Sage Pastel • Get a Sage Website today using Sage Online Tools

Sage Pastel • Get a Sage Website today using Sage Online Tools

Get a Sage Website today using Sage Online Tools

Sage Online Tools

Get your own Fully integrated website and online store.

The Sage team will search Engine Optimize the site for you, help you set up your Google AdWords and make it look great. Their aim is for your website to turn into an essential business tool that significantly aids into your turnover.


The Sage Pastel E-commerce “plug-in” brings small business accounting and e-commerce together in the most productive way possible, without worrying about the security of your data.

  • It enables you to trade and communicate with your customers over the internet.
  • It enables you to sell directly over the internet to retail customers without incurring enormous costs.

You can…

  • Create your products in your Sage Pastel Partner package. And orders placed on the site appear as quotes. An email will be generated notifying your buyer and yourself of each new transaction plus details of the transaction.
  • Choose which products you want in your online store
  • Prices and stocks automatically update on website, online store and accounting.
  • Include images if the item
  • Sales reps can place orders from mobile devices using the Sage Mobile App.

Key pointers:

  • Choose which customers you want to e-commerce enable.
  • Assign a user ID and password to each of them.
  • Use the payment gateway integration, all payments will show in Pastel using the Pastel Bank Manager.
  • SEO and Google Analytics plug in.
  • A Blog to share information with your customers.
  • The Marketing campaign feature that enables you to send campaigns directly.
  • And a Social network integration, to allow you to link to Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

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