Sage Pastel • and Windows 10 Checklist

Sage Pastel • and Windows 10 Checklist

Sage Pastel and a Windows 10 Checklist

Download the Sage Pastel and Windows 10 PDF Checklist

Pastel and a Windows 10 Checklist

Windows 10 has arrived and many customers are asking if Sage Pastel Accounting is compatible with Windows 10.

Yes V14 is compatible with Windows 10, however we would advise you download the checklist to make sure you do not encounter any issues.

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  • Delarey van Eeden


    I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and now exporting to Excel from Partner V12’s an issue. Office keeps on wanting to configure itself when I want a report in Excel , then requests a reboot just to do it all over again after reboot.
    Canceling the configuration screen, also removes the Excel sheet with data, which can be seen in the background.
    V14 export’s just fine, so I’m guessing there’s a script that needs to be added somewhere..

    • Hi. Are you using both v12 and v14?
      What version of v12 are you on? The last build was v12.1.6
      And I need to find out if this is a normal export or are you using the Intelligence Reporting?

    • Delarey van Eeden


      I thought it might have been the build (I was on 12.1.4), yet upgrading to 12.1.6 does not seem to have changed anything.
      Yes, I’m also on V14 (Bookkeepers Forum), the reports are standard – detailed ledgers, TB/IS/BS etc.

    • Hi there. So its got to do with Windows 10, and maybe the version of Excel. I have had clients of mine who have reverted back to Win 8(1).
      Is this possible for you? If not, how about using the Intelligence reporting module. You are a Bookkeeper forum member so you should get it free.
      You also know a lot about Pastel, so maybe its time to get your toes wet with BIC. Once bitten by the IR bug you don’t go back.
      Otherwise you will need Pastel Support on fixing this one.

      Im sitting here thinking back to a few years ago. I had a customer with 2 laptops. The one works fine with Excel, and the other continuously wanted to rebuild. It has something to do with outlook, each time he opened it, and then ran a report excel threw a wobbly.
      We tried everything, until we just wiped the laptop, and did a full fresh install.

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