Sage Pastel • Error Status 161

Sage Pastel • Error Status 161

“The maximum number of users has been exceeded.”

Error Status 161

Cause of the problem:If you have both a “proper” and a temporary license, it will look at the temporary license and therefore give you this error.

The temporary license should have been removed automatically at the time of doing the proper registration, but in some cases, we have found that it does not, for example, when you click on “Add a new Pervasive.xx Workgroup License” instead of clicking on “License Pervasive.xx Workgroup”.

This is in the case of Workgroups only.

Use the following procedure to manually remove this license:

Click on Start Programs …
Pastel Accounting Partner xx …
Pervasive xxx License.
Click on View ….

You will get a message about the temporary license.

In the Current User Count screen, two licenses should display, but it may only show your permanent license.
Click on Remove License.

Make sure your license is not highlighted or you may remove your real license!

If it is highlighted, click on Refresh to deselect it.
The next screen displays.

On this screen two licenses should display, that is, “disk” – which is your real license and “temporary”. Highlight the temporary license and click on Remove Single License.

Click on Back to Administrator and exit the screen.

Note Users should not assume that the temporary license would display on the first screen as this is not the case.

If the error persists after following the above procedure, try registering Pastel through Pastel Accounting Partner xx itself.

You can use one of the following option when registering Pastel:
Start …
Programs …
Pastel Accounting Partner xx …
Accounting Partner xx …
Help … Register Your Package menu
option or
Click on the “Register” button when you use the Start …
Programs …
Pastel Accounting Partner xx …
Pervasive SQLxx menu option.
It may then be necessary to repeat the above procedure and click on

Next to complete the Pervasive Registration.

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