Sage Pastel • Overview of Sage Pastel E Business

Sage Pastel • Overview of Sage Pastel E Business

Overview of Sage Pastel E Business

Sage Pastel E-Business consists of 2 components, an integration module which you install at your business and a hosted online store that receives information from the integration module to generate your website. When orders are placed on the website, the integration module receives those orders and imports them in your accounting system.

You may not know the first thing about starting your online journey and that’s where we come in.

Sage Pastel E Business’ data integrates seamlessly into your Sage Pastel accounting software. That means that orders and quote requests placed online will feed information through to your Sage Pastel software and, in turn as you change information like product prices and stock levels in your software, it will automatically update your online store.

Sage Pastel E-Business allows you to create a fully hosted website to use in any of the following ways:

Build your own website – The websites are fully hosted and template-driven allowing you to easily create a professional website without the need for in-house web-development skills in your business.

Let Pastel easily create and manage your own website and online store.

Sage Pastel E-Business consists of a once-off fee for the Integration software, a once off setup fee and a monthly hosting fee. The online hosting monthly fee depends on how many products and/or customer statements you wish to upload. This sliding scale means that you can easily start out small and expand your online product range as your needs change or your business grows.

  • Empower your customers by giving them access to their information
  • Allow customers to view their transactions and drill down into source transactions
  • Send customers e-statements
  • Manage e-marketing campaigns to your customers
  • Sell your products and services online
  • A online product catalogue
  • “On Account” trading with existing customers
  • Online credit card processing for cash sales

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