Sage Pastel • Overview of Journal and Cash Book Processing

Sage Pastel • Overview of Journal and Cash Book Processing

Pastel Overview of Journal and Cash Book Processing


Overview of Journal and Cash Book Processing

In this topic, we will explain two menu options


  • Process… Journals
  • Process… Cash Book


These options are very similar in appearance and work in almost the same way.
You enter journal and cash book transactions into batch files.

There are separate batch files per entry type and per user.


The differences between journals and cash books are:


  • A journal consists of one entry type
  • A journal cannot be reconciled. If you create a journal entry, it will not appear in the bank reconciliation
  • A cash book is a combination of two sequential entry types, one for payments and one for receipts, linked to a general ledger bank account
  • Cash books can be reconciled, either whilst capturing, or in your bank reconciliation


All your batch transactions can be edited and/or deleted before updating the batch.
Once your batch is correct, you can update the batch, which ONLY THEN updates the balances of the files and creates the transactions.


A batch file has to be in balance before it updates, in other words, there must be an equal value to the debits and the credits in the batch.
Pastel balances batches for you automatically.


If you receive a message that the batch cannot be updated, because it is not in balance, you will need to search through your batch to find a line that does not have an opposite debit or credit account for your entry


Entering Amounts in Journals and Cash Books


Pastel displays amount columns in different ways, depending on the circumstances. These are a combination of the following factors:


  • Are you working in a journal or in a cash book?
  • And, do you need to enter tax for this entry type?


You set the latter two options separately for each entry type, in the Settings button on the data entry screen that you are working in.

(Every cash book or journal has a settings button at the bottom of the screen you are working on.)




In a journal, you have to specify whether the amount you are entering is a debit or a credit.
When you set up entry types in the Setup…Entry Types menu option, you specify what the default is for each entry type. You shouldn’t need to concern yourself over this, as Pastel creates these entry types for you when a new company database is set up for the first time.


Cash Books


In cash books, Pastel displays both payments and receipts entry types at the same time. Since Pastel knows the settings for these, you don’t have to specify whether the amount is a debit or credit.


On the yellow side – the payments side, used for paying creditors and other expenses – Pastel would automatically debit the cash book

On the blue side – the receipts side, for receiving money from debtors – Pastel would automatically credit the cash book


At times, however, you may want to enter, for example, a payment reversal, done on the payment side of the cash book rather than on the receipt side. To do this, you enter a negative value (ie. -R1.00) in the bank amount column.


Entering Amounts With or Without Tax


Under the batch Settings button, on each journal or cash book, you tick or untick the tax processing box, for whether you are entering your batch using tax or not, and click OK.


Pastel then adds a tax column or removes it from the input screen, according to your choice.
To enter a line amount with tax, you need to choose the tax type. Pastel shows a list of tax types from the pull-down button and you choose one.


In the same batch Settings button as above, you specify for each journal or cash book whether your default entry method is exclusive or inclusive.

Pastel will then jump to that column while you are capturing your batch.
(Pastel skips the exclusive or inclusive column you chose not to use, to speed up your processing.)

In the DC column, enter a D if the amount is a debit, or a C if the amount is a credit.


A journal entry type has the following columns when tax processing is on
A Tax column / A Exclusive column / A Inclusive column / A DC column


When tax processing is off, the journal entry columns are
A Debit column / A Credit column


Cash books without tax processing show a single column
A Bank amount column


Cash books with tax processing show the following
A Tax column / A Bank Exclusive column / A Bank Inclusive column

Comments ( 235 )

  • Rubana

    Good Day

    Please can you confirm how many cash books will we need in a year as it states that the Xpress only has 30 cash books?


    • Hi Rubana,
      The amount of cash books you have has no impact on your year end.
      A cash book is a journal book, the same as all the other journals in Pastel example General Journal.
      You create “one” cash book per “one” of the bank accounts you use in your company, and you use this same cash book to continually capture that bank statement entries into.
      And you don’t delete that cash book ever.
      You can have just 1 cash book/bank account in your company up to 30 cash book/bank accounts for very large companies.
      Hope this clears it up.

    • Boni

      I am using pastel partner v11 and i want to allocate payments and receipts, please help step by step on how do i go on abouth this, i have imported the csv file and i am stuck with casbook allocations, eg Eskom invoice how do i allocate itashbook and i want to match all my invoices

  • Corne

    Hi I need to put more “banks” on my cashbook, At the moment I only had 5, but if I go to “entry type” and do the input and select nr 6 – the following message comes up: Can not change to cash book as there is transactions for this entry type. Tried nr 7 or 8 till 30 – no luck. What is wrong???

    • Hi. If you go are in the entry type screen, on that column to choose a un-used (cash book) number it gives this error?
      What version of Pastel are you on, Partner or Xpress?
      Have you created your bank accounts as main account ledger accounts on their own?
      I mean that you are not making your cash book using sub accounts of one bank account?

    • Nikki

      Hi Bev, when I set up my company for 2020 input I set up all my cash accounts as sub accounts because I wanted them hidden on the balance sheet on one line. But they were of two different currencies. So that gave me trouble. I cannot now save any changes in my Entry type screen because it tells me “You cannot use different currencies for cash books 1-19 as they have the same main account number”, however it will not let me change the currencies to match the main account either. So I cannot make any changes in Entry types at the moment. Can you help?


    i work for a dominantly cash company but we have debtors too, but my question is how to handle cash sales were debtors are not involved our system is not connected to a POS system ? what are the journal entries for that in pastel ?

    • When you say “i work for a dominantly cash company but we have debtors too” do you mean you don’t issue a invoice for cash?
      Do you have a CASH SALE account in your Pastel? Most companies create a cash sale (COD) account to handle the once off sales. You still need to use the cash book to handle the payment entry, and the description column can be used to put in the cash sale invoice number or customers name to tie up to the original invoice.

  • Michelle

    Hi, a person who work at the company before me entered a payment in the payments tab of the cashbook but for some reason it shows as a payment and as a receipt in the cashbook details. How do I correct this ?
    I have tried to correct it myself but it threw the bank recon out and corrected it on the supplier account. The I corrected it again and the bank recon balanced but the supplier account was thrown out again.
    What now????

    • Hi Michelle
      you say “it shows as a payment and as a receipt in the cashbook details”… does this mean that you think they entered the payment to the supplier into the receipts side of the cash book too?
      Its now appearing on the receipts and the payments sides of the cash book details report?
      That would tell me they entered it twice, once on the payments side and once on the receipts side.

      Question to check: If you go to your cash book, on the receipts side… In the GCS column, if you click on the down arrow…can you see a G/C/S (3 choices) or do you only have the G/C (2 choices) available TO CHOOSE from?

      Either way, you have to start from the very first entry, and undo the whole lot.
      Go back to the first entry, and reverse it on the same side of the cash book, same reference number, same date, same description, same amount – using a minus sign.
      Do this until each entry in the cash book details report has both a debit and a credit, wiping each other out.

      When your supplier account shows this amount is again due, and your bank recon is out by the amount, then put in the correct entry onto the payments side of the cash book to the suppliers account, and everything should be correctly balanced again.

  • Emma


    I need to fix the Debtors and creditors in the Ledger.
    Like moneys we want to write off. Say for instance i have a customer owing me R0.69 and I want to do an adjustment in the Ledger how do i do this

    • Hi Emma
      Go to the customer journal.
      Select the period.. date and customer, put through a fitting ref no… description and amount, then credit (c) their account and contra the bad debts account (D).
      And it will write the amount off.

  • We have a receipt of R200 on the bank statement which has been processed as a payment.
    Please may I have the procedure to correct this. I am working in the Journal and the code used for the receipt is 1800/001. Looking forward to a response at your earliest convenience. Many thanks.Penny

    Looking forward to a response at your earliest conveneince.

    • Hi Penny.
      I’m confused when you say the R200 went through the payments side of the CB.
      Yet you say you are using a journal. So does this mean you don’t use the cash book for your bank statements?
      If you did use the CB for the original entry, then go back to the CB, go to the payments side, and reverse that entry with a -minus sign in front of the amount.
      Then put the entry into the CB on the receipts side, to a G – General ledger – using the 1800/001 account.
      Unless I am misunderstanding you.

  • Leigh

    Good day,

    Hope you can assist. We have started paying our sales guy commission on a sale. I woul like to know what is the journal entry. Which account do i debit do i need to setup a commission payable account in my general ledget which will be an expense but which account do i credit. What is the normal journal entry on pastel for commisions?

    Thanking you in advance


  • Sarah

    I’m very new to Pastel and I was wondering whether two cash books can be made – we have a business account and a personal account so I would like to have two separate cash books.

    • Hi there. My apologies for getting back to you late. We had that lightening storm last week that hit the sub station in Edenvale, so it was dark till Saturday.
      Yes, depending on your version of Pastel you can create up to 99 cash books.

  • Mzilikazi

    on account section when processing the cashbook do we write the name of account?

    • Hi Mishack. If you mean in the description of the cash book, then you can type anything you feel will explain what that line is for.
      eg. Stationery. or eg. CNA or eg. If you hit the “,” (comma) button on your keyboard it will put in the account description name exactly as it is in your masterfile account name.

  • Belinda

    Good day, i just want to know how do i allocate money that was recieved in cash from client and then was banked as 1 amount. Do i still need to capture it on the receipt side of the cash book? I am abit confused because the money that was banked must also be allocated on the receipt side for the statement to balance. Please can u explain what to do? Much appreciated.

    • Hi Belinda.
      Yes, you are on the right track.
      The money that was received from the client/s was banked as the whole amount?
      You didn’t use anything for petty cash?
      If so, then you take that deposit slip and use it in the reference column (the bank would have given it a number) on the receipts side of the cash book. You just put it to the clients account. In the description column type something like PAID CASH so the client knows you received it. And tick it off your bank statement like any normal receipt.
      If you got cash from more then one client and the whole lot was banked together, then break it up… one line per client, just repeat your reference column number (Deposit slip number) until the whole deposit slip entries are in.
      That reference number (Deposit slip number) will add the whole lot together on your bank recon as one amount for you to tick off.

