Sage Pastel • New Forms Designer

Sage Pastel • New Forms Designer

Sage Pastel New Forms Designer

  • You can now brand your customer and supplier documents using the enhancements made to Forms Designer.
  • Add your own border colours and fill colour on boxes
  • Use rounded corners on boxes
  • Convert all Text and Fields to Individual Font
  • Add forecolours on Text and Fields
  • Snap to Grid
  • Convert to Greyscale
  • Use the colour replacement tool
  • Select all the same Colour
  • Select all the same Type
  • Image files are automatically stored in company folder
  • Gone are the days where your logos disappeared after printing
  • Images are sized according to available space while retaining the images aspect ratio
  • No more re-sizing of your logo or paying a graphic designer to re-size it for you

There are 4 main documents:

CSDOCXX – Printed Customer Supplier Documents

CSDOCPDFXX – Emailed Customer Supplier Documents

CSMTHXX – Printed Customer Supplier Statements

CSMTHPDFXX – Emailed Customer Supplier Statements

Sage Pastel New Forms Designer in 14.2.1

Comments ( 2 )

  • Claudette

    Hello i am having a problem with from designer for my invoice. The side lines in the main body of the invoice has dissappeared
    i insert them back in but when you print it or view it the lines are still missing

    • Claudette,

      That is unfortunately a issue with the old formsdesigner32.exe.
      It drove me nuts.
      I don’t know if it was a bug, or just bad programming.

      Once that box in the body section goes… and it always does, you go around in circles.
      I would end up starting again with a new layout that hasn’t been customised, and leave the middle section alone as much as possible.

      There is a very old way, but complicated, of using the old Pastel V5/6 to put the lines back in, save it, then open it in the formsdesigner32 program, that is…if you know your way around Pastel quite well.

      But you will need patience.


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