Sage Pastel • Guide to allocating Receipts to Customers

Sage Pastel • Guide to allocating Receipts to Customers

Quick Guide to allocating Receipts to Customers

Pastel allocating Receipts to Customers

As you enter a receipt in your cash book on the Receipts side and enter across the batches page you will get to a new screen that allows you to allocate your customers payment to the actual invoices.

There are three options displayed at the bottom left of the Open Item Screen:

Mark for Payment
Choosing this option will allow you to choose an invoice to allocate the payment to. This is the most accurate way of allocating to Original Invoices

Auto Allocate
If you use this option, Pastel will allocate the Credit Note to the oldest debt. This might not be the actual invoice to be credited, and the ageing will not be entirely accurate.

Edit Allocations
This option allows you to re-allocate a previous allocation while the line is still displayed in the batch.
The first option is the most accurate, and therefore the best one to use.

A list of invoices for that customer will appear. Click on the Unallocated portion of the lines that are being credited, and fill in the amount.

Press <Tab>.
A blue tick will appear next to the invoice.
Repeat if another invoice is being credited, until there is nothing left of the payment to allocate.

Once you have completed the allocation – Click on Save

Once all the allocations to your customers invoices are complete – Click on Close
This will return you to your batch so that you can process the next payment.

When you have captured all the receipts, you must UPDATE your batch.

At this time those entries will show on the customers statement.

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  • Clarissa

    Hi i just started doing the cashbooks on pastel abit confused im capturing payments eg suppliers(transport that we use) must i capture a supplier invoice,i know i must use the gl code but it be under creditors or transport please help

    • Hi Clarissa
      Both ways are correct depending on how your company works.
      The question you may ask yourself is do you have an account with this supplier?

      If you pay them in 30 days and you get a lot of invoices from them each month and its hard to keep control of what you have paid or not, then you may want to create them as a supplier first, and capture their supplier invoices to their account.
      Then when you capture the cash book you would put the payment on their account against that supplier invoice/s.

      Or do you pay them straight away?
      If you pay them straight away then perhaps you can use a GL code to transport costs in your cash book.

      Think of it like this,

      – you buy something from Walton’s, on account, then you can make a supplier invoice to GL (to stationery) and then capture the payment to Walton’s account in your cash book.
      – you buy something from CNA and you pay it straight away, this could go to the GL (to stationery) in your cash book.

      If you are unsure then its usually better to ask the business accountant how they would prefer you capture it.

  • Jonelle Coetzee

    Our auto allocation hasn’t been set up the time we started using Pastel Accounting. At the moment the auto allocation pop up does not appear when allocating payments to customers.
    How can I set it up auto allocation without effecting accounting figures?

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