Sage Pastel • Guide to correcting Open Item Out Of Balance

Sage Pastel • Guide to correcting Open Item Out Of Balance

Quick Guide to correcting Open Item Out Of Balance

Pastel Open Item Out Of Balance

Using the Open Item / Balance Forward Assistant to correct individual Customer or Supplier accounts that are not totalling up correctly on your Statements and Remittances.

Example :
When the customer detailed ledger does not agree to the customer statement total, yet you cannot see any entries that are missing.
When you use your calculator and the account definitely has an incorrect total.


You must be the only person in Pastel.
You must have a supervisor password.
You must have all batches updated.
You must have made a backup, as this cannot be undone.

You are going to run through this assistant twice.

– The first time to take the account to Balance Forward, to make one balance.
– The Second time to take the account back to Open Item,

(and to split the one balance amount back into its correct ageing totals)

Please take note of the following important change:
When this assistant completes, the statement / remittance printout will no longer show prior months invoices and payments individually on the customers statement or suppliers remittance.

All your invoices, journals and payments will have been added together, and show as one entry, per period, as an “Opening Balance” total on the top line of the statement.

This happens because Pastel needs to do a refresh calculation of the account, to get to the correct balance on the account. This is only for THIS CURRENT PERIOD IN TIME when you run this procedure.

Hereafter when you update the batches for this customer/supplier, the entries will start to show individually again on the statement/supplier account.

Lets Begin…

  • To open the Open Item / Balance Forward Conversion assistant, select Change… Open Item / Balance Forward Conversion from the main menu.
  • When you are prompted for a password, put in your password.
  • Choose the Open Item to Balance Forward option.

Click Next…

  • In the From Customer field enter the account number.
  • In the To Customer field enter the same account number.

Click Next…

  • On the confirm operation screen, select Process.

This adds everything from that account into one single amount.

Now, do not click Finish, rather click Start again.

  • Choose Balance Forward to Open Item option.

Click Next…

Make sure the same account number is in the From Customer field.

Make sure the same account number is in the To Customer field.

Click Next…

The next screen will ask you to choose a entry type.

  • Choose a journal entry type ie. Sales Journal for customers.

Click Next…

  • On the following screen, select the second option
    “Pastel can create one transaction for each ageing period. The ageing assumes that the period you select in the next screen is the current period”

Click Next…

  • Select the latest month you are working in.

Click Next…

Click Process…

This will split the single totalled amount back into the periods it was originally processed in.

When you go look at the Statement / Remittance, it should now reflect the correct balance.

You can print out the customers detailed ledger and attach this to the statement, so the customer can see the breakdown of the statement total.

Sage Pastel Open Item/Balance Forward Conversion

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