Sage Pastel • Error on the Tax Manager

Sage Pastel • Error on the Tax Manager

Sage Pastel Error on the Tax Manager

Pastel Error on the Tax Manager

This article refers to Pastel Version 12 / 14 onwards for users who make use of the Pastel Tax Manager.

When running your Tax Manager reports not all transactions are pulling through.

Please make a backup before you update any batches as if the outcome is not what you expect you can restore the backup and make the necessary changes

There are two scenarios where this will happen –

1.If you processed any transactions using the Tax type 00.
(This is because 00 transactions don’t need/have any form of taxation on it – unlike 02 zero rated when the transaction is required to appear on your VAT return ie. exporting)

2.If you processed any transactions using the Tax type 01 and the transactions did not pull through.
This is caused by file corruption.

To check if point 2 above is a problem –

STEP 1 Print the tax report as shown in the tax manager – this is the new Pastel menu for printing tax reports

STEP 2 Go to Help… About in Pastel
On your Keyboard hold Ctrl+Alt+T
You will get a message to use the old tax reports
(This will take you back to the original (old) vat report method)

Click ok

STEP 3 Go back to General Ledger… and rerun the tax report

Now compare the Tax Manager report from STEP 1 to the report in STEP 3

  • If the transactions show on the old report this means that all the transactions did not write to the tax transaction account
  • If this is the case you will need to send the data in for a data fix

If the transactions do not show on either the new or the old reports please follow the steps below:

  • Go to View… General Ledger… Transactions… Entry Type details
  • Select the Periods you require at Period Start and Period End
  • Select the First Entry Type at Entry Type Start
  • Select the Last Entry Type at Entry Type End

Make sure you select the option Show Generated Entries or the Tax Type selected will not show
Make sure the Date Start and End are correct

Click Ok

On the Generated report check the Tax Type column for any transactions showing 00 – These transactions should never pull through to the Tax reports!
If there are transactions showing 00 that should have been processed using 01 a reversal will need to be processed and the transaction will need to be re-processed to include tax

Processing a reversal

  1. For Customer Invoices please process a Credit Note
  2. For Supplier Invoices please process a Return and Debit
  3. For Journal and Cashbook transactions you will need to process the transaction exactly as they were done originally as explained below –

If this is a cashbook transaction please go to the same side of the cashbook i.e. If it is a customer receipt open the receipt side of the cashbook, the same is true for a payment.

  • Make sure you have selected the EXACT same Period and Date.
  • Make sure you use the EXACT same Reference Number

You can change the description to Reversal if you want to

  • Select the EXACT same tax type as previously i.e. 00

By amount put in the same amount but with a NEGATIVE sign i.e. 1000.00 will be –1000.00 for a reversal
Then do a update, this will reverse your entry you entered wrong

Download Sage Pastel Error Tax Manager

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  • Caroliena

    Please contact me to restore my backup on Pastel Xpress V14. As something went wrong with my tax upgrade.

    • Hi Caroliena,
      Can you call our offices on 011 609 0249.

  • Caroliena

    Problem Vat upgrade

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