Sage Pastel • Changing Pastels Financial Year-End in the Middle of the Year

Sage Pastel • Changing Pastels Financial Year-End in the Middle of the Year

Changing Pastels Financial Year-End in the Middle of the Year

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Changing Pastels Financial Year-End in the Middle of the Year

Changing Financial Year-End in the Middle of the Year

This document explains how to change the financial year in the middle of the year, for example if you need to run a year end in a company that has a February year end but has now changed its year end to June.

NOTE The dates and periods used in this documentation are examples only but the same procedure applies when changing the financial year in the middle of the year.

You can access this screen by going to Setup… Periods.
You can change the number of periods to 4 (as an example) and deselect the option Use Last Period as First Period of Next Year IF your periods are NOT GRAYED OUT, you can change the periods.

Please ensure that you have a valid backup of your current data and that all batches have been updated before changing the periods.


Comments ( 17 )

  • Daneel Visagie

    How can I change my periods not to be grayed out?

    • Hello.
      I’m sorry.
      You cannot un-gray your periods.
      If you have made any entries in a period, even in the future, this will gray it out till your last point of entry.
      Is there any reason you need to do something in particular?

  • Lynndene Nortje

    Good Day

    I have created a company with the financial year – Feb – Jan.
    I have processed an entire year’s info, and only found out that the financial year should by Mar – Feb. Is there any way that I will be able to change the dates without having to redo everything?

    • Hi Lynndene,
      I am sorry that I got this message only now.
      I’m sure you have sorted this out already – which doesn’t change the answer… you can’t change the periods afterward.
      My only possible solution is to use a period 13, so you get to use the February period, and then leave that company as is. Do not run a year-end on it at all.
      Create a brand new company with the correct periods, and take on those closing balances from the incorrect dates, into your new company.
      Have you sorted this out, I would be interested in finding out?

  • Fadzai Shoko

    I want to process year end and i have 13 periods and currently processing on the 13 th period. I have understood the part where i have to tick 13th period to be my first period but what do i put as current period?

    • Hi,
      The 13th period puts everything into period 01 when it runs the year end. You do not need to do anything other than ticking “13th period will be 1st period”.
      You will see everything in period 01 of your new company.

  • Mpho

    I have mistakenly put a wrong year end of the company when I opened it . help me out how I can proceed as I have already updated the data for the 6 months period reports. Thank you

    • Hello Mpho
      I hope you are well today.

      I don’t have good news. There is no way that you can undo your six months’ work in the wrong year. You have to create a new year, and recapture everything.
      Especially as everything is updated.

      Good luck

  • Goodness


    I have mistakenly put a wrong start date, is there a way i can change the dates buti haven’t updated my work?

    Thank you

    • Hello Goodness,
      If you have not updated the batch, you can reopen that invoice/journal/cash book entry and change the period and date.
      Good luck

  • Jonathan Theunis

    Hi, I want to change our year end to end of February instead of having to run year end the first of January, how do I do this?

    • Hi Jonathan

      This is how you can do it:
      1. You are going to have to leave the company as it is, ending December 31st, do not do any more entries in the company, and do not run a year-end on it either.
      2. And then you need to create an empty new company, starting period 01 March 2020 to period February 2021.
      3. Capture all new entries into periods 11 January 2020 and 12 February 2020.
      4. And then run a year-end on this company, even though it only has two months of work in it.
      This means you will also need to capture all closing balances for your customers/supplers/gl/cash book/inventory as at the end of December 2020 as well into this new company.
      These are done via journals.

      Hope this explains what you need to do

  • Lethabo


    I ran a year end, however the periods have not changed. Period 13 is still the first period in the new company and not period 01. How should I go about changing this?


    Hi Admin i have rolled over a company with the correct periods 12 but now the new company has 12 periods fine but they either start on February ends in January or it will start with February and end in January i tried to delete the company and untick last year end as this year start, and the other way around again, i also tried to setup periods and change them month by as they are active, i am not winning i need the correct periods because of Vat

    • Hi
      Go back into the company running the year-end on.
      Go to setup… periods…
      you probably have 13 periods chosen, but my best guess is that the 13th period was not used?

      If it is used, then I’m not sure what the situation is.

      If it HAS NOT been used, change the number 13 to a 12.
      And untick the option to make the 13th period the 1st period.
      This will remove the 13’th period’s line.

      (13th period and the tick always go together)
      (You cannot have 12 periods and the tick, it messes up the following years periods)

      Then run the year-end again.

      Also, this would be where to look, if there is maybe an issue with your period’s setup.
      And it may have nothing to do with my best guess above, but may point you in the right direction as to what the issue is.

      Hope this helps.

  • Sofie

    Hi, our previous accountant has put in a wrong year end date, should have been September but they has it as Feb, we have done a rollover already once, how can we change this?

    • Morning
      If the year-end is 30 September, then you must stop working in this company on that date.
      You will not run a year-end on the company at all.
      You cannot do anything about the incorrect periods at this time, but you can create a new company now, ready for taking on new balances already, set up with customers, suppliers, inventory, etc for taking on journals.

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