installed successfully
  17. The program will again close…
    (yes, bear with it again, this is all SARS’s methods)
  18. Again open up Easyfile
  19. Re-enter your User Name and password
  20. Select a tick for the correct company to go into… It will state it is login in
  21. Look at the top of the program to see if it now shows its on build Easyfile Employer 6.7.5
  22. The active Easyfile database you are working on has been changed to xxxxxxxx…. Select OK
  23. Select UTILITIES…
  24. Select Utilities…
  25. Full Submission Request…
  26. Please select a company for resubmission…
  27. In the pull down menu, select your database you will resubmit…
  28. Select Request
  29. You should now be able to resend your Feb submission.

EXTRAS… From the SARS emailed notice every company received
Employees are to wait at least 24 hours before they can do their tax return
Employees who submitted 2017 ITR12s via eFiling should submit a Request for Correction via eFiling
In certain circumstances, eFiling will not allow taxpayers to submit a Request for Correction – in such cases employees should submit a Notice of Objection (NOO) together with relevant material
Employees who submitted 2017 ITR12s at a SARS branch should again approach a SARS branch for assistance to consider submitting a Request for Correction or Notice of Objection (NOO) where applicable

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  • Thabiso

    I need version 6.7.5 of Easyfile – How can I get that

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