2016 S02 P03 EXCEL

Mr. Tefo asked you to also create a spreadsheet that will calculate the income that will be collected from each vehicle and the surplus cash or deficit for the company.

He provided you with the following information

• All amounts include VAT
• The average number of productive working days for each vehicle per month is 20 (refer to cell B3)
• Each vehicle has a unique number of trips depending on how it operates (refer to range B6:B9)

o  A 5 seater vehicle will operate like a metered taxi and it will take individual customers from town to surrounding areas It can take one or more people at a time who will be traveling together
o  A 15 seater minibus will take passengers from the taxi rank in town to and from the townships
o  A 22 seater minibus will take passengers between Pretoria and Johannesburg
o  A 65 seater bus will take passengers from town to surrounding townships at specified times of the day

• Average number of passengers per trip (refer to range C6:C10)

• Price per passenger (refer to range D6:D9)

• For the monthly payments for each vehicle which include the monthly installment, monthly maintenance costs, fuel costs, and the drivers’ salaries (refer to cells B13:B16)


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