Sage Pastel • Unhandled exception error: Bank Manager V18

Sage Pastel • Unhandled exception error: Bank Manager V18

Unhanded exception error: Bank Manager V18

Read the Pastel V18 Unexpected Error Bank Manager PDF Here

Pastel Bank Manager V18

This error occurs when opening Sage Pastel Bank Manager in V18 and advises the error due to the no visual style being active. You need to set your Windows theme to Aero Themes or Windows Default Themes.

When using Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008 R2 does not have Aero themes by default and you will need to enable the Desktop Experience first before changing the Windows themes.
• Navigate to the Control Panel
• Select Programs & Features… Turn Windows Features on or off
• Select the Features section
• Select the Desktop Experience check box
• Select Install
• If you are prompted to install additional features, select Add Required Features, and then select
• Next

How to change enable the Themes service

• Navigate to the Control Panel…
• Select Administrative Tools… Services
• Double click on Themes
• In the Startup type option, select Automatic from the dropdown list
• Select Apply
• Select OK
• Restart your computer

To set your Windows Themes

• Navigate to Control Panel> Personalization
• Select one of the themes that display under Aero Themes
• Or select the Windows default theme
• Restart your computer

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