Pastel Trainer • Pastel Error Code 2 and Status 146

Pastel Trainer • Pastel Error Code 2 and Status 146

Pastel Error Code 2 and Status 146

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Pastel Error Code 2 and Status 146

This indicates a file corruption on the file specified in the error ie. Status 2 file 31 ACCHISTL.dat
This may mean you need to rebuild the file.

1).Make sure you check which file is affected the error should tell you either the file number i.e. file 6, file 31 etc. and the file name ACCTRN.dat, ACCHISTL.dat

If you only see the file number please in Pastel go to Help… Pastel Help

  • Click on the Search Tab and type in File Table
  • In the list double click on File Table and the File Table will populate in the right hand pane
  • Find the file number and check which file needs to be rebuild

2).Make a backup before you rebuild

  • Choose the File…Backup menu option.
  • In the Verify Method frame, choose whether to verify the data you backup

You can attach graphics to various master file records. If you do so, the system stores the graphics in a sub-folder beneath the data folder. This folder can be very large relative to the size of the rest of the data. You have the option to include or exclude the graphics folder in your backup. Check the check box to include the graphics, and uncheck the check box to exclude the graphics.

  • In the Where to Backup frame, choose the destination of the backup. (The system defaults to the last folder you used.)

You can create a new folder by clicking the New Folder button.

  • Click the Process button to start the backup.

Once the backup completes, the system verifies that the backup is readable by reading the backup file from start to finish. – — Click OK to start the test operation.

  • Once the test completes, the system displays the backup log. You can print the log by clicking the Print Log button.

It is useful to ask the backup operator to print the log as a control mechanism.

Backup Encryption Password

You can password protect your backup to keep your data safe and secure.

  • This password follows the strong password characteristics of a minimum of 8 characters, alphanumeric, a combination of upper and lower case and at least 1 special character is required in the password.
  • If the password is lost, there is no option to recover the password and the backup will become redundant. It is important that at least two members of the company know what the password is.
  • If the password is changed in the Setup Company Parameters screen, the new password must be recorded. When a previous backup is restored and the password on the backup does not match the system password, the previous password will need to be entered.

To setup the backup password click on Setup… Company Parameters… Formats

3.) How to rebuild a file using the Pervasive rebuild:

  • Make sure everyone is logged out of the company with the error
  • Windows 7 – Go to Start… All programs… Pervasive… Rebuild
  • Windows 8 put the mouse cursor on the top right corner you should see a magnifying glass click on this and in the search option type in Pervasive Rebuild and click on the icon.
  • Click Next on the Pervasive Rebuild

On the next screen select Add

  • Navigate to the company folder where you are getting the error.
  • Where you see Files of type change this to all files
  • In the big window where the files are shown find the file as per the error and highlight it and then click open

Click next and on the next window change nothing and click next

  • You should get a message files were rebuild successfully
  • If you get a message that the files were not rebuild successfully please view the log file and check the error.
  • An error 88 is Permissions and means that either someone is logged into Pastel when rebuilding the file.
  • If you get any other error it means that file is corrupted beyond repair and you will need to restore a backup of before you got the error.

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