Sage Pastel • Setting up Receipting and Deposits

Sage Pastel • Setting up Receipting and Deposits

Quick Guide to Receipting and Deposits

Sage Pastel Guide to Receipting and Deposits

  1. Create the general ledger accounts

Edit….General Ledger….Accounts

  • Receipt control account 8300/000 .. Balance Sheet .. B55
  • Receipt analysis code control account .. 8310/000 Balance Sheet .. B55
  • Receipt analysis code income account .. 1900/000 .. Income Statement
  1. Create 2 new journals for deposits and receipts

Setup….Entry types

  • Receipting Journal .. D .. Any account
  • Deposits Journal .. D .. Any account
  1. Set up the receipts and deposit control parameters

Setup…Receipts / Point of Sale…Control

  • Under the receipts/deposits tab, enter the following:
  • Receipt Control account: .. 8300/000
  • Current session no:  .. 1
  • Cash expense entry type:  .. Deposit journal
  • Document path: C:/Pastelxx/Custom/Forms/depositslip.eng
  • Number of copies to print: .. 1

Setup…Receipts/Point of Sale…Control

  • Under the Receipts Analysis Codes tab, enter the following:
  • Description: Payments
  • Control account: 8310/000
  • Income account: 1900/000
  • Default: Yes
  1. Set up Receipting and Deposit Configurations

Setup…Receipts/Point of Sale…Configuration …Addresses

  • Click the “Only if more than” tab and enter an amount
  • Enter all information for Cheques, credit cards and POS Vouchers
  1. Setup the Receipts Expense Entry Type document

Setup… Customers… Documents … Receipts

  • Original name: Receipts
  • Default description: Payment Thank You
  • Entry Type: Receipts Journal
  • Message: Thank You please call again
  1. Receipt and Deposit Processing
  • Process…. Receipts… Receipting
    Enter the account type, and the relevant account number
  • Select the period, and date, state the amount paid, and enter this amount under the type of payment made. Enter  any other information required and print out the receipt
  1. To process deposits using the Deposit Assistant
  • Process…Receipts…Deposit Assistant
  • Select Maintain Session number, and click Next
  • Select Open new session and click Next
  • Select Deposit Slip and Make Receipts Cash Book Transactions, and click Next
  • Select up to the last session number, and click Next
  • Select a Cash Book, a date, a reference number and description, and click Next
  • Check that the amounts to be entered onto the deposit slip are correct and click Next
  • Print a deposit slip, and/or transaction listing, and choose whether to make a cash book batch
  • Confirm the operation, and click Finish

At this point check whether these entries have been entered into the cash book

Comments ( 25 )

  • Gabriel

    How do do I process if some of the cash has been used and it is ato be allocated to different accounts? It seems it only allows you to aloocate the difference to once account. what if it’s supposed to go five different accounts?

    Thank you.

    • Hi
      I think you mean that a cash amount was paid to various accounts. Like with petty cash.
      Put in all the payments to the different accounts BUT you must make the reference number the same in the cash book.
      Then this will add all the amounts together, showing the total as one in the bank reconciliation.
      But they will show separately on the accounts. ope this helps.

  • how do i reverse a receipt, i have process a payment to the wrong account .

    Thanking you

    • Naeema

      so tell me, ive done my cashbook recon and put minus’s infront accidently so now im re doing it wihout the muns’s infront but when getting to the recon side, does this still need to show in balance or the total amount that i need to redo

    • you put a minus by mistake, so now you need to put in 1 entry to make it clear the minus, and then 1 entry again that is your actual entry. the recon will show it as 3 lines, but they will add up to what you needed it to be correct. then you can tick it off.

    • Hi Liz,
      That’s a easy fix. Go back to the receipts side, and (redo) punch that item EXACTLY as you entered it the first time.
      EXCEPT, when you get to the bank amount column put in a minus sign in front of the amount.
      Redo it correctly, to the correct account, and update.
      NB. The reference number must be the same number.
      Good luck

  • Chi Chi

    Hello, am confused, what does the difference at the bottom of the recon mean. And the transactions on the bank statement that are not captured in the cashbook, so do I have to enter them in my cash book in order to complete my recon

    • You have two balances at the bottom of your recon, when you look at it.
      1 will be the entries you have captured into Pastel itself that continually add themselves as the months go on.
      2 will the bank statement balance that you have entered as a closing balance onto your reconciliation screen.
      So yes, you need to enter every entry off your bank’s statement to get the 2 to balance each other.
      When they are the same you will know you have captured everything correctly.



