Sage Pastel • Physical Items or Service Items?

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  • Celeste Haynes

    Good day,

    Fox example: an IT techinitian provides a service to client for any IT related queries but also sells some items/stock while doing so; asuming the company is actually one that provides a service, will this “stock” qualify as stock items which will require stock codes with selling prices etc in Pastel or can these items (for example a usb or a mouse) be regarded as consumable items and captured when purchased via cost of sales:consumables and when sold via sales: consumables assuming the it Technition only purchases the item to sell when a client orders it. If a few where kept in stock for incase a client needed something urgently, would this still be regarded as “consumables” or rather stock?


    • Hi Celeste
      Sorry for the late reply.
      I still had to reply.
      No, these items are bought for company use, and should go to expenses like computer equipment.
      Then again, are you going to sell these to your customers, from your company.. then its stock.

  • Lukias Shayawabaya

    How can I change an item that was erroneously posted as a service item back to the proper physical inventory category? Thank you for assistance in advance.

    • Hello.
      How many times have you used this service item on invoices?
      Only once, or many times?

    • Hi,
      If you use Sage 50C Pastel Partner there is an option to swop an inventory service item to a inventory physical item, and visa versa under the change menu.
      I asked you if you have used this item multiple times, as swapping the item from one to the other has very big implications on your general ledger accounts.

      Your whole inventory control totaling figure will be missing a chunk of money that would now be sitting on the COS accounts, and not in Inventory, variance accounts, and stock count accounts.

      If these items were created and linked to a service g/l account, but made “physical” item, this means that the item is now half a service item and half a physical item. Meaning that the item will never appear on count sheets for stock takes.

      My advice, leave this alone. Block them, and make new ones.
      It could cause issues that you will never be able to reverse.


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