Sage Pastel • Guide to Using Mobility in Pastel

Sage Pastel • Guide to Using Mobility in Pastel

Quick Guide to Using Mobility in Pastel

Mobility in Pastel

  • Setup…Mobile…Settings

Select the tick box “I agree to the terms and conditions”.

A screen opens showing:

Mobility Company ID – will self-populate

Mobility User Name – will self-populate

Select the store that will be used for Mobility

If you are using the multiple store’s modules, you need to select the default store that mobility will be used for. If you only have a single store, this store will be selected as the default store.

  • Specify the data refresh intervals in minutes
  • Specify the refresh rate at which the system must sync its data. The minimum rate is 5 minutes and the maximum rate is 9999 minutes.

Mobile administrator email address

Enter the email address of the administrator. This email address will be used to communicate mobile usage and mobile information.

Once you click on the OK button, the system will update and the Mobile Company ID will be retrieved and inserted.

  • Open the settings screen again

An Active data communication tick box will now be displayed. If this tick box is ticked, the store is available for mobile processing. If the tick box is removed, the store will not be available for mobile processing and routine maintenance can be done on the system.

  • Click on the Sync Now button.
  • Also, Click on this button to sync your data after a routine update.


Complete the fields for the required user who will be using the Mobility App

  • Description
  • Sales Code
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Active
  • Mobile Group

You will now receive an SMS to invite you to use the Mobile App.

Click Ok

  • Accept the invitation and download the Mobile App to your mobile device.

You can process Quotations and Orders from the mobile device and view customer details such as contact details and physical address.

Once you have processed a document on the mobile app, the batch will be posted to the supervisors’ batch. This means that the supervisor will be required to process any further documents.

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