2018 S02 P03 EXCEL

Runcomo Runit (Ply) Ltd “RuRu” is a wholesaler that sells running shoes to the public. Refer to question 5 Mr. Wayde Runner, the genera! the manager has identified that the Pink and Blue colours of four specific brands have not met the sales targets and has therefore decided to introduce a discount as part of an initiative to increase the sales of the four brands available in these specific colours.

You have been provided with the following spreadsheet


The following additional information is also available to you:

a. The code for each running shoe is made up of the brand, the range, followed by a dash (-) and stock category code.

b. Those shades are the last remaining brands and are available in colours blue and pink.

c. The discount is dependent on the colour of the running shoes. Pink running shoes will yield a 10% discount and blue running shoes will yield a 12% discount (refer to range A3:D5).

d. The range for the running shoes (refer to range D16:D19), relates to the design of each specific brand.

e. The four brands of running shoes identified for the discount will need a new revised code, which comprises of the following structure.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
N I K P i n K @ 9 1

Characters 1-3 The first three characters of the brand description
Characters 4-7 The colour of the shade
Characters 8 The “@” symbol
Characters 0-10 The range number of the brand

f) The discount values (refer to range G16:G19) are calculated by multiplying the selling price (SP) including VAT by the shade discount percentage, which is dependent on the colour of the running shoes.

g) The grade of the running shoe is dependent and directly linked to the discount value that is located in the discount value table (refer to range F6:H11).


Mr. Wayde Runner has once more approached you as the spreadsheet Guru to assist him in answering the following questions.

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