  • Mechtilde

    Hi there!
    What does an X in front of the G in my cashbook after processing a transaction mean? It appears on the Pre Update Printout usually.

    • Hi. When you are printing the report out are you selecting to show the contra accounts too? I think you are, as that xcontra is showing you what the opposite (D or C) account is. If you choose not to show contras it will only show you the entries you see on your cash book screen.

  • Belinda

    Good day, thank you for answering my previous question it was very helpfull.
    I have another one, how do i general journal from one company that is in 2015 to another company that is in 2016. I need to transfer debits from one year to another without roll over. Year end was done but not roll over. Hope it makes sense.

    • Hi there Bel. Is the data a 2014-5 Last Year and 2015-6 This year?
      Either way, you can do a LAST YEAR journal in the 2016 data, by turning on the tick in settings in that journal’s SETTINGS screen. It doesn’t actually put you into the other data at all, you are still in this “year”, and you should see a RED LAST YEAR word at the bottom of the screen. Until you update and it goes away, back to normal. Your actual last year 2015 data wont be affected.
      If it requires two sets of identical journals you will need to do a normal journal in last years 2015 data, and a last year journal in this 2016’s data. as mentioned above.
      You will know you are right when both journals us the same dates.

  • Ronel

    I have reversed an invoice but i used the wrong amount instead of the correct amount,the amount I was to use is 12 000 but instead I used 120 000 all other information being correct,how do i rectify this.

    • Hi Ronel. You did an invoice, then a credit note with the wrong amount.
      Hmmm. This requires a Debit Note to Customer. You need to make the debit note identical to the credit note to cancel each out. (Cr and Db)
      Then do a credit note for the invoiced amount. (Cr and Db)
      Should work if its only the money amount that was wrong.

  • This is going to sound STUPID. I have a credit on one of my customers Statements showing in 90 days as 16.88 CR.
    Neither the client or I know why this is there but they want it OFF their statement. I got clever and decided to do a Debit Note , now i have 16.88 in 120 days and 16.88 CR in 90 days. Now they want BOTH amounts GONE. I do not know how to get rid of those , please help. Their 30 day amount owing and current amount owing is correct, but month after month this silly credit has followed me around.

    • Hi Fay.
      Its not a stupid question. You need to run the balance forward/open item conversion.
      Sometimes you have no choice but to run this wizard assistant and allow the Pastel programme fix balances that appear on your statements for you.

      This wizard assistant is just a way of the programme adding up all the debits and credits together and recalculating/re-ageing their totals.

      The thing to remember with this option is that it will add all the customers entries together and you loose the breakdown that appears on the statement. You may see their statement just gives you an opening balance per month.

      A lot of companies use Pastel for their accounts and understand this ‘fix”.
      If your customer wants the statement fixed then they understand what you have to do. And you can always print out the customers detailed ledger and email it with the statement to show the breakdown of their total owed.

      After you run this recalculation, Pastel will once again start showing the customers invoices and payments individually.

      You ONLY want to run this wizard assistant on THIS ONE account, not all the accounts.
      Good Luck.

  • Sheron

    sheron says:
    good day!
    I’ m using pastel, where can I record the receipts ( purchases journal) at cash book.

    • Anele

      Good day,

      I am new at using pastel and i’m a bit stuck. I previously created customer accounts using the customer journals. I then raised some debtors using the customer accounts. The customers have now paid and i need to reduce the debt but it does not allow me to use the bank as the contra account.

      Can you please assist?


    • Hi Anele
      Yeah, you are right, you can never enter straight to the customer control account…. Pastel will sort that side for you in the background.
      If you are just using customer journals, select the customer, and then the contra account is sales.


    • Hi. Please can you make your question clearer?
      You put the receipts (the money you get from your customers) into your cash book.
      Process… Cash Book… Receipts (blue side).
      The purchase journal is for Suppliers accounts and entries of items you buy/expenses for the company.
      Is this what you are asking?

  • Swas


    I allocated an amount of R2650.50 to an incorrect invoice and on the statement that invoice is paid in full. The invoice that should have been paid in full is outstanding.

    Can you please assist with this transactions of debiting and crediting0

    • If you go to Process… Reallocate Open item.

      1. Select customers and choose the customer account.
      2. Choose the month you have processed up until… and hit enter…
      Then you see a list of invoices and payments populate down the page.

      At the very top of this list should see unallocated with a + sign next to it.
      3. Click the plus sign to open it up to see entries that make up the unallocated amount.
      You may see credits and any other amounts you have not allocated yet.

      4. Now, go down the page till you see the invoice you want to un-allocate.
      Click on the plus sign next to it – to open it up.

      5. Highlight the payment entry in the center of the page by the description (the mouse will change to a sideways cursor) NOW hold your mouse button down.
      Drag the credit payment upwards to the unallocated section and drop it (let your mouse go) on top of the plus sign.
      This will un-allocate that payment.

      Note that the invoice total will say its due again.

      6. Return to the top of the page and hold the correct payment entry…. dragging it down the page to the correct invoice…
      Drop (let the mouse go) on top of the correct invoice,
      Note that the invoice total will now reflect 0.00 due.
      This will allocate the entry.

      When you are done, don’t forget to save.
      Go to your statement and see if its fixed.

  • Erica

    Hi I totally love your site, I have a question I have a guesthouse and select the gl accounts of hotel
    now after i process my receipts and payments I want to go print the Cashbook detail Report but there is no but no transactions showing and I did update all the transaction
    the transactions are showing on all other reports (gl, trail balance, Income Statements) except for the Cashbook detail Report
    Why is this happening my year end is end of February so I processed February 2016’s transactions in March period but still with the original date

    I would really appreciate the help

    • Hey thanks Erica!
      So, the question I have on this for you is, did you go to PROCESS…. CASH BOOK and capture everything there?
      OR, did you go to PROCESS…. JOURNALS…. and capture everything there?

      And next question, why did you process all your February 2016 entries into the March 2016 period?
      Not good ;(
      You probably have got a message on each line, saying “Entry out of date”.
      You have to reverse that whole batch.
      By this I mean redo the whole batch, everything identical, except put a – minus sign in front of each amount.
      This will undo the batch.
      No way around this.
      Redo this a third time into the correct period with the correct date.
      And you should see them in the cash book details report.
      All the best

    • Good morning

      we need help 🙁 so our lovely pastel guy forgot to give us a 13th period, we still had processing for Feb to do, as you know there is no way to complete a month on the last day of the month …… so they did the roll over and insisted we could still process February transactions in cash book and suppliers we would just make for the 01st March and make a note for tax purposes etc. well we Cant process in Cash book for February. when processing the bank statement if we leave the period 01 but manually change the date it brings up “entry out of date” but we continued after processing MANY MANY lines we balanced perfectly ….. however when we went to process March we were out by a huge amount turns out 3 or 4 of those transaction were processed to February 2017, now we have reversed those and re processed correctly however we still not balancing …..

      WHAT A MESS 🙁 i love 13th period and was so cross to find out the neglected to do it for us…… i mean who doesnt work with a 13th period ?

      my question is can we process feb transactions in period 1 (march 16 ) manually change the date to February 2016 ??? we did to Balance my poor colleague is going batty trying to correct it.

      any suggestions …… a glass of wine is always welcome (hahahahaha)

      Thanks you

    • Dare I say “ooops”
      A Chardonnay is always good at a time like this.

      In answer to your direct question of “can we process feb transactions in period 1 (march 16 ) ?” is this…
      Sure, but it will be date out of period, which means you cant reconcile the bank, and the age analysis will be incorrect and your customers will moan, and all the wine in the world wont help the agro.

      The answer is that you can go into the cash book, go to the settings button at the bottom of the screen.
      Take out the “This Year” tick, and it becomes a “Last Year” batch. You will see Last Year in RED at the bottom.
      And you process into period 12 L/Y – February 2016. You are not ACTUALLY working in your prior years data, it wont affect that data, just the new data.
      After you update the batch and it will return to a normal current year batch again.

      BUT this only solves the cash book.
      How do you enter the suppliers?
      A- Do you use the supplier document screen? |Then No, you cant back date supplier invoices. It makes a huge mess as you wont see the entries on your GL.
      B- Or a supplier journal? Yes, do the same trick as above in the settings screen of the supplier journal.

      Here’s the bad news.
      Option 1
      To fix it, I would think you are going to have to reverse the whole batch, exactly as you entered it, mistakes and all.
      Then re-enter it as a “Last Year” batch, and update.
      But of course BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP before you do anything.

      Option 2
      Redo the year end if you have a backup to restore.

      Option 3
      Go back to your data before the year end, go to Settings… Periods… and switch on the 13th period, and continue where you left off end February, into March’s 13th period, and run the year end later this month. You still have 3 weeks or so.

      Hope this helps.

  • I find this website very helpful.
    I have mistakenly posted my general journal take on balances in the credit column instead of the debit column. I have already updated this journal…. how do I reverse this journal so that I can post in the right column

    • Zethu

      I need help ive made an error with my dates and ive already updated my journal so how do i go back to change the date on the bacth?

    • Hi Zethu.
      This one I cannot help with. If a batch is updated you cannot change the dates.
      You need to go and reverse that whole batch including (with) the wrong dates. And update.
      Then restart again, with the correct dates.
      Good Luck.

    • Hi there Florence. Thanks for liking my site.
      Making a journal batch with mistakes is how we all learn to use Pastel. I still sometimes do this. It happens 🙁
      But we learn from mistakes, and I find that sometimes its just better to make a backup BEFORE updating the batch, so that if it is wrong after you updated it, then you can restore that backup and change that journal around quickly.

      If people want to moan at you around the office, because you want them to go out of Pastel to do the backup, tell them to be quiet.
      Your Pastel programme is the most important program in the office, and you need it to be correct.

