Sage Pastel • ACT Enabling File Sharing

Sage Pastel • ACT Enabling File Sharing

Sage ACT Enabling File Sharing

Pastel and ACT Enabling File Sharing

If you are planning to setup a multi user database, you will have to enable sharing.

  • Tools…Database Maintenance …Share Database.

Make sure the database is shared.
If you selected the “Share database” option, when creating / restoring a database, this option will already be enabled.
After enable sharing, it is also advised to check folder share properties.

In the windows folder…Browse to the database supplemental folder.

  • Right click on this folder and select Properties
  • Click on the Sharing tab and select the Share this folder option.
  • Click on the Permissions button to set user specific permissions.

You have 2 options:

Add Everyone to the permissions list (access to all areas)
Add individual users to the permissions list (access to all areas)

  • Now click on the Security tab.

Ensure that Everyone and / or is listed and full access is applied.

  • Click Apply and then OK.

Also check Share Permission here.

  • Right click on My Computer and select Manage from the menu to launch Computer Management window.
  • Browse to System Tools…Shared Folder…Shares.

All available shares will be listed here.

  • Right click on Database supplemental share and select Properties.

You will now notice that the Database supplemental file is shared.

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