Sage Pastel • Guide To User Passwords in Pastel

Sage Pastel • Guide To User Passwords in Pastel

Quick Guide To User Passwords in Pastel (Version 14 and upwards)

User Passwords in Pastel

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) was signed into law on 26 November 2013. POPI essentially regulates how anyone who utilises personal information must handle, keep and secure that information.

Once the final components of the new law are enacted companies will have 12 months to comply.

Prior versions of Pastel did not require a password when working in Sage Pastel.

Version 14 (and upwards) and passwords now have the following requirements:

  1. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  2. Passwords must be alpha-numerical
  3. Passwords must have a combination of upper and lower case
  4. Passwords must include at least one special character

If you have upgraded to Version 14 from a previous version and you already have a password, when logging into Version 14 the first time, you will be required to update your password with the specific security requirements.

If you have upgraded to Pastel partner V14 Build 2.1 you will be required to add a email address to your user settings.

Comments ( 10 )

  • Mweni

    Its not a comment but a question. Would you be kind to guide me how to reset the password on pastel V14.0.4 if you forget it?

    • Hi there. The quickest solution to this is if you update your version to V14.0.7. Which is the latest version at this time.
      This will give you a new screen to enter a user name, security question and answer, and if you have forgotten the password you may be able to change it at this point.
      If you cannot get sorted with this, then you need to send your data to Pastel for them to remove the passwords.

  • No a comment or reply on the other comments more a question.
    The one lady in my office forgot her username and password, is there a way to recover it?

    • Hi.
      Their is no way for someone to recover a password from the front end of Pastel, unless someone else has a supervisor password, to access the setup… users/passwords section.
      – That supervisor can see the password for that user – for Version 12 backwards
      – That supervisor can type in a new password for that user – for Version 14 onwards
      Only other way around either of these options when these routes are not possible is to send the data in to Sage Pastel to reset.

  • Lucky

    i forgot my pastel password and username can u please help me to reset new

  • Fredrick

    How to setup password to more than 5 users

  • Bonita

    Good day,

    Is there any reason that the user file goes corrupt every week on Pastel Ver14.0.7. We used to be on Ver14.0.5 and never had issues but now we lose day’s of work to get all user passwords reset by pastel.

    • There is version 14.1.1 out now. See if you can log into your customer zone and download the latest one. they are rolling it out to everyone at the moment, so I don’t see why you couldn’t go onto it already. Just make more than one backup before you do it, so you can roll back if anything goes wrong.

  • Manuel

    Good Afternoon

    Im Having Trouble Adding Another User To Pastel V14. I cannot Locate the file on server on the 2nd computer/user which i am trying to add. Is it a complicated process or am i not doing something right?

    Thank You

    • Hi Manuel
      Are you registered for 2 users in Pastel?
      And if you are, did you share the Pastel drive on the main computer that holds the Pastel data?
      And if you did share the folder on that computer, did you come back to your problem pc, and map a drive to that main computer?
      If you did map a drive with a letter like Z: or whatever you choose, and you still cant access it, then its the 2 machines not communicating with each other, and you need to move on to looking at the network. Can the 2 machines see each other in windows explorer?
      And also look at the antivirus exceptions and firewalls.
      There is loads of information on the net regarding sharing Pastel between 2 or more computers.
      This information is as basic as I can get, and its not complicated at all.
      Hope you come right.

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