      But for now, you need to redo that whole batch, in opposite. Every credit must now be a debit and visa versa.
      Same dates and periods, same accounts, same descriptions… maybe put the word ‘reverse’ before the description… your choice.
      MAKE YOUR BACKUP… then update, and check that it reversed everything correctly.
      If it is all 100% cool beans!
      Then do your batch a 3rd time, but Florence do it correct this time :))
      Good luck

  • Dee

    Hi I need assistance please. I need to correct my “Balance” balance in my cashbook please. I was trying to reconcile my cashbook but found the following happening:
    1. When i did my first “payments” entry in the cashbook of R56 and reconciled as a test to see if my cashbook balance would reduce it worked perfectly. It showed my cashbook reducing and was the balance was correct. Then i merily continued capturing in my cashbook, payments and receipts
    2. I tried reconciling again and it showed that my Cash Book balance was incorrect, there was a difference of the “balance” (the same total as the balance after my first recon) in my cashbook.
    3. I then went and tried all weird and wonderful journals to correct the in/out of the Opening Balance, trying to correct the bank account (cashbook) and the suspense account (opening balance) affecting the ledger but all i did no matter how many times i tried to reverse or correct the Cashbook balance was increase my amount by 4 times the value. It is showing all the “corrections” (incorrect entries) in the suspense account (9900) and the bank account (8400) as debits and credits never reducing just increasing in value. I’m too scared to try doing it in the journal as “last year transaction”
    4. How can I correct the suspense and bank account balance please as i said it is sitting at R90k now instead of R13k
    5. What was i doing wrong in the first place because i do recall trying different methods to start with in order to add the opening balance but with all that i had forgotten how i did it and now messed everything up. Please help i’m a bit rusty on the pastel side it has been a while since i used the program

    • Hi Dee. You made me chuckle.
      You and a zillion others have done the same thing.
      So the first thing was the R56, which needed to be taken out, as a negative -56.00. (if it didn’t belong there)

      I can see you did the training course at some time.
      Do you recall the rule, if you put something in wrong, don’t go to the other side of the cash book to take it out, … redo it on the same side with a minus sign and the same date and reference number. Then it will cancel itself out on the bank reconciliation.

      So, keeping this in mind, it would be best now to print out your full cash book details, and first reverse each entry that’s incorrect.

      Step 1 – Do a backup
      Step 2 – Reverse each entry that’s wrong, with the same reference. And update.
      (Bearing in mind that if you have done multiple entries of the same thing, you are going to carefully have to reverse them multiple times too)
      Step 3 – Check the cash book details report again, and the wrong entries should now say consolidated entry, and show no line total figure.
      Step 4 – Go to the bank reconciliation and you should also see there are no totals in the column of the entries you reversed. You can tick these blanks off.
      Step 5 – There should only be the entries that you need to tick against your bank statement.

      As far as the opening balance goes.
      This is an entry that goes into a “last year” cash book batch, with the reference of ZZZZZZZ (7 of them) and Pastel will not show this as an actual line entry in the bank recon, but rather only add itself to the balance.

      I’m assuming that this is a new set of books? if not then you wouldn’t need an opening balance?

      Also, not to complicate things in your mind, remember that there is a live link in the background of Pastel between the cash book and the bank reconciliation screen.
      You can enter all your entries and not update anything, leave it live – not updated.
      Go to the bank recon and tick everything off.
      If there is a error, go back to the cash book and fix it, and again back to the bank recon, to see the corrected entry.

      Back and forth you go, until everything is correct, and ticked off, and in balance.
      Then you go update the cash book batches.

      Keep me informed on how you get on.

  • Zadia


    Ive processed a payment in the cash book but to the wrong supplier how do i reverse the payment to the correct supplier the cash book has been updated already and it was done in a previous period

    • Hi there.
      Yup, you go back to that period, you take out the payment to the wrong suppler. (With a Minus sign in front of the amount.)
      You then put in the same date, on a new line, to the correct supplier, as normal in that period.
      The 2 (the in and out) should cancel each other out.
      This should fix it all up 🙂

  • Danni

    If I restore pastel from a backup done a week ago will all invoices and payments captured after that backup have to be redone?

    • Hi Danni.
      Yes, there’s no getting around that one. The moment you restore it will take it back to the absolute minute and date you backed up. It will wipe out all your work.
      If you haven’t updated the current batches for the week yet, you could always export them. Save them to a documents or desktop folder with a name you can understand.
      Then restore your backup, and re-import all those batches.
      Its the only way to get those batches back.
      If you have already updated, then recapture it shall be 🙁

  • Amanda

    Hi there,please help me, I mistakenly took out VAT on a transaction on the receipts side and updated the cashbook, I have been trying in vain to correct this. I would really appreciate your help.

    • Hi Amanda,
      The way to correct it is to redo the entry on the same side of the cash book, same period, date and reference number.
      Make sure that you also remove the VAT from this one too. I’m thinking you chose 00-Zero Vat?
      Put the minus sign in front of the same amount. This will correct the first incorrect entry, and leave out the VAT at the same time.
      Then do it again normally with the 01-Vat. This should then show only once in the bank recon as the same reference number always clump into one line transaction.
      You will have 1 x incorrect entry – 1 x reversed entry + 1 x correct entry.
      Good luck and backup before you do this. 🙂


    • Amanda

      Hi Bev
      Thanks for helping me, what I did is I used the 01 Vat instead of using the 00 one on the receipts side of the cashbook, I have tried to reverse this entry on the receipts side by first of all redoing the entry with the 01 Vat,I then used the 00 on the second entry and with a minus. Now the prob is after updating this the entry is still appearing with the 01 Vat. Did I do this correctly or I ommitted something?

    • Hi Amanda.
      So it goes like this, as you put it in wrong, you type exactly the same fields to take it out, same date, same reference number, same description, but with a minus in front of the amount. That will always clear the incorrect entry.

      Please backup before you begin any corrections now. And then do a new backup before you update the batch, so that you can restore it should it look wrong on the cash book details page.
      Am I correct in saying that you now have 3 wrong entries? The first one, then the two thereafter?

      So you have to fix the three corrections.
      1 line for the 01-Vat with a minus – this is for your very first entry
      1 line for the 01-Vat with a minus – this is for your second entry as you still didn’t put in a minus sign (but please correct me if I’m wrong)
      1 line for the 00 without a minus – for the third entry, to clear that minus that shouldn’t have been there to start.

      And then before you go any further, update and check that the cash book details report has cleared those three entries totally. The lines should have 0.00 on them.
      If it is correct, then you can now start over like nothing ever happened 🙂

      If its not correct, then restore your backup so the batch is open in front of you again. And think back carefully to each step when you entered everything the first time.

      Let me know.

  • Reshma

    Hi. I would like to know if, on pastel, you can generate more than 1 customer invoice using just one entry. I have to do processing for a school and there are more than 500 pupils. I need to bring in all the school fees as a debtor for each pupil. So in other words, I need to debit 500 customer accounts and credit one general ledger account.

    • Hi Reshma,
      I, in fact have 4 clients who are schools, and Pastel handles it well.
      The bursar first made a category for each grade (and teacher if you want). eg. Grade One Mrs Leech, Grade One Mrs Smith….
      Then each pupil was linked to the correct category under the edit accounts screen.
      Then a recurring invoice was made as a template, of what should show on a normal invoice.
      School Fees, Cricket, Soccer, outing to zoo. Whatever. Or General Ledger code.
      This recurring invoice never gets updated just saved.

      Then you go to a normal invoice and select batch copy recurring assistant.
      This will ask you what category and date you want to do.
      It will automatically create one invoice for every pupil who is in that category.

      The biggest pain, is that the following year, you need to re-link the pupils who passed into the next category eg. Grade 2.

      It takes time, but so does creating 500 invoices one by one.
      Read up on it in your help menu.

      Best wishes in your humungous job.

  • Gugu

    I started recording my cashbooks last month, but im having a problem with the periods.

    My periods start at February and I want them to start from January to December.

    Kindly assist.

    • Hi Gugu.
      I don’t have good news for you. Once you start entering things into Pastel and update you cannot change the periods around in the setup.

      You are going to have to begin a new Pastel data, making January period 01, before you put in a single entry.
      Did you set up your financial periods with SARS when the company was registered? Are you a January to December company?

      Or are you a March to February company? But you began trading in January?
      Please tell me, then I have more information to go on.
      Thanks a lot.



    I ‘m using Pastel Partner V14 and I have two cashbooks. I created a new user and I want this newly created user to access only one cashbook. He should not be able to access the other cashbook. Is there any option in partner to do so??

    • Hi Sarah. I had to check if cash books could actually be separated per user.
      At this time I don’t believe it can. Its a good idea.
      And it should be added to [email protected]
      Maybe if we both email Pastel, they will add it to their list for the programmers to code into Partner.

  • Theresa

    Hi. I have processed a journal transaction in the wrong period. Should have been January 2016 instead I did in January 2017, now my cashbook and journal entries shows this as the last date used (January 2017). I am afraid that I am going to process entries in that period again due to the date that appear there now. Is the re any way I can change the date recognition back to the current date?

    • Hi Theresa. Unfortunately as you put something into the future, Pastel has flagged that date and now it will always open your journals etc with that future period.and continue to show the date until you reach it.

      There is the option for date sets period, which is found under setup entry types.
      That’s an option.

      Also, There’s something in the back of my mind that I did in the past, but I have to recall what it was. If I can, I shall email you.

  • Anina

    Good day,

    My employee was busy processing customer payments in the cashbook receipts.

    She accidentally clicked on something and now when trying to process these receipts we have to choose the date from the calender ; it won’t allow us to manually type in the customer code ; the description must be chosen from a dropdown menu and it won’t allow us to type in the amount.

    Could you please assist me in fixing this!!

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Anina.

      At the bottom of the page in your journal screens, is the batch button.
      Click on this button..
      Click on the Restore Columns button.

      See if this will restore all the columns back to the way they are when a batch is still “new”.
      I somehow don’t think its the user, it sounds more like a access rights issue.

      Will you email me back if this doesn’t help you.

