Sage Pastel • The Manage Company function

Sage Pastel • The Manage Company function

Sage Pastel Manage Companies

Courtesy of Grant Schneider – Sage Product Management

Companies are added on the Server and activated on the Workstations

▪ Select File > Open
▪ Select Add Company
▪ Select Add Company again
▪ The computer that is the server for Sage Pastel Accounting will show in the top left-hand side of the screen

The Pastel Directory will open on the C Drive. This is where companies are saved by default unless the location is changed.

▪ Should the companies not be on this default location you would need to select the drop-down arrow and locate your company
▪ Once you have the company, double click on the folder (it must show the documents folder beneath the folder you selected), then select OK
▪ On the Company Database screen, you will see all the companies listed below.
• Select Close once you see your company on the list
• On the Open a Company screen all the added companies will show.
• To open a company, ensure it is highlighted in blue and then select Open, you will be prompted to enter your password.


How to add a company to your Pastel program

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