Sage Pastel • Error Status 7224

Sage Pastel • Error Status 7224

Error Status 7224

Applying License on Vista/Windows 7 Fails
When the PSQL Workgroup Engine is installed as an Application on Windows 7 or 8, the user does not have the rights needed to authorise a license key.

The machine does register, then later the application returned status 161. License disappears after reboot or after stopping and starting the database engine on Pervasive PSQL v10 and v11.

Status 161
“The maximum number of user count licenses has been reached.”

Applying licenses requires administrative privileges. In Vista and Windows 7, all users other than the “Administrator” must elevate two components to successfully activate a license. This issue does not happen if the license is installed during the installation process or if the WGE is installed as a service.

Before applying/authorizing a license, the WGE (w3dbsmgr.exe) must be elevated to run “Run As” administrator. This process requires providing an administrative account and password.
After elevating the WGE, you can use either an elevated command prompt with the command line clilcadm or an elevated License Administrator Gui, to apply the license.
The same suggestions above are valid for de-authorizing the license. Elevating the WGE and the license utilities, will prevent the status 7224 messages returned during the authorizing and de-authorizing license process.

One way to do this in more detail is:
01. Stop the workgroup engine (w3dbsmgr.exe) either on the task bar, or through Task Manager.
02. Open My Computer and navigate to C:Program Files.. Pervasive Software.. PSQL bin.
03. Find and right-click w3dbsmgr.exe choose Run As Administrator.
04. Click Start.. Programs.. Accessories and find the Command Prompt. Right-click it and choose Run As Administrator.
05. Enter the license (clilcadm -a ) to authorize or (clilcadm -d license» to deauthorize.

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