  • Jamey

    I started at a new company and the previous lady entered the receipts for May2015 as May2016 transactions. Is there any way I can correct this?

    • Hi Jamey
      You have to reverse those entries in the May2016 period, update the batch.
      Then create a new batch into May2015.

  • Belinda


    I am processing my cashbook but the column where I need to select my tax is shaded. My tax processing option is selected under settings. How can I enable my tax processing (or tax processing not to shaded)

    • Hi Belinda
      The thing about tax processing on the cash book, is that it all depends on the invoices/journals (either customer or supplier’s), as they are where the vat is captured. Hence the name, ‘vat based invoicing’ – the most common accounting and SARS processing method.

      So by default, Pastel wont allow vat on that payment/receipt entry for Customers and Suppliers, as it took the vat already from the captured document.
      The only time it will show the vat column as active is if you are entering something like electricity, directly off the bank statement to its GL account.
      Does this make sense?
      Try it.
      A – Do one line with a S for supplier, the vat grey’s out.
      B – Do one line with a G for electricity, the vat column becomes available.

  • Goeie dag

    ek wonder of jy my asb kan help, ek het die cod kontant betalings in die bank se reicpt kant in gesit en nie in die petty reicpt nie en nou lyk dit nie reg nie groot asb kan jy my se hoe ek dit moet reg maak asseblief

    • thanks a lot have a bless day

    • Hi Erica.
      My Afrikaans is nie baaie goed so ek sal antwoord half Afrikaans half Engels.
      Die eerste ding is om vir jou die Reicpt cod kontant reg the sit.
      Maak oop daai kasboek en process die selde entries daarin, maar net n minus sign voor die amount in die total column.
      Alas moot die selde wees, selde datum, selde ref en description, selde amounts.
      Dan update jy.
      Dit sal daai recpt book reg sit.

      Dan begin jy weer in die petty cash book receipt side soos normal.
      Hoop ek maak sin

  • Nici

    Good day. I closed my tax report periods up to end of July, without reconciling my bank statement. Does this have any affect on my tax report documents if I did bank recon after closing the tax periods? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Nici.
      The bank recon itself will not have any effect on the tax period reports.
      You should rather ask yourself, did you have to enter in entries to the cash books that had vat implications on them. ie. Bank Charges, or groceries, or anything that has a vat portion to it, that you had to add to your cash book after you’d closed the vat periods, and hence your bank recon to make it balance?
      Then yes, these will be left off this tax report, and only appear on the next report. But it means that it is still going to be paid, just on the following run.
      Else undo the whole vat period shut off assistant, and only do it when you are completely up to date with the cash books.

      Hope this clarifies everything

  • Yolundi


    Please can you help. I have received a large amount cash payment and allocated it to loan account, using it as a waiting account.
    From there I will process the journals to the creditors I paid cash. When doing the journals, do I use the supplier journals (14 suppliers or 03 General journal under the supplier journal), under supplier and do I process with VAT, as I allocated no VAT when allocating to the loan account?
    Hope my question is clear. Thank you for your assistance

    • Hi Yolundi.
      I just want to check with you, was the large cash payment from one of the owners, that you chose a loan account?
      But in answer to your question, then use the supplier journal, it will allow you to choose a supplier account, and contra the loan account.
      Don’t use VAT on the payments to suppliers.

  • Faussy

    How do I correct missing cash books in the Tax type report. Only one is showing even though i have 3 Cashbooks

    • Hi,
      Create a backup before you start this.
      you need to go to Setup, Tax, General settings….
      Go to the last tab, called Box Layout.
      You will see a DEBIT and CREDIT ROW for payments and a DEBIT and CREDIT ROW for receipts, with a lot of boxes and numbers across the page.
      You need to write these 4 rows down, with the numbers in each column on a piece of paper.
      Then scroll right down to the bottom where you see a new line, and add the same 4 rows information TWICE (one for each cash book)… with the same numbers across the page.
      And save.
      This will pull the information from the 2 cash books into the box report.
      Hope this helps,
      Make sure you copy the information correctly.

  • Kudzayi Mutyasera

    how do i post balance orders from the point of sale account to the main operating account so that the transfers appear in the bank reconciliation.

    • Hi there Kudzazi,
      Can you provide more clarity on your question?
      I think I know what you are asking, but I need more information before I can answer.
      I await your reply.

  • Andrew machinga

    I just got a job as an accounts clerk and have no knowledge about pastel partner, in my previous company i was using sage line 500. how do i process my cashbook, debtors and creditors accounts. your help will be much appreciated

    • Hi Andrew
      There is no way that you are going to be able to work in Pastel, without actual training, or someone sitting next to you showing you what to do.
      its like David and Goliath. Goliath is Sage line 500. 🙂
      Would you be interested in a online course?
      Or can you get to a training center to do a course ?
      Or the cheapest is buying a self study manual. This should help enormously.

  • Nici

    Good day

    I entered a Invoice in 2015 financial year that was made out wrong by the supplier, I entered a payment into cash books in June 2014 and if I remembered correctly linked it to the wrong Invoice. There was a similar amount on the business bank statement in December 2014 and I entered the amount into cashbook where I think I send it to unknown account (as I didn’t know what it was for)( I can see the payment in Trail Baalnce in the specific account in “Insurance”. The supplier send me the new invoice in Fin year 2016 and it was much more than the wrong invoice and should be paid in 2 separate payments, one in June and one in December( so that was the payment made in December that I didn’t know what it was for). It was my first time working with pastel and I didn’t know you cannot work on a financial year if you already moved on to the next financial year (and need to work on the current financial year’s last year to correct mistakes) and I entered the new corrected invoice and did a debit return for the wrong invoice in the Financial year 2015 and not in last year 2016. SO in financial year 2016 in supplier detailed ledger it shows the WRONG invoice and the amount I entered that I linked to the WRONG Invoice and that we owe the supplier money instead of the new Invoice and the 2 payments made for that Invoice. so it should be 0. I only saw this now when our bookkeeper brought it to my attention and I am already in Financial year 2017. How on earth do I correct it now so that it shows we do not owe the supplier any money.

    Hope you can help me, I know this is a mouth full and I hope I am not confusing you.

    Thank you

    • Hi Nici.
      Lets see if I get this…
      I entered a Invoice in 2015 financial year that was made out wrong by the supplier
      They should have invoiced in 2016?
      1. So this original invoice needs to stay where it is on the wrong date.
      2. And you can do a debit journal for this one in your 2016/7 data, as a last year journal to clear it (again).
      I entered a payment into cash books in June 2014
      1- So the payment was put to the right account but wrong invoice?
      If this is right, then leave it alone in the 2015/6 data. It will pull into 2016/7.
      their account should be in a debit balance now.

      The supplier send me the new invoice in Fin year 2016
      So, did they backdate it?
      If they backdated it, put it into 2016/7 as a last year supplier journal. Even if you cant go back that far, you can still at least use period 01 last year, 01 March. Because it has to be entered into your current Pastel.
      now you should see the debit balance and the new invoice, leaving you still owing them some money.

      Basically, you fixed it in 2015/6.
      But what you did ‘then’ you need to repeat again in 2016/7.

      You may need to email me, for more help.

  • Nici

    Hi Bev

    Thank you for your reply. The new Invoice is still the same date, as they corrected the Invoice in Fin 2015 but did not send it until I asked for a statement and I realized I had the wrong Invoice in Fin 2016. I need some more help on my issue. How can I email you directly???

    Thank you so much for your help


  • Charlene

    hi bev,

    I just wanted to find out how do I reverse amounts which have already been updated which appear on the supplier ledgers.
    eg. Supplier A has 0.10 sitting in 60 days and 0.01 in 30 days.


    • Hi Charlene
      is this just to tidy up little amounts? Left overs from payments?
      Use a supplier journal, and debit or credit those cents.

  • Tersia

    Hi, how do you refuse an debit note made by mistake into your sales account. I have put it in as a debit note instead of an tax invoice. Please help

    • Hi Tersia,
      As you have put in a debit note, this has added “more money” to the customers account, a credit note will reverse the debit note.
      And it must not be to a inventory item, only the GL.
      Hope this helps.

  • Masimba

    If l withdraw money from the bank for petty cash how do l enter it in the cash book?

    • Hi Masimba
      Do you have a petty cash ‘cash book” in your Pastel?
      Then this amount gets entered into the receipts side of this cash book.

  • James

    Good day

    I have processed payments and receipts in the wrong period….how do I correct this in Pastel?


    • Hi James
      You reverse the journal the same way you put it in.
      In that incorrect period.
      With minus signs in front of the entries.
      Update the batch.
      Then redo it in the right period. Not too hard.

    • Desiree

      Hi Bev,
      I have the same problem, but when I put in the minus sign its doesnt minus it , instead it adds. Please help

    • Hi Des,
      Did you also put everything into the discount column?

      So now you need to reverse both batches.
      1. Batch 1, using the discount column only with the minus sign, an update.
      Check everything is reversed, (check the discount account under the detailed ledger.)

      2. Batch 2, using the bank amount column with the minus sign, and update.
      Check everything is reversed, (check the cash book details report.)

      3. Now do the batch correctly.

      As I mentioned below…..Don’t do anything until you have a backup done and kept away from any of your normal backups. In case you need to restore.
      If anybody else is on the system, rather let them not work again until you are completed with the fix and recapturing, else they would have to redo their work, and you will be the “bad guy”.


  • Rushana

    good day
    i need help regarding period setup in sage Pastel v14
    if i setup a company and the busniness financial year end is January 2016.
    the owner requested that i bring on the opening balances from December2015 and then continue operating Live for the month of January 2016.
    which start up date do i use, and how many periods should it be 12/13
    help please

    • Hi there,

      I am giving you this link, but ideally you should go on training to learn how to do this.

      Hope this helps.

  • Anneke

    Good Afternoon Bev,

    One of our customers has bought goods through us from one of our suppliers. The agreement was that he paid it directly to the supplier. He then paid it into our bank account. We then paid the supplier.

