Sage Pastel • Overview On Using Inventory Categories

Sage Pastel • Overview On Using Inventory Categories

Quick Guide to Using Inventory Categories

Pastel overview On Using Inventory Categories

You use inventory categories to group inventory items together.
You can have up to 999 categories.
You also use inventory categories with customer categories to create discount matrixes.

To access this function
Choose Edit…Inventory…Categories
To create a new category, scroll to an unused line and enter its description.
(You can change the description at any time)

To delete a category, select the line and click the Delete Line button.
(You cannot delete a category if it is in use)

This function requires Sole Access mode.
No other users can work in the company while you are using this function.

You then link the inventory item to the category you have created.

Choose Edit…Inventory…Item File menu
Select each inventory item in sequence, and bring it up on the screen in front of you.
Select the category you require from the drop down list you have created.
Select a category and save it.
(If you do not wish to use a category, select the 000 item)

You can now view most of your inventory reports by categories.
Select the View…Inventory…Listings…Categories menu option.

Comments ( 2 )

  • Indira

    How can I edit an existing inventory group

    • Morning Indira,

      The inventory groups are created under the same area – setup… inventory… integration tab.
      You populate the grid, using GL accounts, and sub-accounts if you need to drill down/break down the accounts.
      This will then show in the group list under edit… inventory… item file…


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