Sage Pastel • Guide to paying creditors with Sage Pay

Sage Pastel • Guide to paying creditors with Sage Pay

Quick Guide to paying creditors with Sage Pay

Sage Pay Creditor and Debtor Payments 

Pastel paying creditors with Sage Pay

First sign up for a Sage Pay account, at Sage Pay can only be used for suppliers that process in local currency.

Creating a New Cash Book

Select Edit…General Ledger…Accounts… Click on Add button

  • Create a new cash book that will be allocated to Sage Pay
  • Complete the fields and confirm that the Account Description is Sage Pay

Click on the Save button

  • You will receive a Create Cash Book screen
  • Confirm the Home Currency option is selected

Click on the Yes button

  • In setup the cash book will automatically be created in the Setup Entry Types
  • In setup the Box Layout in the Setup Tax General Settings screen will be populated

Select Process…Cash Book…Sage Pay Payments Assistant.

  • Enter the Sage Pay Service Keys in the Account field and Credit Data field and your services will be active. You will receive a message confirming that the cash book you have selected is dedicated to Sage Pay.


Click on the Entity / Banking tab

Select either the Company or Sole Proprietor/Individual tick box

  • If the supplier is a company, the Registered Company Name and Registration Number fields will display
  • If the supplier is a sole proprietor or an individual, then the Name, Surname, ID Number and Passport Number fields will display
  1. Enter the account holder Name
  2. Enter the account holder Relationship
  3. Enter all the banking account details

Click the tick box Allow Sage Pay Payments

  • If you are processing Balance Forward, you will use the Age Analysis to determine the payments that need to be processed.
  • If you are processing Open Item, you will need to view the Invoice Due report to determine the payments that need to be processed.

Once all the fields have been completed, you can run the validations and verification on the bank. If the details are not valid, you will receive a warning indicating that a specific field has invalid information in it.

Using Sage Pay to pay your creditors

When you open your cash books, you will notice that there is an additional cash book for Sage Pay and any transaction processed to Sage Pay will be processed in the Sage Pay cash book.

To process your supplier payments

The individual supplier payments will be processed as a batch through the Sage Pay cash book that was created and linked to Sage Pay.

  1. Open the Sage Pay Payments Assistant
  2. Select the start and end supplier account to be paid.
  3. If the From field is left blank and the To field is populated with ZZZZZZ, then all supplier accounts will be selected.

Click on Next.

  • Select the date that Sage Pay must process the payments on. Select the tick box to create a payments batch and the assistant will automatically select the cash book linked to Sage Pay.

If you do not select the option to Create Payments Batch, you will need to then download a statement and use Bank manager to import the payments into the cash book.

  • Enter a start reference for all the payments…

Click Next

  • The assistant will automatically populate the Amount Due to the supplier based on the age analysis.
  • The amount to be paid can be edited and a discount amount for early payments can be entered in the respective fields.

Select the tick box in the Pay column and this account will be paid. If there was a supplier listed and the tick box in the Pay column was not ticked, the supplier would not be paid.

  • If you have processed the same supplier more than once with the same amount, you will receive a possible duplicate payment screen.

Click on the Next button to continue.

  • You will receive a confirmation screen of the payment you are about to submit.

Click on the Process button.

  • The next screen will be a Payment Successful screen of the transaction.

Click on OK

  • If you have multiple suppliers that you electronically pay you can consolidate the payment. Only transfer the total of all the supplier amounts to Sage Pay. Sage Pay will distribute the respective amounts to the suppliers using the banking information from the supplier masterfile.
  • The total amount to be distributed by Sage Pay will need to be transferred to the Sage Pay account before the expected date that Sage Pay needs to pay the suppliers.

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