    His payment, i receipted to my 999/000 account. Obviously, the payment we made to the supplier was receipted to the supplier’s account. Now i need to balance the amount sitting in my 999/000 account . I need to take it bank to the bank account. How do i do that journal for as i try to do a general journal, Pastel tells me that i cannot use my bank account as a contra account? What am i missing? I never needed to do this before.

    • Hi Anneke, how you doing?
      Yup, you cant do it in a journal.
      You will need to do it in the cash book.

      You put the original entry into the suspense account through the cash book?
      Just go to the cash book, and reverse the entry out of the suspense account with a minus sign, and update. This should clear the account.

      Don’t touch the suppliers account, its correct.

  • Chanel

    Please can you help…I per error processed all the cash book receipts as discount instead of under the bank amount column and have already updated. I only realised when I tried to do the bank recon and the amounts did not balance what had happened.
    How do I reverse these entries?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Chanel
      Firstly my apologies for this late reply. I have been in training.
      I don’t know if you are sorted yet.

      By now you know not to do anything until you have a backup done and kept away from any of your normal backups. In case you need to restore.
      If anybody else is on the system, rather let them not work again until you are completed with the fix and recapturing, else they would have to redo their work, and you will be the “bad guy”.

      Redo the batch, only using the discount column with all your entries having a minus sign in front of them.
      Don’t put anything into the bank amount column, then update, and this will reverse the discount account.
      And update.

      Then redo the batch correctly.
      Hope this helps.


  • Vicki

    Hi there
    I processed an amount into one of my customers accounts when it should have been for a different customer account.
    I need to Jnl the amount into the correct account.
    I also need to know if when capturing the payment on cash book there is no option for tax, however I know when a jnl is done there should be tax indicated? Am i correct in saying this?
    Please give me a step by step on how to do the Jnl entry for eg:
    I paid R100.00 into Joe Bloggs account when it should have been paid into Betty Boos account.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Vicky,
      You could do a journal from one account to the other – no tax, as the tax was on the invoice not the payment
      or you could use the cash book, to reverse from the one account to the other, – no tax again.

      Open the customer journal.
      Line 1 – Select the period, date, wrong customer account, and ref number, – description could be something like “reverse incorrect payment allocated”,
      and enter the amount in the debit column.
      Line 2 – Select the period, date, right customer account, and ref number, – description could be something like “payment”,
      and enter the amount in the credit column.

      This will make the batch in balance, and update.

      Have a good new years eve

  • Audrey


    I am using Sage Evolution and while doing debit order allocations under accounts receivables transactions i used the wrong date and month how do i correct this?

    • Hi Audrey
      Thanks for using my website.
      Unfortunately I do not do support on the Evolution range.
      You will have to call their support call centre.
      Good Luck.

  • Wilma Matthews

    Good day

    Please I need advice as for I am using pastel version 14. My customer owed for two invoices which is the amount of 27617.07
    I made the entry on the receipt side of that amount and did the matching of the invoices the one invoice was 11867.40 and the other one was 15749.67 and updated it, but when I printed my statement I saw that the amount of 11867.40 was correctly credited but the other invoice of 15749.67 was debited which is wrong and now the amount of 27617.07 is showing on the statement on 30 days which should not be so and for it was paid. When I wanted to do open matching item on this customers account there is nothing to allocate. Can I reverse the amount of 27617.07 and put a minus sign on the cashbook receipt side will it correct the account I am not so sure as for I don’t want to mess the account up. The customer only has an amount in the current of 32034.00 which is correct but now the amount of 27617.07 is also showing on 30 days and now the total amount shows R59651.07 which is wrong must be only owing 32034.00. Please can you help me with this problem I will appreciate it so much

    Kind Regards

    Miss Matthews

  • Wilma Matthews

    Good day

    I am not sure if you have received my previous query but I am still struggling with the same problem. I use pastel XPRESS V14 .
    On my customer statement I have two invoices one for 11867.40 and for 15749.67 which add to 27617.07. The customer made payment and I went to my cash book on the receipts and match the two invoices for the amount of 27617.07 and updated. When
    I went to have a look on the statement again I see that the amount of 27617.07 did not go off and now it shows on a 60 days on the statement which is wrong , It seems like both amounts did not go off and the statement still shows the two amounts on the debit side. The customer has a current balance of 32034.00 which is correct and now both amounts add to 59651.07 which shows on the current January 2017 statement amount due,but it should not be like that the amount due is 32034.00. I went to have a look at the detailed ledger and there it shows the amount of 27617.07 was credit and the closing balance shows 32034.00 for which is correct. I even went to do open match item but it shows only the amount due of 32034.00, therefore now I am not sure what to do to fix this problem as for I really don’t want to mess up this customers account.I am not sure if I have to do a journal now to correct this problem, in this case can you advice as to what i have to enter at the journal and the correct steps to follow what must get a credit/debit. Hope you can assist me with this problem

    Kind Regards


  • Chelsea


    Will it effect my bank recon if I have done my 2017 year end processing before I did the 2016 year end in the 2017 last year?

    • Hi there,
      No this shouldn’t affect anything, as you can always do 2 years bank recons in one company.
      It will carry your balances forward.

  • Sonja

    Good day

    I’m new to pastel but had same training but I’m stuck with a problem.

    Our company’s credit clerk are in hospital and they asked me to assist with her daily task. We had to reconc the supplier accounts and found some problems.

    I’m stuck with one problem that seems small but I have no idea how to fix it..

    She processed an delivery note of one of the suppliers as a tax invoice. The account is now incorrect with that exact amount…can you help me with a step by step how to correct the error please!

    Thank you for your assistance.



    • Hi there
      You shouldn’t be able to do a delivery note on a suppliers account unless there is also a customer account who is also a supplier account.
      Such as when you supply them goods and they supply you goods.
      Is this correct?

  • Wilma Matthews

    Good day Bev

    Thank you for your reply. May I ask you if you can send me your phone number please then I can phone you regarding my problem

    Kind Regards


  • Chriselda


    I made a mistake on my cashbook receipts. I entered the incorrect date. How do I correct this?

    Will appreciate

    • Hi Chriselda,
      This reply is very late, and I am sure you received an answer to your question already.
      But in case not… or for future use….

      You always reverse the entries in the exact same manner you entered them, on the same side you put them into.
      Payment to payments… with a minus sign
      Receipts to receipts…. with a minus sign

      Then update them.
      And recapture them into the correct dates, and update.


    • Sharelle

      I have followed all of the steps you’ve mentioned and the amount appears twice after,leaving my statement with double or triple the amount taken off.


    • Hi Sharelle,
      please email me on xquizitconsulting @ gmail com.
      And give me the whole story, lets see if this can be sorted.

  • Bronwyn

    Good Day,

    Hoping I can explain this correctly. In March last year we moved over from another accounting system to Pastel Express version 14 so I had to capture Opening Balances for all the customers. We have a big client that takes 2.5 % discount and they have different stores so each invoice is captured per the store. In April 2016 when they made payment,in the cash book receipt side I entered each store with the actual amount that was paid into bank account and next to it the discount that was taken this was then matched to the opening balances. My bank recon is now out by the amount of the discount. I don’t understand as I have captured payments every other month and bank recon always balanced, the only difference this time was that the payments were matched to opening balances and not actual invoices. Please also note that our bank balance is in – figure and the discount amount should also be a – figure to balance the bank.

    • Hi Bronwyn
      Did you come right with this?

      I have not had a chance to reply, with the UNISA exams, I had to leave the blog for a while.

      But if not, you did it correctly, if you are telling me that the payment, plus discount equals the take on amount.
      The discount should not have added to the recon.

      You could try reversing the lot, and just doing the payments first… don’t update, and check if the bank is in balance.
      If so update the batch, then create a second batch, using only the customer account and the discount column, and ignore the bank column.

      Else Pastel is behaving funny,


  • Anele

    Good day,

    I am new at using pastel and i’m a bit stuck. I previously created customer accounts using the customer journals. I then raised some debtors using the customer accounts. The customers have now paid and i need to reduce the debt but it does not allow me to use the bank as the contra account.

    Can you please assist?


    • Hi Anele
      Yeah, you are right, you can never enter straight to the customer control account…. Pastel will sort that side for you in the background.
      If you are just using customer journals, select the customer, and then the contra account is sales.


  • Dennis

    How do you post journal entries in a multi currency module with the other currency(not home currency) when the only currency it accepts is home currency. Furthermore, the exchange rate column is in active

    • Hey
      You can do either, but whichever you choose, then you have to stick to it.

      If the customer is in dollars, and you set that up on their account details, then all invoices must be in dollars.
      It cannot be reversed after setup.

      And you should/could put in the days ROE in the exchange rate block as it refers to Dollars to Rand.


  • Sorita

    More Bev

    Ek het reeds my jaar afsluiting gedoen vir feb 2017 op en trust rek ,maar het nie my bank recon gedoen nie. Hoe gaan ek e werk om my entries vir feb 2017 toegevoer te kry . Laat my nie toe om in daardie periode te werk. Help asb

    • Hi Sorita,
      Hoop dit gaan goed.
      Hoop Ek is nie te laat in die beantwoording.

      I understand your question perfectly, but am embarrassed to say I cannot answer in Afrikaans.

      You don’t need to worry, you can always capture for 2 years in a current Pastel database.

      Go to the cash book or journal… go to settings… untick “THIS YEAR” and capture the entries for that period.
      You cannot mix this year and last year together. Just do last year first and update.

      When you click on bank recon, and select the period, you can go right up to the previous years dates.
      Choose February 2017.
      This should sort you out.


  • Hannah Eva Tito

    Dear Bev

    I am woking with Pastel Express V14 Build 14.1.4
    I am processing in my Cash Book and have entered all the payments in the Bank Account, however as soon as I go to the receipting side to enter all the credits, Pastel won’t allow me to enter a value in the Bank Exc (or Inc) Column and jumps to projects.
    I have performed a backup and tried deleting lines to undo the error but nothing seems to work.
    Please help….It’s Sunday and I am trying to catch up with my work but can’t continue past this.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Hannah

      Again I apologise for these late replies.

