Sage Pastel • BOM Manufacturing Setup

Sage Pastel • BOM Manufacturing Setup

Manufacturing Setup
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Additional costs aka additional non-inventory costs you can add to your BOM.

You can have up to three additional cost items.

To use an additional cost, you supply a description and a general ledger account. When the system manufactures, it credits this account with the cost value you assign in the BOM.

The labour cost is self-explanatory; the direct costs would consist of rental, utility costs etc and the other costs you can use for packaging and transport. These costs are worked out beforehand and are entered into each relevant BOM.

Next Reference Number

Each time the system manufactures, it assigns a unique reference number to that process. This gives you an audit trail of each manufacturing process. In addition, the system uses the reference number to accurately unmanufactured items should the need arise.

You would enter the next BOM reference number in this field. The system automatically increments this number each time you manufacture. You can have up to eight characters in this number. It is recommended that you create a unique alpha prefix and then use numbers in the remainder of the field.

Comments ( 9 )

  • W Snyman

    Good day,

    Is it possible to assign two manufactured item codes to one BOM? For example, manufacturing one sauce and selling it under two different names, using two different stock codes for the finished goods. On editing the BOM there is only one field for an manufactured item, any way to work around this and allow the operator to choose which of the two items is being manufactured from that specific BOM? I want the two options to be linked to the BOM, not give the operator the ability to choose a random item code.

    Alternatively, is there any way to link one BOM to another so we only have to make changes to one and the other will automatically update should we be forced to use one BOM per manufactured item?

    • Hi Wilma. Theoretically no and yes. I do have a customer who manufactures batches of paint, in large drums. They then use this inventory code (that is the final drum), in a other BOM’s to break the drum down into 1L, 5L and 25L buckets. And they don’t seem to have any issues with this.
      Really the only way you are going to see if this works is if you create a dummy copy of your data and try the steps from start to finish.
      Create 1 BOMS for your sauce = 1 finished inventory code. Check the cost.
      Then create 1 other BOMS (= another 1 different inventory code = 1 different name) putting the 1st inventory code as a raw material, with your labels and bottles etc. Create it and check the costing again. See if it breaks down the price of the 1st inventory item correctly, which is where the crunch comes in.
      See if it works.
      Good luck,

    • Minnie

      I personally think Pastel should fine tune the manufacturing module. I am also in a paint manufacturing concern and it simply does not work. Maybe if there could be more decimals. What I do is to do the bom and the manufacturing but as for the decanting into 1L, 5L and 20L’s I use an inventory journal . It should also be allowed to use the same product twice in a bom.

    • Hi Minnie
      I personally agree.
      But then again, they are quite adament that the program was always going to be an accounting package, and that if companies needed to do manufacturing correctly, they should buy a software manufacturing application.
      Their words.

      You can add extra decimals for the quantity under setup… inventory… general tab.
      On the top right corner. Make it 4 or 5 digits.

      And, I have used the same end product in second bom’s for decanting. It does work. Amazingly enough 🙂

      Just a quick one… Why would you want to use the same item twice in a single bom?

  • W Snyman

    Thank you for the feedback Bev.

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  • Liz

    We manufacture bus seats and use multiple components per item and then we need to combine the items on a BOM to do the correct picking slip for stores but I’m having difficulty combining the items so that it is easier for my stores.

  • Tami

    can i capture inventory on hand before taking ON Balances

    • Hi Tami
      Do you mean, can you put the quantities in before the costs are entered? Through the inventory journal screen?
      Or do you mean can you just create the inventory items in Pastel?
      I await your reply.

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