Sage Pastel • Intelligence Reporting

Sage Pastel • Intelligence Reporting

Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting

Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting

Have you heard of the Pastel Business Intelligence Centre?
Im sure you have, its been around a long time.

Now it has a new name. Its called Intelligence Reporting. Although Pastel has renamed it, it doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the greatest inventions ever made.
Its a powerful Microsoft® Excel®-based business reporting solution that lets you run customised reports, on-demand, without having to manually update spreadsheets.

No doubt your company invests in Excel, and you have the ‘know-how’ on how to create those management reports.
Additionally, if you already use Pastel’s export to Excel function a lot, then you will know how long it takes to customise and format a spreadsheet everytime.

That equates to many hours wasted every month.
And that equates to money wasted every month.

Within the Intelligence Report module you design and create the reports you want using your Pastel data, add all the pretty colours you need, some formulas and functions and then you save the spreadsheet back into Pastel.

This mean next time you need it you just run the spreadsheet straight out of Pastel with updated information.


This Sage Intelligence for Pastel Parter v14 link contains a number of sample videos showing what is possible with Intelligence Reporting.

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