      Go to the bottom of the screen to the batch button.
      Try clicking on the restore columns button.

      Also, try the setting button, switch the tax button on and off to kind of reset the page.

      Good luck

  • Lastogos

    Good day guys
    I am new in pastel, i have created invoices for my customers but don’t know how to post the transaction that it appears to my customer statements

    pliz help

    • Hi there “new to Pastel’ person.

      You go to the invoice screen,
      click on batch… at the bottom of the page
      click on update… and wait for the the little circle to stop turning.

      Then your invoices will appear on the customers account.

      Happy invoicing.


  • Tamara jooste

    Good Morning

    We are an IT company, one of our clients is complaining that the tab function is allowing her to pass columns which should require an entry. Specifically the cash code as well. Could anyone please advise me on how to stop this happening for her? Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how Pastel works, or indeed any accounting whatsoever. She says it used to stop her at the column until she had made the entry

    • Hello
      I think your solution is to go to that batch she is using.
      At the bottom of the screen… click on batch…. restore columns.
      See if this works.


  • Matjele

    Please help me, I just created a new company on pastel and I have to capture bank transactions, there is a receipts entry and I am confused about what I treat it as, it’s not a sale I also don’t know how to treat it .

    Please advice how I should treat this transaction, I have put in under the suspense account for now.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Sandy

    Thank you for this website. Its so helpful. I would like to know if I do the right entries. I have written out a cheque for petty cash. I capture it in the cashbook, I’m using the petty account. Must I capture it again in the petty cash as receipt? Your help is appreciated. Thanks

    • HI Sandy
      My reply is so late, but its never to late to learn… I hope.
      The cheque goes to the account it was written out from… the payments side ie CB1 STD Bank
      The cheque then is entered again into the second cash book ie Petty Cash, reciepts side
      This clears them as a debit and credit.

      Now you can enter the slips into the payments side of the Petty Cash Book,
      and you are done.


  • Sandy

    I just want to give more clarity. I’m capturing it in the bank account(cash book) and use the petty cash as the account.
    Secondly. If you change from manual to Pastel xpress and you capture take on balances. I.e. Positive Opening balance on bank statement. I want to show its a balance brought forward. Will it show as a positive in your cash book (bank account)? Thanks

    • Hi Sandy,

      Its best to talk layman language.

      when taking on a opening balance, from a manual system…was the bank statement in the ‘red’…then its put to the payments side, and ‘black’ to the receipts side.
      Do you actually want to see the entry as a line in the bank recon, though?
      Normally we enter the closing amount from its prior month into the cash book, and use 7 x ZZZZZZZ as the reference column’s reference number , and Pastel does its thing in the background, and you never see that entry in the bank recon, it only shows as a bank statement opening amount.

      This is the amount that contra’s the bank balance from your balance sheet, I’m assuming ? as it should be that exact amount.


  • David

    Good day, i david. recent graduate in pastel

    Where do I find the value of VAT, if the cashiers in POS system process other sales under the F2 (cash in/out) with the account Cash Deposit as one debtor? for the entire month. they did not make any invoices for the whole april after the year end.

    • Hi David,
      Please email me with more information on your question.
      “xquizitconsulting @ gmail com”


  • Ortrud

    How can I unreconcile my cashbook entries in pastel

    • Ho Ortrud.
      All batches should be updated
      A new backup made, kept away from your other backups.
      Go to change…reconcile/unreconcile … password
      Select unreconcile…
      Select the date from which you want to unreconcile….
      you can select the while month, or you can enter just the one entry/s you want to unreconcile…
      next… process…




    • Hi Naliswa
      You have probably already sorted yourself out here.
      But if not, are you working in a brand new company, or is this a old company?
      I await your reply.

  • David

    good morning,

    is it correct to process a sales credit with a journal?

    • Hi David
      was the invoice done using the Tax invoice screen?
      Then its best to use the credit note screen… the pink screen.
      And do it there.

  • Blanche

    Good afternoon

    Why in Pastel when we enter Minus figures and +Figures it changes the Cash Book ?

    • Hi Blanche

      The basics are….
      Payments are set up to capture creditor payments etc, so it will debit them automatically,
      you only put a minus sign in to reverse any incorrect creditor payment, on the payments side of the cash book when you made a mistake.

      Receipts are set up to capture debtors payments etc, so it will credit them
      you only put a minus sign in to reverse the incorrect debtors payment, on the receipts side of the cash book when you made a mistake

      Then you always need to redo the entry again, because it will wipe out the in/out…. so you can start again from fresh.

      Is this what you meant?


  • Bev

    Good afternoon
    Please could you give me some advice on the correct way of handling Rebates (5%), Advertising (5%) & Discounts (2.5%) that are given to clients.
    What I have been doing up to now is when I process the receipt, I have allocated the total amount to the discount column in the cashbook. This is obviously incorrect as they whole amount is being posted to the Discounts Given (3550/000) account whereas the 5% Rebates & 5% Advertising should be going into another account.
    Any advice on easy way to do this would be appreciated.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Bev
      A tough question for once… 🙂

      I get what you are doing.
      Discount is an expense account, …so logic would suggest you have a rebates expense account too.
      Do you then do a journal to empty the discount account to the rebates account of those advertising entries?
      Including the vat of course.
      That’s an option.
      Might be the only option.


  • Jaco

    Please help:
    I have 2 cashbook accounts: STB and INV.
    By mistake, I imported INV’s bank statement into STB, then updated.
    Then when wanted to import the next month’s INV statement, I saw the balances don’t match.
    How do I correct this mistake?

    • Hi Jaco.
      you need to reverse everything you did into the wrong cash book.
      Just recapture it exactly the same, in the wrong cash book…just put a negative sign in front in the amounts.
      The total must be exactly the same as your incorrect batches total.
      Then update.
      This will remove the incorrect entries.

      Now capture the batch in the correct cash book.
      Make sure its the same total, as the incorrect one.

      This will fix your totals.

      btw… never update your cash book before you have done the bank recon.
      You would have picked up the mistake straight away when you reconciled, and been able to delete the whole batch.

      When the bank reconciliation is in balance go back to the cash book and update it.

      Be well.

  • Alli


    hope all is well 🙂

    i need a bit of help please

    i haven’t worked on pastel before…i need to do the company vat and have to have everything captured. i don’t know how to capture my petrol and toll gate slips, my rent expense, my security services, i need to give my boss the vat amount to be paid

    please help me as i am very stressed

    thank you


    • Hi Alli.
      On the payments side of the cash book.
      Go to settings button at the bottom, and make sure the tax option is ticked.
      Choose the default tax type as 01 – 14%
      Choose the exclusive column.

      Petrol (expense – might be 4150/000 – motor vehicle expenses) has no vat, so put in a 00-No Vat in the tax column
      Toll Gates has vat, so put in a 01-Vat in the tax column
      Rent (expense – might be 4300/000) has vat, so put in a 01-Vat in the tax column
      Security (account unknown) has vat, so put in a 01-Vat in the tax column

      And then you need to get trained up fast.

      Sometimes it is easier to go to the demo company and play around there.
      The password is demo.
      And then type in the entries you are not sure of to see how the cash book defaults the vat.

      But going on a Pastel course would be best.
      I train at Edge Business School in Stoneridge, in Edenvale, if you are in Joburg.

      Good luck

    • Ntombi

      Hi my name is Ntombi for security you can use Security services acc. which is 4425/000

  • Alice Naidu

    Hi we are using pastel evolution, we received a refund from the supplier for overpayment
    we tried to debit it to the supplier account but it doesnt work
    what the trasaction we should use

    • Hi Alice,
      Im afraid I do not support Pastel Evolution. I support Pastel Partner.
      I cannot help with your question.

  • Faisal hasib


    • Hi Faisel
      You must have a petty cash account in Pastel also.
      It must be a cash book in Pastel.

      You then enter the money in, from bank or cash, to the reciepts side of petty cash account.
      All petrol/checkers/etc… cash slips and things you buy go into the payments side of petty cash book.

  • Natasha

    Hi there,

    I’ve been out of practice from Pastel for a little while. I’m helping out at a family business and they have a programme that creates invoices for the customer. We now have to take those invoices and enter them into pastel to reflect on the customers statement. The lady that worked here before used to use the tax invoice screen to enter them, but just to show the amount on the statement, not the details of the invoice. I said it’s easier to enter the amounts under Journals Customer/Sales. I’ve now entered them all one under the other and put the reference to link to the original invoice. however it’s asking me for the contra account. What would the contra account be?

    • Hi,
      The contra account would be the sales account.

  • Bakoena

    how to transfer cash from another cash book to another under sage Evolution.

  • Kay

    I’ve incorrectly processed a payment to a printing g/l instead of a stationery g/l in the cashbook in April, I picked this up now only so want to move it to the correct g/l. Is it better to do another entry in the cashbook with a negative in front, correcting the g/l’s. Or should I do a general journal? In which case, would the entry be ’00’ (no vat)?

  • Hetta


    I need Help!

    I have never used Pastel before. And have gotten all documentation and is teaching myself. We want to start using it from the first of the month ( September). We have a restaurant and it has been running for 2 years now. I have a few questions though.

    1. Can I enter the opening balances for the different bank accounts as it is on the last day of August?
    2. Do I need to enter everything else from March ( start of our financial year) or can i just proceed from September onward?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Elizabeth

    Good day
    I allocate my payments on Pastel Express Version 11 and seem to have a problem with some of my customer statements.
    In most cases the allocations appear correctly on their statements but with some customer statements it does not appear correctly. On a statement there is a due invoice for R950 invoice nr 111, payment is allocated of R950, however on the customer’s statement it only shows Invoice 111 with no amount (as due or paid) it will just show blank and that there is no money due. How do I get the system to show invoice 111 due R950, paid invoice 111 R950?

