Study Unit 19

Study Unit 19: The Value of information in the decision-making process


What is system performance measurement?

All information systems have to be continually managed and controlled.

It is the monitoring of all working systems in any organisation.

– it has to be efficient and effective and add value

Supports and fulfills its responsibilities for the organisation type


What is the role of information systems?

All information systems should assist with…

Recording all transactions that go through the organisation

Provide control and performance measurements

Planning for the future of the organisation

Provide information for decision making


What is a computerised information system?

It is a system that gives access to meaningful information. It collects, stores, and processes data into information


What is the computerised information system process?

Data must be collected and processed into useful information.

Timely access to appropriate, accurate data and information is the key to success or failure.

Accounting information systems = is


Definition ::

An accounting information system collects, records, stores, and processes financial data to supply information for decision-makers.


– Why study an ais?

A career in accounting or auditing will challenge you to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of the information from an accounting information system.

In order to do so, you will need to understand the development, operation, and control of the system and be able to identify its strengths and weaknesses of the system.


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