Sage Pastel • Point of Sale System Date error

Sage Pastel • Point of Sale System Date error

Pastel Point of Sale System Date error

Pastel Point of Sale System Date error

Pastel Point of Sale uses the date on your computer system for all the processing that is done. Users may sometimes encounter the error below when trying to access the processing screen.

“The Point Of Sale date does not fall within the financial year ….

To check the financial year dates go Setup… Periods in Pastel xx. To increment…’

There are a few reasons why this error would occur:

The first cause for this error would be that the Pastel companies financial year does not fall within the system date range. This means that the user is trying to process in Point of Sale on 1st March xxxx (assuming the financial period is 01/03/xx to 28/02/xx) but the company’s current period is February 2xxx. In most cases, the year-end process needs to be run to roll over to the next financial year.

Another cause for this error is that users may have been limited to processing in the current period only, and a period increment has not been run. 

To correct this problem:

Process a Period increment. This should be done so that the current period corresponds with the system date.

To do this, go to Change…Period increment.

You will be given the current period the company is on and an option to process to another period.

The other option is to give the user access to process in multi period.

This is done under Setup I Users/Passwords…Users

Select the relevant user who is encountering the error and click on the Process Options button, then tick the option for Multi Period Processing.

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