  • Roshel


    I have processed a receipt on pastal and therefore allocated a payment to an invoice and have batched, however i need to reverse this payment now, please advise

  • Jane

    I have captured various items in my cashbook but all in different periods and dates. Is there a way that you can let it sort according to date and period before updating?

  • Marvin

    Good day,

    I have recently started working at a new company which uses Pastel partner.

    In Feb 2017 the previous guy processed a General journal to fix the books. However, one of the entries in that batch was a Cash book entry and needs to be reversed. In doing this, it needs the contra account initially used, which I need assistance in identifying.

    Your assistance would be much appreciated.

  • Gabriel

    Good day,
    I am using Pastel Partner, can you please in my business I buy damaged items as single unit, eg , motor cycles and sell in bit and pieces as the customer come by,. I find it difficult when I create an inventory item initial I can not sell it in bits and pieces mkindly advice how I can set up my inventory. Thank you

  • Marry


    I was capturing a Cash Book, so i captured the receipt incorrectly using the incorrect account how do i correct this. Do i correct the receipt by payment or do i still captured on receipt but using minus on the amount i put.

  • Peter J. Malulu

    Hi, I receipted a customer who had no account and posted it, I can see the transaction in the bank account and the corresponding entry is in the retained transaction which I can not access, how can I retrieve the transaction so that I can post to the appropriate customer account?

    • Hi Peter
      How did you manage to put in a entry without the customers account number?
      Did you put it to a GL account number instead?
      I need this info before I can answer your question.

  • Sade

    Hi, Im in need of some assistance. I have entered data and updated into CB Receipts instead of CB Payments, how do i remove all data from receipts so that i may correctly allocate them to Payments. Im using Pastel v14. Thank you.

  • Nadine

    Hi, please can you assist, I need to post an entry for customs vat, how do I get the customs vat GL account to be included in the vat report ie type report for vat as we need to claim this vat back ?


    • Hi there Nadine
      Sounds like you need to create a GL account just for the customs VAT.
      In the setup of that GL account, at the bottom of the screen you can choose the vat type number.. its usually 06-100% Vat, so you don’t have to remember to make it 06 on your invoice for that single vat line.
      This should pull through to the VAT report.

      Kind regards

  • Hello Bev
    Is it possible to run a Bank Register Report on Pastel.
    many thanks
    Rowena Allan

    • Hi Rowena,
      Please can you tell me what a bank register report is? It sounds like a report term found in a different accounting package.
      Can you explain what it does, so I can see if there is an equivalent one.
      Kind regards

  • Janette Lumley

    Hi Bev,
    I have just started working for a company and need to catch up on 3 months work in Pastel. At the moment I am busy entering customer and supplier invoices and then allocating payments and receipts via the cash book. What I have seen is that the person that worked for me didn’t allocate payments to the customer invoices since January this year. My question is how did she manage to do a bank recon? I haven’t yet done the bank recon, but surely in order for things to balance she would have needed to first allocate, and yet according to her things did balance to the bank statement. I am a bit confused, please advise if I am doing things correctly, the steps I am taking are as follows:
    1. Enter in the supplier and customer invoices – update the batches
    2. Allocate payments and receipts to the invoices – update batch
    3. Enter credits via journles for customers and enter returns and debit for supplliers – update
    4. Bank Recon – I haven’t done this yet.

  • Taurai Dzwene

    Good day.
    Is there any way i can retrieve data that has been lost in “tax invoice” because after pressing batch all my information and processed receipts seems to have been deleted,

    I’m using Accounting Partner Version 17.1.1

  • hi

    please help i need to know
    why when i do a year end in pastel the net profit is added into retained income .

    • Hi g.Reuben
      Sorry for the late reply.
      Pastel is setup in the background to write profit/loss to that retained income account by default on a year end run.
      It cant be changed. You can only do a journal afterwards if you need to.

  • hi

    if i do my year end journal manually can you give me the code for
    net profit

  • Nicholus Otieno

    Please help me on how to view checked out Accounts Receiveable Journal Batches

    • The best journal to look at is the cash book details report.

      Cash Book details..

      Select the bank and the periods.


  • Sanet

    Hi there

    I’m a Unisa student doing AIN2601, I am stuck on lesson 9 in the pastel training manual. This is where you have to record cheque payments. When I go to Process – cash books, and try select the PAYMENTS tab on the left, the screen does not change and stays the same as it was when selecting RECEIPTS. How do I fix this? I cannot continue.

    Kind regards

  • Wilma

    Hi Bev
    Hope you can assist. I use pastel express version 14. I have noticed on one of my customers account after I done the receipts and matched it the payment was debited instead of credited. Even thought it was match I am not sure why this happened. Secondly the payment shows now on the customers statement on 60 days which is wrong should be zero, and on the current age analysis
    which is March 2018 is shows a minus amount in current which is also not correct as for it is still march and I have not updated
    all the current invoices for march. Can you advise as to how I can correct this problem, PLEASE!!

    Kind Regards

  • Tanja

    I need assistance with Pastel Express 18
    When i did my bank recon for March 2017 and it balances I want to proceed to do April but it keeps telling me I am out of date?

    • Hi Tanya,
      Sounds like you need to run a year end, and that you are in the 13th period.
      Do you know how to run a year end on Pastel?

  • Isaiah Mwanza

    my supplier control account and the total on supplier aged analysis shows different figures what could be the cause of this? am using version 14

    • Isaiah,
      Yup this is most definitely a data corruption.
      It needs a data fix.

  • Clare Edwards

    Hi Bev
    Im needing to enter some expenses that went out from the owners personal account that are business expenses, how would i enter those?

    • Hi Clare
      Those are journals that you need to do.
      Have you got a company accountant, that can point you in the right direction.
      It will probably involve the shareholders loan account, but I don’t give support on accounting as every company has there own way of doing things.
      Good luck

  • Valerie


    I created a cashbook on Pastel and captured transactions. I, however, was not supposed to create a cashbook but a current asset account. How do I correct this? I want to change the account from bank to a current asset and delete the cashbook.


    • Hi Valerie
      Sorry for my late reply.

      You cant get rid of that cash book now. You need to block it.
      You will need to reverse all the entries before you block it.

  • Jenifer


    I hope you can help me.

    I have captured a payment made to a supplier in my cashbook along with the settlement discount we received in the discount column. I updated the cashbook without allocating/matching the payment to outstanding invoices. Afterwards I went to Match Open Item and allocated the payment made to outstanding invoices. Everything is balancing, but now on my Tax Type Report when I do my VAT, the discount amount for that transaction does not pull through in my VAT report. Why is this and what can I do to fix it?

    • Hi Jenifer
      To add onto the reply I sent you.
      I found this.

      Look at the discount column, and see the vat column next to it is 15… Could it be that you put in 14% VAT in the column instead of 15%?
      Let me know

  • William Penduka

    HI. I have a problem that is a little scary. I entered transaction in the cash book and printed out before Updating. After updating some transactions show in the cash book and the individual accounts but some of them have disappeared. I cannot see the transactions in either the cash book or the individual accounts. There doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the transaction that where omitted on the pre update print out

    • Hi
      Sounds like you need to run a data integrity first.
      File… Data Integrity… let it run out… and see if a page comes up listing transactions missing.
      If there is no errors on the report, then you need to do a cash book print out of the whole year. Even after 18 years I sometimes punch things to the wrong period.
      And if there is still no entries, try running the detailed ledger report, which is like a audit trail report.
      Lastly you can try an actual audit trail to see if the entries are there, by which user, and what time.
      If none of the above, then its time to get Pastel on the line.
      Good luck

  • Candice Pickering

    good day, i have written a journal in sage pastel, but my contra account does not allow me to update. it should be 0000/000 and its like that in settings aswell. but still it does not want to update. (i had to correct opening balances from the previous year)

    • Hi
      I’m sure you know that the journals have a debit/credit per line.
      So, right now, you haven’t given the opposite entry to balance out your batch. Pastel will immediately block you from updating until it has the opposite side.
      If this is a take on batch then you could use a suspense account to balance it out.


  • Penelope

    Good Day

    I processed a customer journal to move money from one account to another, but my supervisor insists that it should be done via cashbook. The cashbook transactions was originally done in the previous fiscal and there are 2 that was done in previous periods which was closed already. Is this correct? MUST it be done via cashbook or can I do a journal

    • Hi Penelope,
      Its not that you cant, its just the better way to go.
      REASON : You will need them to go through the cash book, so that they show up on the bank recon.
      If you go the journal route, the balance of the cash be will changed, but there will be no entry.
      So, do it as a last year entry on the cash book and tick them off in the bank recon, to balance again.

  • Mel

    Hi there. I have created a purchase order, linked the goods received note to the purchase order and the sales invoice to the goods received note. The batch is still open, now I want to process it in the cash book but it says that there are no documents to match to the transaction. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Mel,
      Yes, you cannot link a payment to any document that is still live – not updated – in a batch.
      You always need to update documents before the master files in the background of Pastel get updated with the totals.
      Once you have updated the document it then shows on the account ie a statement or detailed ledger, ready to be matched.
      Hope this clears things up.

  • Milla

    Using Patel v18 for the first month entries. Is it possible to check account balances before updating batches. This is to check mistakes and avoid reversals after updating

  • Alice c Kaluluma

    Hi there, I’m Alice & I wanted to find out if there’s a way to increase the number of batch lines in the receipts under the cash book.

    After entering 5000 entries it seems I can’t enter more entries & I have more to enter. So I don’t know what to do

    • Faheem Mohamed

      hi Guys

      Ran a fin year end and can now capture invoices in the new financial year, but i see that journals and cashbook are still capturing in period 12 of last financial year..

      have i missed something ? is this not suposed to automatically move all capturing into the new Fin year?

    • Hi there,
      Bet I know the answer to this one.
      You have asked a question that catches a lot of people out.

      The new periods are there.

      When you run the year-end, the number 12 period remains in the new year journals too. It doesn’t automatically change to period 01.

      Click on the period column, and scroll all the way to the top again, to find period 01, and you will see it’s sitting there.

