Sage Pastel • Overview of the Bank Manager module

Sage Pastel • Overview of the Bank Manager module

Overview of the Bank Manager module

Pastel Bank Manager module

This is an add-on module that must be purchased separately to your Pastel Base module.

The Bank Manager add on module gives you the ability to work with bank statements that you download via the Internet.

Bank Manager compiles the cash book electronically by using the bank statements of all the major banks in South Africa and International banks as the base. An imported batch created in a previous version of the Bank Manager will retain all its recurring settings. Pastel Bank Manager also allows you to post items on your statement to last year.

How does it work? 

The Bank Manager relies on transactions that recur from month to month on keywords you can identify in the description field. Examples are debit order payments, Internet supplier payments, customer receipts.

After the first bank statement download, you map transactions that recur from month to month.

You attach a unique statement transaction identifier to the transaction and link this to the specific Pastel account.

The result, in the following months, is that the system automatically maps recurring transactions exactly as they should be for the cash book batch.

  • In the following months, you only have to map new transactions.
  • You can split a single transaction into multiple transactions.
  • You can use the same account or different accounts.
  • For custom or complex changes, you can instantly export the transactions into Excel, make the changes, and instantly import the data back into Bank Manager.

The search function in Bank Manager only searches the following fields:

  • Statement Description
  • Account
  • Ledger Description
  • Reference
  • Project

At any time, batches can be exported to Excel from within Bank Manger. In Excel, updates can be made and these updated batches can be saved and imported back into Bank Manager before transferring them to the cash book. Receipt and payment batches can be exported and imported independently or all batches can be exported and in together. Clicking on the drop-down arrow will allow you to select either payment or receipt batches to import or export. Clicking on the import or export button will import or export both payments and receipt batches together.

Comments ( 4 )


    I would like to know if the bank statement can be downloaded weekly or even daily and the bank manager be used in this way.
    At the moment we download the bank statement after the end of the month only.

    • Hi Alison
      Most definitely,
      You need to set up bank feeds in your Pastel.
      There are step by step videos in Youtube on how to do this.
      Its brilliant.
      You download once a day… ( they give you one a day for free, but if you click the download button again, you will incur bank charges).
      Try it, and see how it goes.

      Kind regards

  • Lena

    Good day is there a how to step by step guide I can send my client, they are struggling to find the CSV/ OFX/OFC files to send me to use

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