Sage Pastel • Overview Of Importing and Exporting Data in Pastel

Sage Pastel • Overview Of Importing and Exporting Data in Pastel

Overview Of Importing and Exporting Data in Pastel

Pastel overview Of Importing and Exporting


In the following section I am going to cover the basics of the files you can import or export from your Pastel Programme.

You should have a understanding of what a comma delimited file (CSV) is and how to manipulate the file in Excel.

The system exports and imports data in comma delimited format. In this format, a comma separates each field, and non-numeric fields have a double-quote character before and after them.

Here 123 is a numeric field
“Hello” and “24” are text fields.

How do I get to the Import and Export section?

  • Open your Pastel company
  • Click on File
  • Click on Import/Export
  • Choose a function to perform

You should see that there are various options to import or export a data file

.Export and/or import general ledger accounts
·Export and/or import this year or next year budget values
·Export and/or import customer master file records
·Export and/or import supplier master file records
·Export and/or import inventory master file records
·Export and/or import inventory selling prices
·Export and/or import store master file records
·Import serial numbers
·Export and/or import activity master file records
·Export and/or export employee master file records
·Export to HandiLedger
·Export files to Solution 6 and CeeData

When you select to export a file, you select the file you want to export,

  • Choose a place on your computer to save the document from the browse icon
  • And give it a name.

How do I open this exported data in Excel?

If you want to open this file inside of Excel

Click on Excel to Open

Click on Open

  • And when Excel asks you what files to open you will need to change the option to show ALL FILES
  • Then you can look for your file that ends with a .csv

Excel will ask you if this is a trustworthy file to open, click yes

  • Excel will ask you what format you want to open this file in
  • You are going to choose Delimited

Click on next

  • And select the “comma” option

Straight way you will see that Excel puts your data into columns
You can click on finish at this stage to open the csv in a Excel format.

From here on you can work on your data.

Comments ( 3 )

  • Johan

    Thank you for the article. Are the exports limited to master files (the list above) or can I also export transaction data such as open purchase orders?

    • Hi there
      I don’t know if I replied to this.
      You can export open purchase orders to Excel.

  • Martin Heydenrych

    In an older version of Pastel you could import journals into Pastel and process them. Does the latest version still allow this and how is it done. (Please note this is not under export/import files).
    I would like to know before deciding on what accounting package to consider.

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