Sage Pastel • Overview of Transaction Processing

Sage Pastel • Overview of Transaction Processing

Overview of Transaction Processing

Overview of Transaction Processing

Once you set up your company and create master file records, you are ready to enter balances into these records. You do this by means of transactions. Each time you enter a balance, you also enter the period, date, description, and a reference for the transaction. Pastel keeps this information in a transaction file for up to two financial years.

You can group similar transactions together. For example, you can group customer sales, general ledger journals, receipts, inventory journals, and so on. The advantage of this is that you can report on these transactions by means of the grouping, and see, for example, all your sales for a date or period range.

We call these groupings entry types.

If you use the Setup Assistant to create a company, Pastel creates default entry types for you. You can modify these entry types and / or create additional ones at any time. You also specify, for each entry type, what type of accounts are allowed. For a sales entry type, for example, you would allow only customer accounts. For details of maintaining entry types, click here.

You enter transactions in various different places in Pastel:

Journal entries let you enter opening balances and transactions for general ledger, customer, and supplier accounts.
You process these via the Process…Journals menu option.

Cash book entries let you enter payments and receipts.
You process these via the Process…Cash Book menu option.

Inventory journals to adjust cost and quantities are entered via the Process…Inventory Journals menu option.

Customer documents such as invoices and credit notes are entered via the Process…Customers menu option.

Supplier documents such as purchase orders and invoices are entered via the Process…Suppliers menu option.

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  • Please advise on the process of working with Analysis Codes when using a online package. From starting to invoice up to a report.

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