      If this is correct, can you reply to me,
      Have a great day

    • Hi Alice,
      That’s a large batch,
      Can I just check what version you are on?
      I will need to check with Pastel, as I was under the impression that there was no limit on the later versions.
      I will let you know.

    • Adele

      Good day

      Sorry for replying on this message
      I want to know is there a way to correct an entry as follow: bank charges should be with vat i processed the transaction without vat, now i need to correct the entry so that it will be with vat, what can i do to put in the vat for previous transactions on bank charges.

  • Adele

    Good day

    Sorry for replying on this message
    I want to know is there a way to correct an entry as follow: bank charges should be with vat i processed the transaction without vat, now i need to correct the entry so that it will be with vat, what can i do to put in the vat for previous transactions on bank charges.

    • Sonke


      Accounts that have amounts that are less than 1 rand don’t appear on my balance sheet, how do I sort this out?

    • Hello Sonke,

      I have thought about your reply.
      I cannot think of any setting in Pastel that would do this to your balance sheet.
      The only thing that may be the answer, is a regional setting on your Windows.

      Sorry I cannot help.

  • Courtney

    Hi. I created a cash book entry and posted the batch, when i needed to save the batch as a pdf first before i posted it, can you please tell me how i can find the batch again and then save it from there?

    • Hello Courtney
      I am confused. Did you save the printout as a PDF? As you were busy updating the batch?
      I’m sure I can help you, but you will need to give me more information?

  • Sashen Dhaver


    Can you run me through or provide information regarding: the full process of taking on petty cash balances? From general ledger balances to the petty cash cash book? My trial balance doesn’t tie up and I believe I think it has to do with the account I assigned it to in the Cash Book.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    S Dhaver

  • Meriam

    good day,

    how will i correct the line ,if i want to update the cash book, on the payment side, it does not what to update. (the account you inter does not exist ) how will i found that line ? for me to correct it.

    • Hello,
      Hope you are well.

      There is no quick find for that.
      But I would always first look for any accounts that have sub-accounts that should be used,
      Second, if it could be a supplier account, I would then go through each line and press to match. and see if it brings up the error.

      Hope this helps break it down a bit quicker.

  • Michelle

    Hi Bev

    I urgently need help please I picked up in our discount account a large amount I processed in our cash book. In the bank deposit It debited discount and credited vat I unfortunately did not print the batch and do not know how to go about rectifying my mistake I’ve checked through the cash book entries and cannot find the amount what bothers me is the reference it gives dates back to Aug 2019 and not March 2020

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’m guessing that you entered the bank amount into the discount column?
      And as it was in the wrong column it won’t appear on the cash book details report.

      Whatever you do, get everyone out the system and make a backup, so you can restore if it doesn’t reverse the way you need it to. And no-one must work in Pastel while you are busy.

      Go to View… General Ledger… Transactions… Transaction Audit Trail
      Print to screen, select yourself as the user.
      Put in the date range.
      Choose to filter by transaction ID first, so that you can see the two legs and the dates.
      It will show the accounts used.
      Also, to see if this has an incorrect date somewhere.

      Then rerun
      Choose to filter by batch ID.
      Click OK.
      You should be able to pick up the batches entries there. It should show the batch ID number.
      Write this down.

      Then go to View… General Ledger… Transactions… Entry type Details…
      Print to screen, dates etc. Entry Type Cash Book No# etc.
      At the bottom of this screen enter the batch ID number. Click OK.
      This will give you a printout of that batch.

      (Don’t forget to take out the ID after printing, as people forget and can’t understand why they keep getting blank batch reports.)

      You can reverse this entry, by repeating everything exactly the same as you first captured it, except in the discount column you put a minus in front of the large amount.
      You wouldn’t put anything in the bank amount column.
      Update and see if this reverses it.

      If it fixes it, then you can redo the correct entry, using the bank amount column 🙂
      If not, you can restore, and investigate further…

      Hope this helps

  • Anria

    HI Bev,

    Please can you help me? I am working on Pastel, but I get my data from another program imported to Pastel. I came across a couple of transactions that is in the wrong account eg. an invoice payment from a customer is in the rent received ledger – but the amount shown is without tax. I went ahead correcting it with a journal ( I did not back up ) now the credit side of the rent recieved account is the exl amount and the debit side of the account is the incl amount, and the customer account is correct. I have this same problem with another account. A transaction was posted from the general journal to advertising (exl amount) but must be in cleaning (exl amount). I did a correcting journal 2x and both came out wrong. now I have the following entries in the advertising account: Debit – Excluding amount, 2 x Credit Including amount and another debit including amount. and in the cleaning account I still have the including amount but it must be the excluding amount. when I did the jounals, I did allocate the tax, but it still shows the inclusive amount on the ledger. Please can you tell me how I can fix this because I need to submit the tax report ASAP

    • Hi,
      My brain just went “WHAT!”. 🙂
      I’m trying to wrap my mind around the words, so I may be getting this wrong.

      an invoice payment from a customer is in the rent received ledger
      Did you use the customer journal to correct this one?
      So you had to start with the first fix, that came in with the import.
      Customer journal, no tax, credit the customer, debit the rent.
      This added the payment to the customer’s account and reversed the rent account without tax.

      the credit side of the rent received account is the excl amount and the debit side of the account is the incl amount
      (So the debit side is fixed then)

      Next fix, go to the general journal batch.
      (do you have a printout, maybe, of the journal)
      Reverse the second rent amount, but exclusive. What was its contra account? The bank?
      Make a backup. DO NOT UPDATE YET.

      (Think carefully here, the rent would be the first account number you enter into this batch, so this account controls whether it is a debit or credit upon updating, the contra only does the opposite side to balance the journal.
      So if you want to get the rent out, you turn on tax in settings, and debit the rent.
      Look at the ledger, is this now back to a 0.00 balance for these entries?

      If not, restore the backup.

      Go back to the journal, and change the rent to a credit.
      Look at the ledger, is this now back to a R0.00 for these entries?

      If yes, then do the entry for a third and last time correctly with tax.

      Then do the others the same way.
      Put in the journal, make a backup, update, check that the detailed ledger is correct, if not, restore, and change to the opposite, or add tax, remove tax. Whatever is needed, until you can see its working.
      You can keep restoring until you work out what the import did while importing.

      General Journals –
      Advertising, reverse with no VAT, to the bank.
      On a new line,
      Cleaning with VAT, to the bank.
      Update, check entries, restore if necessary.
      The thing is that you have done this twice, so you need to reverse twice to wipe them out FIRST, and then a third time correctly.

      This just means you must be the only person in Pastel at the time if you are on a network.
      I hope this works for you. At the least, it stops multiple attempts from showing in your work.

      And get the person who did the matching in the background for the import, to fix this situation, else it will happen every month.

      Good luck,

  • Zama

    Good Day,

    I did a cashbook, by mistake i updated the reconciliation but it is not balancing. is it possible to unreconcile?



    Im doing bank reconciliation and i came across some payments i received from unknown clients. how do i treat them in Pastel.
    please assist me

    • Good morning.

      Above all, you need to capture them.
      So if you have to create a customer account for all unknown payments, or use the general ledger suspense accounts for these, then do so.
      Unless they are captured you cannot complete the reconciliation.

      Hope this helps,


  • Wikus


    I’m trying to import my cash book until pastel partner but I’m struggling. I have the correct format but it only imports 1 line at a time and gives multiplayer errors for all other lines. How can I import all line at one time.

    • Morning Wikus,
      You will need to get a copy of the layout, to get your columns to be exact, as the only time it gives errors is when there is something wrong in the excel spreadsheet, upon saving it to a csv file.
      The commas are everything in the batch, Just one on the wrong place, and it fails.

      Please put your question on the SageCity website, and they could help.


  • Asabonga


    I Captured the Vehicle that was bought on credit on General Journal for a vat vender, I debited Vehicle and Credited Installment sale creditors now it appears on Output Tax.

    I would like to know how exactly am I suppose to capture that transaction, or which journal should I use and which one to Debit and which one to Credit.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Asabonga.
      You need to ask yourself some questions.
      The vehicle has been bought on credit or did you pay cash for it? Are you paying it off?
      I will not be providing you with accountancy support, as I support the software itself, not bookkeeping. You would need to ask your accountant for the method that they prefer best, as each accountant works different.
      You could use a Cash Book entry if you paid it in full.
      You could use a supplier invoice, and create a supplier account and pay them each month through the cash book, if you are paying it off.
      You could use a journal and use a vehicle asset account, and you would also need to depreciate the vehicle, which you need your accountants help with too.
      Just note :
      1. A vehicle is a asset to the company, but it is also a expense as you pay it off.
      2. You don’t use normal Tax Code 15 – 15% tax on a asset in Pastel, you use Tax code 17 – CAPITAL TAX FOR PURCHASING ASSETS.
      Hope this helps.

  • Melinda

    I have a vehicle under finance and not sure how to incorporate it into my journal. Can you please advice

    • Good morning.
      Your question is a bit vague.
      Are you talking about creating an expense account, and putting the monthly payments through the bank to this account?

  • Renika Delomoney

    How do I remove the consolidated entry function from the cashbook.

    • You are supposed to increment each line yourself.. 1..2..3.. onwards. There is no “consolidated entry function” in the cashbooks in Pastel.

      To set this up, go to settings, found at the bottom right corner of the cashbook batch screen.
      Tick the option to increment… and click OK, and it will count each reference line for you.

      But it is still up to you to check that the reference numbers are incrementing correctly.
      Hope this helps

  • Brian

    Good day

    Today I closed pastel before updating my receipt batch.

    • That’s alright. it saves automatically.

  • Logan Naidoo

    Hi, can you block journals from being posted to the control accounts, in Pastel Partner?

  • Logan Naidoo

    Hi, can you block journals from being posted to the control accounts on Pastel Partner?

    • Hello.
      The cash book, the inventory journal, and customer and supplier document screens are set up to write to their main control accounts and cannot be bypassed. Other journal screens can be changed.

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