Sage Pastel • Overview of Setting up a New Company

Sage Pastel • Overview of Setting up a New Company

Overview of Setting up a New Company

Overview of Setting up a New Company

  1. Open Pastel Partner Version xxx.

  2. From the main menu, select the File…New menu option.

  3. In the New Company Name field, type in the name or code for the new company. This becomes the name of the company’s sub-directory (folder).

  4. Browse and select the Drive and Directory in which to save the company. The default is recommended.

  5. In the Method frame, select the Use Setup Assistant option.

  6. Click the Create button.

  7. When the Setup Assistant starts, complete the creation of the company with the following information:

· Company Information
Enter you’re the details of your new company.

· Date Format
You can set the format in which you enter and see dates. Since Pastel stores dates independently of this format, you can change the date format at any time.

· Period Setup
Enter the financial periods as you require them. Pastel takes the start date of the first period as the start of your financial year, and the end date of the last period as the end of the financial year:

· Chart of Accounts
Select a set of accounts that best match your company requirements. If you import GL accounts, you will modify the actual accounts later. We recommend you select the Generic Chart of Accounts.

· Cash Books / Bank Accounts
Accept the defaults of the Setup Assistant. Your own Bank Accounts will be imported later.

· Inventory Price Lists
Enter the specific price lists that best suit your requirements. If you used price lists in your previous accounting package, then duplicate the settings as best possible here.

· Default Terms
Select the terms that best suit your requirements. If these settings are different to your requirements, they can be changed later.

· Customer Defaults
Select the customer processing method that best suit your requirements.

· Document Printing
Specify the type of paper that you normally use to print customer and supplier documents.

  1. When the Setup Assistant has taken you through the above steps, click Process to complete the setting up of your new company.

Comments ( 12 )

  • Jen

    how do I change the date format in my company?

    • Wendy

      If I am copying a set of accounts whose dates are later, how can I change the prior years dates on the new copied company?

    • If you copied a data, (a copy of your work from a different year perhaps) to use for something else. And the dates are wrong you first need to clear history delete balances, and just keep the names and addresses, inventory list and ledger etc from the master files. It will be just the skeleton left over.
      Then you can go to setup, periods and change all the dates for 2 years, this and last year. Is this what you meant?

    • Hi Jen. To change the format of your dates you need to go up to the settings menu in your Pastel programme.
      (You must be in sole access mode, and everything must be updated, AND you need to have a backup or two)
      In fact, don’t have ANY batches at all if you can help it. By this I mean even get rid of the quotes and purchase orders, and all the batches that normally don’t need to update etc.
      Go to Company Parameters, and then the Format tab.
      In all the versions of Pastel there will be a formats tab somewhere.
      You will see that you can tick the layout that you want.
      This allows you to change from a two digit to a four digit year, or to change from our South African style of DMY to the American standard YMD.
      I have found the 2 digit year to be helpful when printing to paper that is narrow and you need that extra millimetre or so, but the choice is yours.
      This will change the format for every user in that company.

  • Rowland

    3 method used to create a company in pastel

    • How can I help?

  • Molly

    Hi Bev

    I need to setup a company whose financial year end is February but they started trading in April. On the period setup where l enter the start date of the current financial year do l put March so that when pastel sets up the periods the year end end will be February or do I put April. I am confused this is my first time doing company set up.

    • Hi there.
      Apologies for these late replies.

      You are on the right track, period 1 is still March 2017.
      But the start period on the left of that screen, in the block you can put in a number would be 2. So that March grey’s itself out.

      This answer is no doubt useless to you now, so good luck for the future.


    • Bronwen

      Hi Bev,
      I have the same question regarding the period setup and start date, however do not seem to have the “start period” you refer to on the left of the screen allowing some months to be greyed out. Any advice please I only have number of periods and current period?

    • Hi Bronwyn.
      I have a few questions before I can answer this.
      can you email me. [email protected]


  • Gaone Munyenyiwa


    • Good morning,
      If this is a company that you created by using the Pastel setup assistant, then those two accounts have been created and put into the company parameters fields during the creation process.
      If you are able to open a document like a tax invoice then everything is fine.


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