    • Hi Tracy.
      You could try this.
      Go to the bottom of the screen where the batch button is in your receipt chq batch. Click on import/export…
      Save your batch somewhere on your computer. Give it a name that you will find easy. like “cashbook.csv”
      It saves the batch as a csv file. It will say that the batch was exported successfully.
      Now find the Notepad program on your computer. You can do a search on your pc for notepad.exe.
      Open this and find your exported file. You may have to select to show all files and folders.
      This will open your chq receipts batch in notepad in a csv format.
      If you look at each line down the batch you will notice the period, a comma, then the date, a comma, then the number of the current cash book number. Something like 8400000. And it goes across with commas separating each field.
      You can go down the batch and type over the 8400000 with 8410000 (or whichever is your petty cash account number)
      Do not change anything else.
      Save this file.
      Open up Pastel.
      Open up the petty cash book, receipts side. Go down to batch, import…click on the browse button.
      Look for your csv batch you have just fixed, and try to import it.

      This is as simple a explanation as I can make for you.
      Good luck. If you only swopped the 8400/xxx to what it should be and nothing else, it should import without errors.
      If not, and you get errors then you have to start a new petty cash batch.

      If this works and it imports fine, then you can just go back to your cheque account receipts batch and delete that.
      Have a good weekend otherwise.

  • Henry


    I have clients in foreign currency. I am failing to process receipts using the receipting module for them. Is it that pastel does not process receipts for foreign customers or there is something wrong with the configuration.


    • Hi Henry
      Those customers you are receipting, are they set up in their foreign currency already?

  • Dominic Lasu

    I have receipted a correct customer with the correct amount but a wrong reference ie an invoice number that belongs to a different invoice. How can I tackle that?

    • Hello Dominic
      You are wanting to change only the invoice number reference?
      Too late, you cant change the number.

      And you could try reversing the whole line, and re-entering it correctly, but this could look messy on your statement, which customers don’t like at all.
      Rather send them an email apologizing for the incorrect invoice number.


  • Janine

    I closed off a session for receipting, and banked the cash. Session 1059. Now I am closing off session 1060 and the receipts from 1059 have pulled into session 1060 on the deposit slip. I think I may not have updated the cash book with 1059. How can I fix this ? How do I avoid this issue in the future?

  • Dominic Lasu

    How can I do a depoist into sage pastel following depoist of cash into our bank account?

    • Hi Dominic,
      This requires cash book training, if you are not sure how to do this.

      You can download the Pastel manual, which will teach you how to use the cash book in Sage Pastel Partner.
      Do you have a support contract – Business Care License – so that you can log into the customer zone on Sage’s website
      This will allow you to download a program called “Download Manager”… and this has the Sage Pastel Partner manual in the list.


  • Pamela

    thank you guidelines have been so helpful

  • Ntombizakithi nkosi

    Please help me my client is not banking money all the time he receive cash and use that cash for business operating expenses and only one sale is reflecting on the bank statement the rest is tav invoice s from suppliers and receipts book from the store how do I record this in pastel to balance I am confused really

    • Zakithi

      To thanks so much really helped

    • Hello
      That is alright.
      The money that he receives into the bank from EFT’s you put through your normal Pastel cash book.
      The money that is cash you put through the Pastel Petty cash book, to the customers.

      In the petty cash book on the receipts side, you must capture the cash (only) money received, and allocate to the various customer invoices.
      In the petty cash book on the payments side, you must capture all the money paid out to various expenses, and suppliers.

      Hope this helps.


  • Zakithi

    Please assist my client is purchasing fuel, airtime and KFC using EFT , and tollgate how do I process these transactions, because vat is included on them and the company was not vat registered at that time, now the company is vat registered how do I process and how to print a report to submit at sars if he paid some donations with eft and there is no invoices and pay allowances for her siblings where to record sliblings money and his personal meals airtime and other staff

    Please assist

    • Hello Zakitha
      Please tell me if the Pastel company they set up originally had the TAX activated, or was the company TAX switched off.
      Go to Setup…Tax…General Settings… Parameters Tax System…
      Does this show “Do not use Tax” ?
      I await your reply.

  • Loshni

    Please i need help on how to do a general journal adjustment for last year 28/02/2019, where do i get my opening balance from and my suspense account. what account number do i use for deposit in the general ledger?
    Thank you

    • Hello Loshni,
      Are you referring to using the receipting module?
      A closing balance can be got off your trial balance for the year 01/03/2018 to 28/02/2019. This would be the opening balance for 01/03/2019.
      And the journal would be done in the general journal, as a “Last Year” journal. And you would need to have created suspense accounts under Edit… General Ledger… Accounts.
      I really do need more information to help you, as your message does not give me much to work with.
      I await your reply.

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