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Sage Connected Services

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Depending on your version of Pastel that you use you may or may not know Sage Pastel Accounting and Xpress made a big leap into the cloud by introducing Sage Connected Services bundled with your installation.

What is Sage Connected Services?

It is a platform for Sage to provide you with integrated business applications from the cloud. It is used worldwide by all the Sage products.

In South Africa you will know it if you use any of the later Pastel Accounting and Payroll products, and if you use VIP Payroll.

If you are using Sage Payroll HR 5-in-1 you will be familiar with the web-based self-service tool that enables your employees to manage and maintain their own information online, and that all your latest builds will download via Sage Connected Service.

It is also a critical application to users of Sage Pay and Sage Mobility.

It sits in your system tray, sending you alerts all day long, at times being a real irritant. And Connected Services also uses RSS feeds giving you the latest information via messages.

Of course you can switch it off, but this will mean that you wont be alerted to any new Pastel versions.

The idea behind Pastel using Sage Connected Services is to ensure that all customers have access to new features as they become available. And Sage Pastel has promised to roll out new features for their newest Pastel version every few months so that you are getting more bang for your buck.

In September 2015 Sage Connected Services application will release a 3MB technology update .
This will mean new enhancements to the program such as:

Resume-able updates – If your internet connections breaks – no problem! Simply log back into Pastel and the download will continue from where it left off.
Enhanced user control – Specify which user you want to receive the download and also which user should receive download & system messages.

So when you see the alert to download the new version, make sure you do so on each workstation and server that has Pastel installed.


I recently had an issue of Pastel Debtors Manager not wanting to install the Sage Connected Services from the installation file. It kept throwing out error messages that the installation did not complete correctly. After several failed attempts I looked at all the programs installed on the machine and noticed that it had Sage VIP installed with the VIP Sage Connected program. I uninstalled this program with the intention of installing it last, and Debtors Manager installed correctly.
I did not have to reinstall the VIP Sage Connected Services as it hadn’t lost the RSS feeds or information.

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